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When a Top Meet a Bottom

Part Five

Why don’t we put the spanking talk on hold for the rest of the day and watch a movie, ok?

In a pouting look she said.

Oh okay, but I’m ready to talk a out anytime and. .

I know, I know you definitely want to talk about me and my belt.

Yes sir I do.

He let out a chuckle and motioned with his head.

Come on let’s pick a movie.

Two week later they had been out jogging after she meet him in the early morning at his house. They got back to his back and shut the door he gave her a playful swat as she came in.

Owww, as she let out a little giggle.

You wait here while I take a shower.

Yes sir

He took a shower got dress in jeans, his western belt and buckle and a Captain America tee shirt. He came back in the living room finding her still just in her spandex shorts and sport bra. She was on the couch drinking some Gatorade .

So, how’s your butt doing since your birthday?

Oh, just fine not a mark on me. Besides it wasn’t all that hard and I heal quickly. So what you think, maybe I get your belt today.

You are a persistent one aren’t you. But I was thinking about giving you a spanking and talk to about me using my belt in a few weeks if you really want. I just need to know we are on the same page on things before we go all in. I also really need see if you really are at the same level.

Oh I am, I am, and you can use it today if you want. I’ll show you. As she interrupted him.

Whoa, whoa there sweet heart, I said we need to talk some more first.

Hey, I got an idea. How about you paddle me with something today? Do you want to paddle me, ah, ah? As she gave him a flirtatious little grin.

Well maybe, now last time it was a birthday spanking . This wouldn’t be one of those, it would be closer to a real one if your game, I just need to feel things out first. I mean we’re still learning about each other. You know what I mean?

Ok, yeah, we can do that but it won’t be on the bare, remember, I want my first bare butt spanking from you to be. . .

With my belt, yeah, I know. I know. Now what do you remember last time I said if I ever use my belt.

Your belt, your rules. Oh, can we role play a little today?

Oh, that’s right you’re into that. Well. I’ve never done anything like that but yeah, I’m willing a try and go half way with you. But I’m not sure what I would use to paddle you with.

Oh that’s easy, do you have a hairbrush?

He let out a chuckle and just gave her a funny look. As he looked round the room sarcastic.

She saw his look and realized he probably wouldn’t have one.

AHmmm, yeah right, guess that was a funny question.

She looked around his place, glancing back and forth and saw a bamboo backscatter laying on the coffee table. She got up, walked over and picked it up felt it.

Hey, you can paddle me with this, if you want. I read about it this being used before.

As she tapped it in the palm of her hand, making a slight smacking sound.

That’s just a backscatter that’s not a paddle.

She walked back to him and sat right next to him on the couch and gently took his hand and moved his fingers across the flat part of the handle.

See, you can use this side, it pretty flat, it’ll be like a ruler paddle. I read about it in a spanking forum website.

Have you ever been paddle with a backscatter?

No sir, but it seems we don’t have a lot of implements to choose from now do we?

No mam, I guess we don’t, but that thing may really hurt a lot even over you’re spandex shorts, that isn’t much protection, you know?

They went half way down to her knees but she didn’t have anything else underneath expect her bikini underwear.

Well, a spanking is suppose to hurt, beside, won’t make much of a difference when I start getting my all my spanking on the bare.

No, I reckon not. So what else do you remember about my rules about my belt?

You said, there wouldn’t be any warm up, there a wouldn’t be any counting either. You always spank on the bare?

Yup, yup, all true. Lisa, look at me.

She made I eye contact with him.

If a cowboy take off his belt, he means business. It means it isn’t going to be anything less than a real spanking. It won’t be a birthday spanking, not a play spanking, it would a real spanking. Just like when you were a kid and more. And, yes, I always spank on the bare when I give a real one. And you said you felt you were more hardcore than I was and. .

I am, I am, Jeff I meant it, as long as I’m not bleeding you could continue until I’m purple as far I’m concerned. I don’t won’t to freak you out or anything. And I certainly don’t expect you be as hardcore as I am but getting a real spanking from you sound so hot. Your probably feel I’m some sort of freak or. . .

He placed his hand on hers.

Lisa, it’s ok, it’s okay. I’ve been afraid of telling you, until now. But I’m probably more hardcore than you. I may actually freak you out. I don’t have to go as hardcore as I like it either because I would never do or try anything without your full consent.

What you mean?

Well, let me ask you something is crying important to you when get spanked.

Well, it happens and most of the time and it ends up that way usually. But I always keep from crying for as long as I possibly can. Does crying turn you off? I mean I know some guys are pretty squeamish about hearing a girl cry and . . .

He squeeze her hand.

Hay, hay, relax, just take a deep breath, calm down.

She exhales a few times.

No, it doesn’t turn me off, in fact, when I’m giving a spanking it turns me on greatly when your crying and I don’t mean sniffing crying, I mean loosing your composure for real, bawling and sobbing like a child.

Oh, so you would like it a lot if I cried. Tell me how crying affects you and don’t be afraid, I promise I wont be freak out.

