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Halloween Costumes

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I grew up Amish, and believe me, we did not celebrate Halloween. It was seen as "the devil's holiday. So...after I ran away, I made sure I really participated in all things Halloween...lol. As a prostitute and dancer, I had a few sexy Halloween costumes I wore for my "clients during the Halloween season. My favorite was "Elvira"....but I also had fun with a Princess Leia type slave outfit she wore for Jabba the Hut, and I had a pretty sexy Pirate outfit my clients seemed to enjoy. I never saw Halloween as the devil's holiday, but more as a time for kids and "adult kids" alike to have some fun, get some candy....and just have some fun.

However, my husband is kind of conservative when it comes to his view of Halloween. He likes to keep it "fun" and steers us clear of what he sees as the "darker" aspects of Halloween, such as ghosts, goblins, evil witches, vampires, etc...We are not into scary Halloween movies...or "horror" movies that tend to be shown around Halloween. I have come to appreciate this new viewpoint since becoming my husband's wife. We enjoy seeing children in "fun" costumes, and we have participated in our church's "trunk or treat" last night...in costume. I was dressed as an angel, complete with wings...lol...and my husband was dressed as Samson... a strong man seduced to weakness, if you are familiar with the Biblical story....His costume tunic was complete with see thru cloth over his eyes because he was "blind"....and his hair was already short...lol.  We gave out lots of candy...lol. But....underneath my "angel" outfit I had on some very sexy underthings....which I removed in a private strip dance for my sexy Samson at home last evening after we got home. And...I did not cut off his hair...lol...it was already cut off.

So...no "spanking" as such for us that is really associated with Halloween. But...as in another thread here...I do have a collection of "costumes", which are not just worn at Halloween, that my husband has provided for me over the years. Sometimes I am a nurse...sometimes a poor slave girl....a medieval wench....a cowgirl...a french maid....a harem girl....and, a cheerleader...lol.

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