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If You Could Keep Only One Implement, What Would It Be?

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For me it would be the belt, and for so many reasons,

1. It is always with me

2. Does not draw attention. If a belt is rolled up on the dresser and  is seen, no one thinks a thing. Have a wooden paddle  left out and it could cause some fast explaining.

3. For me anyway it just puts me into Daddy mode ripping it out of my jeans and holding it. 

4. Just the sound of it coming out of the belt loops awakens the submissive in the spankee

5. With a few extra well placed holes it can be wrapped around the ladies waist as a handle for rear entry sex.

6. I think about my place as HOH every time I buckle it. No matter where I am. Work, home, or just out enjoying life.

7. And lastly without my belt, I would have to hold up my pants.



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43 minutes ago, KentuckyGuy said:


lol...I asked my husband this a few minutes ago....since he is the wielding the implement. I, as a spankee...would always default to his "hand"...lol...but I guess that is technically not an "implement.". My husband said that, if he had to choose just one...it would be the belt. I would have guesses that...lol. Funny...we discussed this over lunch today at TGIF Fridays....hoping nobody overheard our conversation...lol.





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8 hours ago, rude_rumps said:

I have to vote for the hairbrush too...I have a special one I've had more than 30 yrs!! It's not big...but very compact, sturdy wood...and VERY ouchy :)

Wow, 30 years and it hasn't broken yet.  💖

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I was given a lexan paddle for my birthday.  And thus, had free reign to adorn it however I wished. Aesthetically speaking, and because it was a gift from someone important to me, it is one of my favorite implements ever. It’s just very “me” and I like that element a lot.  It burns like fire, but I still love it.  Beyond that? Anything leather is ALL the way up my alley. But the real truth is…the happy, present, “subby” part of me loves (and hates…and loves to hate, lol) anything he loves using.  It’s just how I’m made. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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5 hours ago, Spankingmyhuby said:

My most recent acquisition and my favorite implement to use is a purple heart pong paddle. This mini paddle is very useful for otk correction. I have started using this paddle for my husband maintenance spankings switching off with my small lexan paddle.


That is a really hard wood.  Where did you get that paddle?

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I've used a few different implements over the years, but most have been lost along the way. If I could just acquire one, it would be in the small paddle category, or maybe just the right hairbrush in terms of size, weight, density and surface area.

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