Ok, here we go. Alright Lisa, when I give a real spanking especially when I take off my belt. I don’t consider the spanking to have even started until after you lose your composure. And I mean for real, not crocodile tears or fake crying. I mean complete loose it and crying and sobbing freely. You really want to know what turns me on about giving a real spanking?

Absolutely, what?

To be able to keep spanking you even after you completely surrender to it.

Okay, tell me what you mean?

Well, it’s like a like a sprint-marathon. You know in spanking stories and videos how they always like to end the spanking.

Yeah, they usually like to finish with a grand finally real hard and really fast for a few second or sometimes for minute or so. It’s the “drive it home” set. My ex did that a lot.

Yeah, well with me it’s the opposite. I like to give that as a started set.

A starter set?

Shock and awe beginning. It starts out rapid-fire from the first swat up until you lose your composure. And I mean it starts off instantaneously really fast and very hard.

You mean it starts off right away with maximum intensity?

Yes, then I continue until you truly break down and lose your composure and start crying for real.

And after that, you still keep going or do you stop?

Well, then like to continue to just spank and spank for a real long time while you are sobbing and crying under me. Now, I do back off some and start giving medium force swats. I fall into a semi quick but even pace. The swats aren’t slow but there aren’t as fast and furious like the starter set. Just hard and quick enough to keep you crying. Now, no I’m not into breaking the skin either so if that ever did happen, even accidental, it would stop immediately. I may be hardcore but I’m not into that kind of thing. But, yes, I absolutely love to hear crying and sobbing while I’m spanking away. For me that’s absolute peak of the power exchange to keep it going while you are crying. After I decide to stop, I love loved to hold you while you are bawling and sobbing it out in my lap or in my arms. But once I start, I’d want completely control of the spanking. I would decide when it stops and I usually won’t feel like stooping for a very long time after it starts, especially if I use my belt. There is no specified number or whacks either. It’s not like a birthday spanking. It would truly be a real unlimited swat spanking. Now if that is a little too hardcore for you, I completely understand, and it only fair that you tell me. And don’t get me wrong. I’m also just fine with spanking you like I did on your birthday with a specified number of swats and doing fun spanking too. But I’m not going to lie to you either, I’d really love to start spanking on the bare ass, it looks so beautiful and love to see it in all its glory. And you won’t have anything to worry about because I promise I wouldn’t never trying any sexual or do anything you didn’t agree with beforehand. I promise. I know your saving yourself and I respect that. It’s just it would be more fun to be spanking you on . .

She got up enough to straddle his lap on the couch. She moved her finger over his lips.


Then leaned into him bring her cleavage of her sport bra so really revealing and gave him a long passionate kiss. She pulled away and sat up on his lap and picked at his belt buckle with her finger.

So, if you use this it’ll be a real one leaving me bawling and sobbing, ah?

That’s right, it’ll be a real one, just like when you were a . . .

A child and than some, right?

Yup, it’ll just be an adult equivalent but you’d have to consent to it before I ever pull it off because. .

She pressed her pelvis into him and leaned into him a little.

. . .because I wouldn’t be in control of it ah?

As she let out a deep breath getting turn on just thinking about it. She felt him get hard as he readjusted himself a little and her position.

That’s right and no safe word and it no protection it would start. .

On the bare, ohhh yeah, I know, I know, on the skin of my behind, right?

As she pushed in on her pelvis again against him again.

Yes mam, if a cowboy gives a real spanking it’s always start and end on the bare.

She sat back down on his lap. Exhaled and tried to calm down.

You just can’t make fun of my behind when you do.

Just why would I make fun of it.

Because it’s so tiny and my skinny legs. . . .

You have nice round bottom, yeah it maybe small but it’s also muscular and firm. I think its beautiful.

There was silence for a few moments.

So are going to get to see my bare butt today, are you going to use your belt?

No mam, I don’t feel we are ready for that, I mean I want you to really think about it. And I need to know if you really are at the same level as me. But I’d still want to spank you today though, of that’s ok?

Oh I see, like a test? So you said this will be like a real one, right?

Well, yeah, not so much a test but I’m being cautious, yes. I’m making sure it’s all going to be consensual especially since you don’t want to use a safe word. That’s really makes it consensual nonconsensual spanking.

Yeah, we are talking about real consensual nonconsensual, but I’m ok with, I really am and maybe we can. .

Why don’t you just trust me and let me decide things here. I will always respect your feelings about sex and you aren’t wanting or willing to take any spanking on the bare until I use my belt, that’s fine. I need to see and feel that you are willing to really take a consensual nonconsensual spanking before I take off my belt.

Oh, yes sir, I get it. Yeah you have a point but I really am. . .


Ok, ok, so what did you have in mind?

Alright, now you sure you want me using that backscatter it’s only made of bamboo?

Well, it won’t break and my short are only spandex so it’ll still feel like its bare, they are really thin, no much protection as you pointed out. Might not even hurt much just sting a little.

Ok, have you ever had a timed spanking?

What like a count down timer?

Yeah, I set my count down timer app and I just paddle you until it goes off. But there wouldn’t be any specified number of swats, you’ll get as many as I give you within that time.

