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When Top Meet a Bottom Part One


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When Top Meet a Bottom
Part One
Jeff and Lisa had been dating for about a month and half and Lisa’s birthday came up. One condition she always made was he would never pressure her for sex or sexual activity. She was saving herself for marriage, but she also had a wild side. They never taken their cloths off or anything just taking things slow. Even when they made out he always respected her boundaries. But things were about to change. She had been house sitting for her grandmother’s farmhouse who went on a year long stay and on cruise to Australia. The farmhouse was 10 minutes out of town. Her mom was planed a party.
Lisa asked Jeff to pick her early from her grandmother’s house before heading to the party. She asked him to come a good two hour early so they could have some time together. She hasn’t found the opportunity to share with Jeff her spanking kink. She had been afraid of bring it up. Little did she know he was too. He arrived and knocked.
Come on in Jeff it’s open.
She was pouring some coffee in her mug.
Are you ready? You mom said to be there at 2.
I know, I know thanks for coming early. As she walked over and gave him a quick kiss.
She was kind of short only reaching 5’3” and petite, skinny with a flat stomach and hardly weight anything. She enjoyed riding horses, working out at the gym and jogging. She was also an expert in Brazilian Jujitsu. She was turned 20 today and he was a a few mouths older than she was. He was a good 6 feet tall and muscular has a six pack as he enjoyed weight lifting and jogging too. She always felt he was really easy on the eyes.
So what’s up Lisa why did you want me to come so early?
Well, can’t a girl just want to spend time with her man in her birthday?
Oh sure I was just curious.
Well, we’d been dating for three months and I wanted to share something with you.
I wanted to ask you for an old fashion and traditional Birthday present.
Oh, and what would that be?
Taking him by the hand she led him out to the barn. The barn had a wide open face entrance. Inside the usually things, old but sturdy chairs, hay bails, stacks of wood on side.
Ok so why we come in here Lisa?
Well I’m turned 20 today, can’t properly start the day without a birthday spanking from my boyfriend now can I?
I’m sorry, you said a birthday spanking?
Yeah, a boyfriend should always be willing to his girl good old fashion birthday spanking.
A birthday spanking, are serious? He said asked with a little enthusiasm.
Yeah, a good old fashioned birthday spanking! As she pulled a chair out to the middle the barn. That’s all I’m asking for.
She gently took he wrist and led him to sit down. She sat down on his lap with both legs off one side. She put her arm around his neck and gave him a long kiss.
Now I’m now fragile Jeff, I’m pretty tough so you can actually swat as hard as you want ok?
As hard as I want? She felt him get turned on and as he readjust her position a little.
That’s right, as hard as you want, 20 times for me and 20 times for you!
You want 40 swats and as hard as I want?
She pressed her forehead against his and than touched noise to noise and wiggled her forehead against his in a flirtatious way.
As hard as you want! I’ll even count them if you want? As she kissed his lips. She pulled her head away and looking directly into his eyes.
She began getting aroused herself, she hasn’t had a any kind of spanking since her last boyfriend two years ago who broke up with her and moved to Germany.
And I can place you over my leg?
Well, of course silly, you can’t really spank me properly unless I’m over your knee now can you?
He softly pop her bottom and said, Ok as hard as I want, right.
Oh yeah as hard as you want 40 times and 2 to grown on.
She stood up and surprisingly he did too.
What are you doing I thought you I was going over your knee?
No, but if it’s ok with you I’d like to put you over my leg. He walked over to the hay bail and put in foot up on one as he slightly padded his leg.
Ohhhh, over your leg, I get it now, yeah, Ok sure. As she walked over to him.
I’ll need a little help, that pretty far up.
She paused and placed her hands on the buckle of her jeans, hoping he get the hint. She was willing to take it bare butt if he wanted , but he didn’t connect the dots. He was playing it cool and didn’t want to push it and loose the opportunity.
Ok, let’s get over my leg Lisa
She stepped forward and placed her hands on he massive leg he put his big muscular arm around her skinny little waist and gently lifted her up and she went right over and was bent in half over his leg, dangling at both ends. When she did, she was close enough to feel his bulge and she could tell was turned on.
