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Retitle a TV Show to have a Spanking Theme

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So we were watching the new remake of "Quantum Leap" last night, and my mind wandered to a much better name and plot (in my opinionūüėĄ)

How great would it be if instead the show were called "Quantum Lap", and in it the central character gets transported across time & space to find themselves beamed into someone in the process of being spanked over the knee, each time for a variety of reasons...and the twist is that they cannot get transported away from the spanking until they figure out why the spanking is happening...

Now you - rewrite a show!


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OK..the above was some tech glitch. I'm not surprised that kiko's Meloni-lust is shining through.


Also: Moonlighting. A multi-year private detective story with an ongoing will-they/won't-they about whether Maddie will put Dave over her lap or not. Everyone adores it, but agrees that once she finally spanks him, the show goes downhill.

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Ok I'm showing my age here.

The bionic Spanker.

The 6 million dollar spanking.

The Spanking Team (The A Team) I love it when a spanking comes together.

I dream of Spanking . 







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Lol...my husband and I have had some fun with this.  Here are a few from both of us...sorry if some are repeats...



I Dream of Jeanie...becomes...I Dream of Spanking

Twin Peaks...becomes...Twin Cheeks


Big Bang Theory...becomes...Big Spank Theory

Happy Days....becomes....Spanky Days

Prison Break...becomes...Prison Strap


Some of these we have actually never watched, but we looked up "all time popular TV shows" on google...lol. Also...our own personal rule in this game was...only change one word in the title, and do not any more words.





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