Oh, ok, and let me guess, you won’t be giving me slow swats either, would you?

And just how did you guess that?

Women Institution. It just seems like that’s the kind of spanker aren’t you?

See we are getting to know each other, now aren’t we? As he have gave her a wink with his eye.

Guess we are, so what you have in mind?

Well, this will be like a real one, no specified number of swats, no warm up either, it’ll start in right away instantaneously with maximum intensity, if your ok with that? You might want to reconsider your no safe word policy, these ones are going hurt. I want to see what I’m up against with your pain threshold within the time alotted.

Oh, I see you want to see if I am really willing to take it ah?

Yup, but it would immediately stop when the timer is goes off, but only if you agree it.

How long?

Well, I was thinking about getting a dice cube and you roll. The minimum would be 1 minute nonstop and the maximum would be is 5 minutes nonstop. Medium force and maximum intensity as a test.

Sounds like a challenge to me. She said kind of excitingly.

Well, ok, yeah, a challenge than, are you game?

She gently grabbed his face and kissed him again.

You’re on! I just have to hold out until the timer goes off, oh man, this sound exciting!

Now, this is going to be different, I mean it, it's going to be instantaneously. .

Maximum intensity fast and furious, I know, but medium force, right?

Yup medium force, a cowboy always keeps his word.

Yeah, I know, I know, that what I love about you. So you just want to see if I really am willing take it before you feel comfortable taking your belt off in couple of weeks, ah?

Well, yeah I guess that a good way of putting.

She took his hand and pulled his first finger out and drew an x on her chest right over her cleavage of her sports bra.

I get it, it’s all good. Cross my heart and hope to cry, make sting in my behind.

He let out a chuckle.

Oh you’re a cute little spanko aren’t you? Ok let me see that thing again. What side do you want me to use.

She picked it up and showed him again.

You want to probably make sure you use the flat part of the handle here.

She slid his fingers back and forth on the flat part of the handle again like before.

He lightly popped her bottom.

Ok, sounds good. Let’s get up.

They both got up.

Ok so you mind me taking charge because I believe a spanking is also about being obedient and submissive don’t you?

She gave him a flirtatious look at winked at him.

No sir, I don’t mind. Yeah, what do you want me to do?

He gently took her arm and led her to the furthest corner of the room.

Ok, I want you stand in corner for a few minutes.

Wait what? The corner?

Yup, your going to stand in the corner for me? You said I was charge and I’m pretty positive this isn’t a new concept for you.

Putting her head as she let him led her there.

No sir, it isn’t new. But how long?

Good, until I call your name, I have some dice in my room, I’ll be right back but I want your forehead against the two walls in the corner. Understand!

Forehead against both corners, seriously?

Yes ma’am, against both corners simultaneously the whole time!

As he sounded a little more assertively. As he gave her a light swat on the behind, scooting her into the corner. She snapped too inside when she felt the light pop and heard him speak so assertively. She felt a surge of endorphins.

Ohhh, Yes sir! Yes sir!

He came back and set everything up at the table. She was in the corner but her head was away from the walls.

No, Lisa, I want your forehead against both walls and your hands in front of you!

She stomped her foot a little, trying to be defiant but complied.

Yes sir!

He rolled the dice, she heard it roll on the table.

This will decide how long you stand there. He rolled a three. He set his countdown timer app for three minutes.

How long? She said as she was rolling her forehead against the walls.

My phone is on vibrate in my pocket but I set the alarm, so you stay there until I say, you hear!

Yes sir. She said in a whinny tone.

He left her in the corner rolling her forehead against the walls.

Is it time yet? She asked in a whining tone.

You just keep your forehead against the walls, and your hands in front of you, you hear?! If you ask again, I’ll reset it.

Ohhhh, yes sir!

It finally vibrated he took it and disabled it.

Ok, Lisa, come over here let’s see how long it’s going to be for the first one.

She turned around and walked over to him. He had a cup and one dice cube.

The first one?

Yeah, after the first one over my leg, your going roll the dice again and go back to the corner and you get the second one while your standing up as I hold your arm. Than. . .

The third one over the back of couch. I’m started to see a pattern here.

See we are learning about each other now aren’t we? Ok, here’s what we are going to do, but first do you trust me?

Yes sir!

Ok, take the cup, roll the dice in the cup and turn it upside on the table but don’t lift the cup.

She rolled the dice around making sure is flipped around inside the cup and quickly turned it up and the dice hit the table with the cup on top and let go.

Ok go back away.

He tipped the cup so she couldn’t see it. He saw what number she rolled and put the cup back down on it.

So, what did I roll, how long is it going to be?

Not responding to her. He gently took her arm again and began leading her back to the corner.

I want you to go back to the corner, I’m not going to touch the dice. I’m going to over to living for a little bit. I’m going to set my count down timer app again.

Ok what did I roll how long is going to be?

She asked nervously.

I’m not going to tell you, I haven’t touched the dice and I’ll set the timer, afterwards you can compare the two if you really want. I told you it going to like a real spanking.

But your it going to tell me, right? She asked in a concerning tone.

