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Fireside spanking

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As I have previously mentioned, outdoor spanking has always been a huge fantasy of mine. We have property in the family that made that a possibility without the chance being happened upon or witnessed. Up until now it had just been threats of baring my backside for a spanking on the property, but never any follow through. Until tonight…..

Sitting by the fire, when all of a sudden I am being pulled over a knee, pants and panties down in one smooth motion, getting my backside peppered with firm, forceful spanks. Admittedly I have had a bad attitude all day, I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Was generally grumpy and moody throughout the day. I had received one or two threats of a smacked bottom, but disregarded them as empty threats. I was wrong. I’m writing this on a thoroughly spanked behind from the incredibly thorough bare bottom hand spanking I received. Followed by 15 minutes of standing pants and panties at my knees, blazing bottom facing the blazing fire. Allowing for the handiwork of a firm hand to be admired while I felt thoroughly punished and embarrassed. After my 15 minutes I was sent into the house with a dozen firm smacks to write this update while sitting on a hard wooden chair. And I feel like a bedtime spanking is in my future as well 😈

love love loved being spanked and punished fireside out in the open air. The cold crisp air hitting my bottom. The extra sting of cold hand hitting cold bottom. Hope this little story finds you all well! Happy weekend! 

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That does sound incredible, the cracking of the fire interspersed with the sounds of a bare bottom spanking. The glow and heat of the fire, matching that of the bottom. And the possibility if someone walking by and enjoying the sight!!!!

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