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Aspects of Embarrassment

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I don't really like being embarrassed or humiliated but it's not my choice. If I do something to embarrass my wife in front of her friends she will spank me in front of them. That includes making me strip naked and go over her knee for a good paddling then making me apologize to them the stand in the corner for a while. I have also been spanked in front of her mother and sister. They're used to it. When they come to visit they just walk in and if a spanking is in progress they will sit and watch quietly. When my wife finishes they will come and hug me. It's embarrassing because I'm totally naked except for my chastity cage.

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This is a great topic - still not sure what I think about this.

I have definitely have found getting spanked embarrassing, probably more so the first few times (as others have suggested). I have also found doing reflection time (like corner time) embarrassing but I think that the embarrassment factor has reduced over time and getting spanked by the same people. I guess I still get a bit embarrassed each time I come out of my room wearing a t-shirt + my "spanking shorts" or my swimsuit and basically presenting myself to my er (who is also my friend) for punishment. That will always have some embarrassment factor even though he has now seen me in that state quite a few times.

I have definitely found being on display, as the OP puts it, embarrassing (especially the first few times) - both when I've had to get into "position" and also if I've been asked to stand or kneel showing my bottom before or after a spanking. By far the most embarrassing moments for me were (1) the first time I bent over to be spanked by my er, (2) the one time I stood with my back to him and had to peel my shorts down to reveal just a thong, and (3) the one and only time a female er lowered my underwear and I got spanked on the bare bottom.

At first I was embarrassed about my reactions when getting spanked - my crying, the weird sounds I make, my puffy red face, my banging the cushions or the table etc. But I think that's now gone because my er knows me well.

I am still not sure whether I think that the embarrassment is of it itself "punishing" and or increases effectiveness of punishment for me. Maybe. I need to think more.

I have never felt humiliated during or after a spanking but i know I have been fortunate. I would personally hate that I don't think I'd let myself get into an arrangement where that happened. But I often feel humbled, brought down a few pegs, a sense of catharsis, and just "punished" - that last word captures a feeling which I guess you ees can relate to, especially if you are spanked for discipline?

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I've always found that the embarrassment, and feelings of shame about the offense, are more punishing than the physical pain. Spanking as a consequence is chosen precisely because it enhances those emotions. Otherwise, there are many forms of punishment that are relatively dignified, yet can serve as effective discipline for an adult capable of reason.

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At a recent spanko get-together I was stripped naked, spanked/caned severely with a small group looking on. I was then led still naked, through the crowded part of the house and made to stand in the corner with my bare bottom on display for all to see. I should have been standing red-faced and feeling more embarrassed than ever before but somehow because there were only like-minded people present, the intended humiliation felt contrived in some way. If any of my vanilla friends were to discover the pictures of my bruised backside hidden deep in the archives of the Internet, I certainly would feel most embarrassed.  Maybe I was reacting in a similar way to the authors of previous posts on this thread - that they don’t feel humiliated about exposing themselves or taking up degrading positions in front of their partners or spanko friends who have "seen it all before.” 

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I have found embarrassment or humiliation plays a role for me. I had quite a buzz from asking for my first spanking from my wife. I have not had my second yet, so I have that journey ahead.

My kinks and fantasies have elements of embarrassment and humiliation. Panty fetish, bdsm, cuckolding. I never saw this before.

That spanking must have been good for me?

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I too get a thrill from embarrassment/ humiliation, though as others have said, with other spankos it is contrived.  As I haven't had that much spanking in recent years, I suspect I have a low pain tolerance so role play and humiliation play a large part in my fantasies.  I have been to some general bdsm house parties and clubs but never to a specifically spanking party: I would imagine it would have plenty of scope for role play.... perhaps one day!

Also, I haven't experienced much scolding and this combined with leg slapping is something I would be keen to experience.

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The only embarrassment I feel during a spanking is if my wife spanks me to tears. There is something about getting to the point of crying I find embarrassing. For my wife, it confirms the spanking was 100% effective. 

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For me, embarrassment also plays a big role in the context of discipline. While I am generally not ashamed of my naked body or of someone seeing me, that is totally different when it's about punishment. The thought of being exposed and bared for discipline affects me deeply. Certain words or phrases deepen that. If someone tells me "bare your bottom" in a stern voice in such a setting, I can feel the blood rush to my face. Even if that person has seen me like that before and even if I would hardly think twice about it if that person just happened to get a look of my bare behind by accident. Being bared with others present only increases the effect. Just the knowledge of being watched is very intense.

Words themselves also have a powerful effect. Both being told that I will be spanked or deserve to be spanked but also having to admit that I earned a punishment, all those things embarrass me. Being called "boy", "young man" or words like "brat", that does it to me as well. Scolding does too.

Certain clothing can add to the embarrassment as well. Having to report neatly dressed, white shirt, black tie, pants and socks, white briefs and know you'll be checked and reprimanded for failing to dress or ordered. Like some others mentioned, I've also been put in panties. There is no way I can feel tough or bratty when I know I'm wearing a pair of pink panties. Even mentioning here that I wore them, makes me blush slightly. 

Chastity has also been mentioned and wearing a chastity cage in front of someone is definitely a humbling experience for me. Especially if it's pointed out to me. "Good thing we have that little thing locked away,  it can't bother us like this". 

Finally, some positions are really embarrassing for me too. Being spanked in the diaper position for instance or the wheelbarrow position. In both cases, the ER has full view of your most private parts.

I don't necessarily "like" embarrassment as part of the punishment. But on the other hand, if there is no element of embarrassment there, it doesn't feel like a proper punishment, if that makes sense.

Anyway, my 2 cts. Great topic!

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