Nope, it’s the not knowing that’s make it’s more real now doesn’t it.

She gave him a squinting smuggling flirtatious look as she pushed out her lips and tuned back to the corner.

Fine, but still wish I knew.

I know you do but I need to know your willing submit yourself to the unknown before I try to use my belt in the future. And well talk about that later too.

You want my forehead against the walls again I assume?

Yes mam and your hands in front so I can look at stare at you behind all I want. At least I know for sure now, that corner time isn’t something new to you is it?

No sir, it’s not new, I get it. I don’t like it but I get.

Good because I’m going to always have you in the corner before I give you a real spanking and I expect your full cooperation. And is that clear!.

Yes sir.

He picked up the backscatter after sitting back down on the couch, put his foot up on the ottoman just looking at her bottom. Her spandex shorts were really tight and thin, she only used when jogging and working out and it was extremely form fitting. She petite, short and skinny with a flat stomach. He saw plenty of skin between her shorts and her sports bra. He was fiddling with the backscatter and moving fingers across the flat part of the handle just getting more and more turned on just thinking about it. And looked back up to her standing there in submission.

So you like what your looking at, Jeff?

As she wiggled he bottom a little.

Absolutely, you know you really do have beautiful round little behind.

Thanks, I always feel I hardly got a bottom all, for anyone to spank. It going to really be embarrassing in a few weeks when I have to bare it, but it comes with being a spanko. Just don’t make fun of it when you really do see it, ok?

Well, I promise I won’t make fun it, I find it extremely attractive like I do now but I’m going to be honest I cant wait to too see it without anything covering it.

He waited there just watching look at her for exactly 3 minutes in silence as he was just admiring the view from across the room.

Ok you can turn around but stay there.

She tuned around and a big sigh of relief. And now starting to feel endorphins spike a little in anticipation.

Ok, I read in a spanking story about a year ago and I want to try something. I thought it would so cute too. Now, you agree that with a real spanking or a discipline spanking part of the punishment is embarrassment? And be honest.

Yes sir. She responded in a nervous tone.

Ok, I want you put both hands on your bottom, I want you take very small steps, half steps actually.

Ok! She responded as she moved her hand behind her.

And I want you to be a actively be rubbing you bottom with hands the entire time. If you remove either hand or your stop rubbing the butt simultaneously the whole way, you’re going to go back where you are and start again. Understand?!

Rubbing my bottom while I’m inching to you, seriously?

Yes mam, rubbing and shuffling your feet simultaneously!

Cocking her head sideways and letting out a little chuckle.

Yes sir!

Ok, getting rubbing and take small half steps, just shuffle to me nice and slow. Remember, keep both hands on your bottom and don’t stop rubbing.

Oh, this feels so childish.

She starts rubbing her bottom and began inching her way to him.

Well, it supposes be, just wait until you shuffle to me like this for a real spanking and you’ll be rubbing your completely bare behind with everything pushed down.

She stopped for second, wait what? I’m going to be doing this bare, from clear across the room like this?

That’s right, bare, and we’ll talk about it more next time, if you still want to this in our relationship after today that is, but for now, you need to go back and start over because you stopped rubbing.

She let out a little huffy. And walked back to the corner and started her shuffle over.

Oh, yes sir

That’s it nice and slow.

Still cant believe I’m going to be doing this bare.

He didn’t even respond to that.

You’re about to get a serious and rather harsh paddling. You know that right?

Yes sir, so what number did the dice fall on?

You’ll just have to find out. Now just kept rubbing your bottom as your shuffling.

Yes sir.

Now, I’m a big believer corner timer and position time.

What’s position time?

After your in position, I can take as long as I want before I start. Your snapping your fingers and telling me to get to it was really cute but for real spankings, I will decide when I start after you are in position. Being in position waiting for it start is just as important as corner time and it can be just as long as I want. Sometimes it will start immediately the second you’re in position, other times it will be a long time. But my point is, I decide when I start after your after your in the position. And I want you to think a that while your inching your way to me.

Oh, yes sir

Now after today’s spanking we can also talk a out the role playing thing you want to do. I didn’t forget about it but this one is as you said is proofing to me that you really are wanting to me remove my belt sometime in the future .

Yes sir, thank you. This a little embarrassing.

Next time, I want you to make sure you also have bottom lips pushed out and have a pouty face.

She did and said.

Like this?

Oh that’s good, yes but you don’t have to do it today.

She kept her pouty face as she was shuffling to him just to try to please him and prove to him, she is just as much a spanko as he was.

She got to him and he stood up and he placed his foot up on the ottoman.

Ok Lisa, will you get the backscatter and hand it to me.

She went to the other side of the living room pick up from the coffee table and came back to him.

Ok, I want you show me what side you want me to use again like you did last time.

She gently took his fingers and slid his them back and forth across the of the handle.

Here, that’s the side you should use, the flat part of the handle.

Than she used both hands and slowly closed his fist around it. She was really feeling trepidation and starting feeling some adrenaline. As she exhaled deeply she felt getting turned on at the same time.

