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Why is it so hard to find a lady in Utah into spanking

Bill G

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Hi I'm a 62 years old white male living in Spanish fork Utah I like to find a lady who is into spanking I would like to get to know you better first and in time play so if you are interested please send me a message thanks have a great day 

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It is hard to find a partner about anywhere unless you live in or near a big city. Then when you do find someone they either want totally different things, or their lifestyle and your lifestyle are not compatible. It is just tough, but don't give up. 

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Dating apps aren't a bad place to start. I've met a number of discipline minded gals off of them. They're definitely here - at least in the 19 - 35 age range. I can't speak outside of that. I've also met a number of BDSM minded gals off those too, but it's pretty easy to tell from their profiles which direction they lean. Just a few pointers that can help.


  • State that you're on the app to meet new people rather than suggesting you're there purely for a relationship.
  • Don't ever mention spanking or domestic discipline in your profile cause the snow flakes will report your profile until it get's taken down. 
  • Instead, use phrases like, "Traditional", "Protective", "Guidance",  "1950's lifestyle", "traditional gender roles". 
  • The "1950s lifestyle" is a big one. The normies just assume you're talking about tradition but the spanko girls pick up on that like a radar beacon.

Give it some time and you'll start getting some interested girls reaching out. I just like to encourage guys to be fully transparent about their desire for a relationship. Girls are comfortable with various dynamics outside of an actual relationship if it's expressed genuinely and unapologeticly. 

Another suggestion - and this one can be a bit touchy. 

The BDSM community is strong in SLC and Utah County. Yes, I know a lot of spankos don't like BDSM touching their spankings, but it's important to realize that there are lots of ladies that are drawn to the community because it's the only source they know of that gets them close to spanking. I can't tell you how many women I've met in that community that would very much like to avoid some of the more - interesting - elements of that community. They just don't know where else to look for that because it can carry such a heavy stigma. Believe it or not, being into some intense BDSM stuff is way more acceptable for a woman in SL and UT counties than being a spanko. Other women will praise them for being one and shame them for being the other. 


Just some thoughts. Hope it helps. 

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I can think of a few reasons.

One you may not have thought of is that it's the 21st century, and some people, having learned the origin of the word "lady" and what was expected of someone given the title is something that many people of this era disagree with, especially as it implies how someone of that gender is "supposed to" act. "Gentleman" also has the same problem, but is less likely to be seen as condescending, even if the word "lady" is said with no ill intent or accent.

At least here, many of the female members are spankee or spanker only, with no switching.

Of course, there's always the most common reason here: distance.

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