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A party to remember


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It was in the late 80's and  our restaurant had just finished a very busy holiday season so we were celebrating with a party at our house.  Liquor was flowing freely and there was much joy until we heard a crash coming from the living room.  When I walked in i saw M  a 22 year old shift manager lying on a table tipped over and a broken lamp on the floor next to her.  After making sure she was ok, we cleaned up the mess and moved on with the party. As the night closed  the remaining guests  had left leaving only M , my then wife and myself left. I looked at M and said i am surprised  you are still here.

                                                    She looked at us and said i am really sorry  for what i did, and then the shocker " I really feel like I should be punished"  as  she bowed her head. I looked at her and asked  have you ever been spanked?  All she could do was shake her head no.  To which I replied" maybe its time to start"  . She just bowed her head and I looked at my wife who just nodded her head.  " come here please" I said. M slowly walked to me and stood in front of me biting her lip.  I undid and unzipped her jeans to look up to see her face flushed. Lowering them followed by her black bikini panties left her  bare in front of me which was  my first surprise as she was totally bare below the waist which was not the common place it is today.  I laid her over my lap and  and asked her  if she was ready?  "I am  sorry, I deserve this".  I started spanking  her evenly and methodically and she was turning red quickly and squirming.  My spouse said "I think she  has had enough" I asked her if she remembered what had been done? 

                    I then looked at her and said well then maybe you need to take her place.  Seeing her not move I gave M a few more spanks  and then heard ok, stop spanking her please. My wife then came over and i let M off of my lap and had her sit next to me. She watched as I bared my spouse below the waist laid her over my lap and spanked her till the tears were flowing. looking over I saw M in tears also.  I let my wife  up and they hugged each other for a long time. both crying. Little did i realize at the time but i know today that my spouse had an interest in women.  Down the road I was told they had a nice talk about DD and what it is and to this day I wonder if M ever pursued.



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