Have you ever been paddled by someone before, I mean this very well may leave some serious welts?

She swallowed hard and took a deep breath.

Oh yeah, by a hairbrush and I was blistered really good.

He offered her his other hand to balance herself.

Ok, stand up on the ottoman, I don’t have a stepping stool but I’ll have to get a few later.

I’m going your thigh again aren’t I?

Yes mam, you are, see we are learning about one another, aren’t we?

She chuckled as she shook her head. She took his hand that he offer and stepped up on top. She was about to lay herself over his leg when he gently placed his arm on hers.

Are sure you don’t want a safe word, this going be rapid-fire and it’s going stay that way until the timer goes off. That means it’s going to be a real harsh, it’s going be. . .

She gently took his face with both hand and kiss him good, pull her head enough to make eye contact. And shook her head.

. . . maximum intensity, I know Jeff you told me about 6 times already.

Well, I’m just being. . .

. . cautious, I know, I know your concerned. It’s like you want to, but you’re afraid too at the same time because we are both vanilla towards one another. But trust me Jeff, I’m a big girl, I can take it and if turns out to be too much for me, I guess you’re going hear me lose it today instead of later. Either way, I know what I’m getting myself into here and you have told me quite clear what you are going to do.

She leaned over and kissed him again, pulled away made eye contact.

Jeff, I’m just as hardcore as you are, you just don’t know it yet. Now would there be a safe when you use this?

She flicked his belt buckle with her finger again. In a more confident tone he whispered to her.

My belt doesn’t have a safe word. The only word my belt has is real.

She could feel and almost smell him getting turned on. She had a rush of endorphins again.

She kissed him again this time longer. Then turned and put her hands on his leg pushed down and pulling herself upward and laid herself his leg as close to as possible. She was bent in half dangling at both ends. She could definitely feel his masculinity and how hard he was. He put his muscular arms around her skinny waist and lifter her up a little more. Knowing what he was doing, she put her hands on his leg again.

I know, I know, a little further over, right?

Yes mam, I want you gorgeous rear end of yours pointing straight up and I also like you closer to my knee so I can get a wider swing.

Oh yes sir, yes sir.

She pushed up with her hands did some kicking and some wiggling with her legs as she scooters herself further away. She pushed up on her hands and lifted herself further over as she was kicking her legs out for more momentum. She finally rested her pelvis over the very top of his massive muscular thigh.

Is that better Jeff?

Yes mam, and I’m going to tell again, you have a very good looking bottom, I can almost see the definitions of your butt muscles with your tight spandex on, it looks pretty thin, it sure isn’t going to provide much protection for you, are you sure you don’t want to go ahead take it on the bare?

Oh no, I’ll take all the protection I can get, besides I’m reserving my bare butt for a belt my boyfriend wears, she said teasingly.

Yes mam, ok here we go.

Wait, wait, wait! She blurted.

What, what is it?

I want a pillow to squeeze. Let up, I’ll go get one.

Oh yeah, sure absolutely.

He let hope off and she went his bedroom and returned with his pillow. She handed to him.

He hold that and help me get back into place.

Yes mam.

She stood up on the outman made eye contact with him and took a deep breath.

Maximum intensity ah? Really fast from start to finish right?

Oh yes man rapid-fire form the very first whack to the very last but medium force.

How long is going last?

Until the timer goes off, It’s not on silent anymore.

She let out a sigh. Yeah, well, can’t blame a girl for trying.

So you got everything you need?

Yes sir.

Ok, than. Get you’re cute little behind over my leg again. He said in a half serious tone as he wrinkled at her.

She raised up gave fairly long kiss.

Dam, I like it when you get all direct like that!

She hiked herself back over and adjusted herself again as he helped.

He tapped backscatter against the center of her behind. She flinched and clenched up because she felt it tap both cheeks simultaneously and suddenly realized that maybe it wasn’t such a good implement to pick.

Ok so this is a perfect opportunity to share with you how I do things. No matter what kind of spanking I give you, I will always be spanking you from here.

He tapped the very upper part of her butt cheeks but well below her tail bone. Only the part where I can see the cheeks come together. I never go higher than that. But make no mistake I can and will sometimes go as low as this.

He tapped at least half way the back of her thighs.

And everywhere in between. Today I’m only going to concentrate my efforts from here to here,

He tapped the center of her bottom.

To here

He tapped the top of her cheeks to about an inch past her sit spot.

Ohh, yes sir! Yes sir!

Ok, here we go.

Than pulled out his phone with the other hand and set it timer for 10 seconds longer. He armed it and set it down. And puts his left hand on her back and counts to 10. She was caught complete of guard and he exploded as fast as he could and whacked away.


The handle of the bamboo backscatter made a really load smacking sound that echoed throughout the room. When it made contact with her behind a shock and awe of stinging pain flushed through her bottom. At first she didn’t react but she was wiggling and moving her bottom in all directions trying to remain bent over. She was determined to prove to him she could and would take it, so she was fighting against it despite how bad it stung. But it kept going on and on fast and furiously nonstop and the pain kept building and building.


Her breaths started getting loader and faster as the paddling continued.


Ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhhh! How much longer, how much longer, ohhhh, oohhh

Not stopping until the timer goes off. Stay still!


It was already a full minute into and gotten over 100 swats. He was whacking away really fast. She was starting to get desperate.

Ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhooooo, stop, stop, stop, WHEN IS IT OVER, HOW MUCH LONGER, OUCHIEE, OUCHIEE, OH HOW MUCH LONGER, OUCHIEE



And other minute passed and she stiffen up like a board and began teeter tottering over his leg and threw her arm out straight and balled up her fist. He pressed down on her back keeping her in in place.


The timer finally sounded off at the 3 minutes and he stopped immediately. She jumped off his leg and as soon as her feet hit the floor she threw her hands over her bottom, arched her back, pushed her hips forward, clench up tight and hopping up and down as she was frantically rubbing her bottom. She was doing a good little spanking dance.

OUCHOOOO, ohchoooo!

She was yelping. She wasn’t crying but she was putting on quit a scene. She wasn’t hopping for a long time. But enough to sure get his attention.

Oh shit that stung like all get out.

As she made eye contact with him. He just look at her and said.

Ready to roll again.

She stood there rubbing and breathing hard. Oh, hell yeah, now that was a good spanking Jeff.

Now more confident he ordered her.

Ok let’s go back and roll again.

They both walk over to the table. She was about to get the cup when she turned and reached up and pulled his neck down and gave him a really long kiss. She let go just looked at him.

Dam that was surprisingly stingy. And she let out a few deep breaths. Then picked the cup up and rolled again. She let it go and back up away. He looks at her roll and made contact with her again.

Ready for round two.

He just looked at her as she was rubbing her butt in trepidation.

Ok, ok so what I roll.

He just gently took her arm and led her back to the couch and pick up the backscatter. She let him be in charge. He picked up the phone and reset the timer and gently turned her around.

Ok, remember don’t move your feet.

Oh yes sir, yes, how long is it going to be?

As she was starting to breathing heavier. He set the phone down pushed the time. He lifted her arm up a little and started right in again.


Ouchhooo. OUCHOOOO, Ouchoooo, shit, shit, shit, ohchoooo

He was swing away just as fast as he could from the side but still only giving her medium forces swats. She immediately started pushing her hips forward and backwards clenching up tight and raised up on her toes.


OUCHOOO, Okay. Okay. How much longer.


The timer when off again and he stopped. She renewed her little post spanking hopping dance she did for a few seconds.

She was now panting her breaths and rubbing her bottom more fervently.

Oh, shit that hurts! I mean dam, I didn’t think it would sting that bad! You weren’t kidding either, you started right in again.

Ready to roll again.

Can I have a second?

Yeah, we can it’s all good. Get yourself together.

He set the backscatter down and held out his arms. She ran to him and jumped into arms he held her close for a good 5 minutes or so. She felt so secure and really excited about her new boyfriend. She pulled away and said.

Ok, let me roll again and get the last one over with so I can take a shower and I let you take out me for breakfast ok.

Heck yeah. I take you out.

She led him by the hand back to the table and quickly rolled again and back up. He looks at it and look back to her, then shifted his eyes to the corner.

I’m going to the corner again, aren’t I?

Yes mam, I want you back to the corner.

Oh yes sir.

This time he didn’t have to lead her, she walked herself to the corner put her forehead against the walls and started rubbing her butt and he let do so for a few minutes. He reset the time again and got it ready.

Can you put hands in front of you now!

Oh yeah, Hands in front. Yes sir!

You know that is a cute little hopping dance you do.

Oh, I’m sorry that’s just so embarrassing and. .

It looked really cute. I love your little bottom too. You really are spankable you know that?

Thank you Jeff, so how long. . .

Just stand there and let me look at your bottom ok?

Oh yes sir, as she wiggles it around a little for him.

She stood there for a good 2 minutes.

Ok, you don’t have far to go and you don’t have to shuffle over like you did before. But let’s go to the couch. She turned around and ran over to him and jumped into his arm and hugging him with her legs too, he caught her and held her up. Once again gave him a long kiss. She pulled back and put her feet down.

Ok where do you want me?

Well, my couch is pretty tall, how about you lay over the arm of couch.

Yes sir, I can do that.

She walked over and hoped herself up, wiggled, kicked her feet out until she was able to maneuver herself up and over with her bottom pointing straight up. Her legs and feet were far from the ground and dangling at the end. He picked up the backscatter again and his phone.

Wow, that’s perfect now just hold still. As he rested the backscatter down on the center of her bottom and she began breathing deeply.

I can do it, I can do it., ohhh, how long is it going to continue?

He stood right next her and her bottom was about waist high now and he could really swing it down harder than before with more room.

He walked over to the outman got pillow and put it right in front of him.

Here you go, might need it. I going go a little harder this round. Now stay in position.

Oh thank you, I do prefer it. Harder?

Yes, I said hader!

 ohhhh, yes sir, I can do it, I can do it.

She pulled it under her torso and squeezed it like a teddy bear.

He pressed the start on the time and raised the backscatter up as high as he could and brought down as hard as he could too this time

Ohhhhhooooo, shit

She pushed up on her arm and clenched up stiff and boarded up her entire body.


She was teeter tottering over the arm of the couch.


Ouchooo, Ouchoooo, Dam It. Dam It, oh shit, oh shit, that hurts!


She stopped boarding up and began kick her feet out wildly and hammering her fist down on the cushions. And hollering like crazy.



It went on and on nonstop for exactly 2 minutes until the timer went off. When he stopped, she just laid there breathing heavy and rubbing her behind. He put the backscatter down and came back to her just lying there.

Here let me do that do that for you Lisa.

As he just started rubbing her bottom in soft circles ever so gently.

Ohhhh, yeah, you can rub my behind all you want. She said in between breathing hard.

He continues rubbing her behind for a good 10 minutes or so and gave her a little pop.

Well you need take a shower we did promise your sister and her boyfriend we meet them for breakfast at 10. That gives you an hour and half.

She got up and gave him a kiss.

You right. I’ll be back in a few, let me grab my bag.

She picked up her bag and came back to him. And look directly into his eyes. She than reached up and kissed him for a good minute or so.

Jeff, that sure was a dam good spanking. I haven’t had a good spanking like that for quite a while, thank you so much, you’re the man.

She went to the bathroom started the water and removed all her clothes and was just admiring all the welts and blisters he gave her. Oh man she was so turned on. Then she jumped in to the showers and took her time drying off as she was slowly rubbing her behind and admiring all the welts and blisters he left there and was in absolute bliss. She got dressed and came out. He was as sitting on the couch waiting for her. She walked over and straddling his lap and just rested her head on his shoulders.

I really haven’t had a good spanking like that in a long time.

You didn’t cry though.

No, but you know spanking can alleviate sexual tension between people, especially between us since we aren’t fooling around. And I appreciate you willing to commit to that too. It’s just a promise I made my dad before he died.

Oh, I understand, it’s all good. Thanks for letting me spank you. I did enjoy it too.

It’s probably why I like it so much too because it helps alleviate those desires. That’s why I really am so attracted to men who are willing to put be in my place now and then and who I can’t walk all over. There is just something to getting my ass beat that sparks such emotions with me. It centers me so much. I’m sorry I wasn’t crying for you, I promise it isn’t that I don’t want to, it’s just I always fight against. I hold out for as long as I possibly can, you know what I mean?

Yeah. It’s all good, it’s your default setting and you also seem to have a very high pain threshold too, ah?

Yup, I sure do. But don’t get me wrong, I too enjoy getting that cathartic release and reentering from a good cry. You know being vulnerable and submissive like that. I’m sure that’ll happen in time, most likely next time. I also read that the act of spanking a girl is natural aphrodisiac for male psyche too.

Really, I didn’t know that, I can’t say it isn’t. Spanking you does make me feel closer to you no matter what level the spanking is. And I do respect that you’re a virgin, I can even respect that boundary too. But when I remove my belt it will be on the skin of your beautiful behind. It just should be that way; you know what I mean.

Oh yeah, and we aren’t talking full nudity, are we?

Nah, not necessarily if you’re not comfortable with that, sure I’d love to see you completely naked, but when I’m pulling off my belt and you know my policy about my belt.

As she sat up and made eye contact with him.

I sure do and I’m ok with that policy, I mean it’ll be really embarrassing, especially at first because we’ve never exposed ourselves to each other like that yet.

And we still need to talk about somethings. I’d like to make some deals with you too, now that we both are getting more acquainted and experience with one another in this area.

Oh, what kind of deals?

Well, you’d like doing some role play with me and I’ve really never done that before, right?

Oh, yes, I do, I do, it really helps me and set the moods, it’s a little fun too.

Ok, I’ll tell you what, we can do some role play but I have to tell you, that hopping thing you did after the spanking was beyond cute.

She exhaled and put her head down.

Yeah, that’s was embarrassing, I’m sorry I was just reacting and. .

I really enjoyed watching you do it.

Wait what, really, you weren’t turned off by it.

He gave her a little chuckle.

No, in fact, I’d love it if you can do it again, and do it longer too if you want. It was so cute, there was just something about it, I can’t explain. I. . I. . I mean. .

She slipped her finger over his lips and kissed him. Pulled back and they just looked at each other for a moment or two.

Well, I make a deal than, Jeff.

Okay, what?

If you do some roll play with me, I promise I do that hopping dance for a long time just for you, what you say?

In a surprisingly look of shock in his face.

Really?! You do that for me? After every one?

Oh after every one ah? Yeah but you have to do some roll play with me before, deal? And maybe not after every one but at least twice, if you continue with three of them in one session.

And you’ll really do for a long time? As he sounded really excited.

Sure, that is of course if we have a deal?

A long time, you’ll hop around just like you did?

She gently pressed her forehead against his and did a little head snuggle.

For long time, just for you!

He gave a quick kiss and leaned back.

Heck yeah! Oh, hell yeah, that’s a deal!

You perform and roll play with me, I’ll perform and hope dance for you and for a long time.

Just like you did today hopping up and down and rubbing your cheeks, and turn about like that? Still sounding a excited and in disbelief.

Yup, the whole thing just way you like it.

Oh hell yeah that’s a deal!

You guys are all visual aren’t you? She said as she shook her head.

He took her face and gave her a long passionate kiss.

Didn’t you say you a deal offer me too, Jeff?

Oh yeah. You said you didn’t exactly feel comfortable completely nude for your spankings, right?

Well, yeah, I mean, well, we haven’t let ourselves see each other like that at all. So, I know it’s going to be really embarrassing because I know your going to pull my skirt up and spank me on the bare.

Well, I’ll make you a deal, how about you just make sure you always ware specific clothing before I spank you every time?

Oh, your going to want me to wear a cheerleader outfit or dress ah?

Nope, actually, I want you to always be in jeans, belt and a top, every single time so you can push everything down and shuffle to me. Remember like what I had do early.

You mean you want me to shuffle to you from clear across the room to you with everything pushed down?

Yup, and you have to take everything down yourself the way I want you too and shuffle to me like that. In exchange you don’t ever have to be completely nude.

Oh, well, I guess that’s fair. At least for now, I’m mean after a while we are going to be more comfortable with each other and then I wouldn’t mind being nude, like maybe next year for my birthday or something you know.

So, is that a deal?

It felt so childish approaching you like that, but I guess, Yes sir, that’s a deal.

So, what kind of roll play do you like doing?

Oh, well, I like to be a little girl who is begging and bargaining to trying to get out of it. You know hesitating and stalling and pleading my sorries and be passive resist.

You like a daddy daughter atmosphere?

Yeah, but I dint want to use that terminology out of respect for my dad. But yes, that kind of roll play. You being firm but not harsh authoritative figure but and letting me try different tactics try talking you out my butt beating. You know what I mean?

Ok, yeah, I think I do, yeah, we can do that but, in the end result, you still have to comply.

Oh yeah, yeah of course and I will.

You know this can work both ways too. Because by you complying you’re also communicating to me that its is consensual and as long as you comply, I would certainly feel better too. And especially when it’s a real consensual nonconsensual spanking. You going to be crying and sobbing like a child anyways by the time I decide to stop.

So is that a deal, you’ll let me role play like a child-adult thing with you?

Yeah, that’s a deal, I can try that.

She just gave him a long passionate kiss of confirmation.

Oh, I got a really good idea.

What’s that Lisa?

Next month is your birthday, why don’t we just wait until your birthday and have that time to talk about all this in more detail between now and than. And for your birthday, I let you use your belt the way you want as a gift of submission to you?

That’s a good idea because there are other details, I still want talk to you about because remember a cowboy doesn’t like giving short spankings when his belt come off.

She strokes his head a few times letting his hair slip through her fingers. Cocked her head from side to side just staring at him with a smile.

You want to keep going until your arm literally gets tired, don’t you?

He blinked a few times in shock and just stared into her eyes afraid to tell her the truth. He just stared at her in silence.

Have you ever done that before.

No, I haven’t and ahmmm, ahmm I. . I. . I mean Ahmmm.

But that’s what you’d like to do ah? That’s your level of hardcore isn’t?

He just sat there looking at her still stunned and didn’t know how to answer her. He tried looking the other way. She gently put her hand on his cheek and turned it back to her.

Hey, hey, Jeff it’s perfectly okay, to give me an honest answer.

He swallowed hard and finally spoke.

Yes mam, that’s how hardcore I am, and yeah, that’s what I’d love to do someday but I don’t have to go that far, I mean, I’m perfectly okay just. . .

She slipped her finger over his lips and shock her head and chuckled.

Shhhhh. That’s what you meant by continuing until I submit to it and than some, ah?

He shook his head and was a little embarrassed and concerned now. She looked at him in awe and a little surprise at his honesty. She moved both her hands over his cheeks, turned his head back and kissed him ever so gently.

I’ve never submitted to something like that before but it sounds like a challenge. Oh man, to let someone literally wear their arm out. That actually sound terrifying and exciting at the same time.

She squinted her eyes as she thought about it a little more.

I’ll tell you what, how about I give you a gift of submission for your birthday I'll and let you try to do that but with only one restriction, that you already said was your limit too. That if you accidentally break the skin, you have to stop. And we’ll talk about more things until than and works out some details about roll play, that embarrassing hopping dance and some of the other things we talked about this morning. But, yeah. I’ll let you do that. In fact, It sounds like a adrenaline rush to me. Personally I want to see if I could actually will myself to accept it to that level too.

Oh, Lisa, that would be a true gift of submission that’s for sure. Are you sure you want to try that, like I said, I don’t have to to. .

Shhhh, just kiss me cowboy so we can go out for breakfast.

How’s you bottom?

Oh, it definitely all kinds of different colors and I got quit of few means welts but nothing that won’t heal up in a few days.

He kissed her and lightly pop her thigh for her to get up. She put her make up on and went to the restaurant where they were meeting her family.

To be continued. . . .


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