He lifted her up a little just to readjust her a little and pushing her outward a little. He was embarrassing about and was a afraid of sending the wrong message to her.
Just a little further towards my knee, Lisa. Scoot over a little bit, okay?
Oh yes sir! She said in playful submissive tone. She wiggles herself over best she could.
He was a little caught off guard by her response.
You never said to me before, thanks.
Said what?
Yes sir. You never said before.
I haven’t?
No never.
Well, I reckon that might have to change after today, ah?
He placed his hand on the center her jean covered bottom.
Its beautiful you know.
What’s beautiful?
Your bottom.
Oh, well thank you Jeff, you wouldn’t say that if you really saw it though without jeans covering it. I know guys like bigger butts. Mine is just really small.
Well, it just means you have a firm little bottom and I thinks it beautiful.
Well, thank you, I hope you say when you really get to see one day.
She was trying to drop another hint but he didn’t get it.
I’m positive I would, so are you ready. As he began rubbing he bottom in small circles.
Yes sir, I am.
Oh, I like that sir thing, that’s for sure.
She just laid their for a moment or so. Getting a little impatient she snapped her fingers
Snap, Snap, Snap
Well come on get to spanking, we don’t have all day you know, I got 42 big one coming you know. She said in a sarcastic and teasing tone.
Okay, okay, I will, I’m just taking in the view a little. With that he popped her behind three times.
pop, pop, pop
Wait! Wait! Stop! Stop!
He stopped immediately and with a concerned tone in his voice.
What wrong. Is everything Ok?
No everything is not okay. What are you doing?
Now really concerned.
What, what is it?
What was that? She said suddenly.
Thinking he popped her too hard or not the right way.
I’m, I’m sorry was that too. .
Jeff, my grandmother’s cat can hit harder than that. You weight lift all the time and you got all those muscles and you just give love pats like that? That wouldn’t even move a mouse. Go Harder! Much harder!
Are you sure? I mean, I can if. .
He wasn’t afraid, he was unsure how much she was willing to take and didn’t want ruin the moment. He was a big time spanko too but was a little embarrassed by it.
He only had one girl three year ago who loved a hard spanking and actually missed being able to explore his kink. He love giving real spanking and loved given the ones that made them bawl and sob like a child. So he was reserved and didn’t want make her mad.
Jeff, I’m not made of glass you know.
I know, I know. It’s was just I wanted to. . .
Jeff come on, start over and go harder, a lot harder! No ever died from getting a good spanking.
Now more challenged he started again.
Ok, here we go.
He raised his hand as high as his shoulder and brought it crashing down on the center of her bottom.
Ohhh, much better! That’s 1!
He rubbed her bottom. Being encouraged now, he decided to really lay a few into her.
Ohhh, dam! Now that’s what I’m talking about that’s 2.
Ohhh ouch, 3, 4, 5!
She was being dramatic but did expect 3 in a row and they did sting a little and she definitely didn’t want to discourage him.
You ok Lisa?
Heck yeah, you cant really hurt me, here Jeff. But those were pretty good birthday swats.
She snapped her finger again.
Snap. Snap. Snap
So come on, keep'em coming, get to spanking just like that and go harder if you can.
Now getting really turned on, he laid into her really hard.
Ohhh! 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 she sounded off really loud.
Where those hard enough for you?
Whoa, heck yeah now your getting close. Now show me what your made, Jeff, don’t be afraid, I wont break go as hard as you can, if you want.
As hard as I can?
Well if that’s what you want, sure, I mean there’s only 32 more. I want you to go as hard as you want, its up to you.
She raised her hand up in a circle motion.
Snap, Snap, Snap
Went her fingers again and in a playful half serious flirtatious tone.
Come on, get to it man, get to spanking. I can take it.
Ok here we go, really hard!
He light padded her bottom in preparation and than came down as hard as he could.
Ohhh, ohhh, she didn’t expect him give her 10 so quickly and they even stung a little that time. She wanted him feel he was doing good. She didn’t even flinch at them though.
Oh, shit that was awesome! Wow that’s 20 isnt?
Yes mam
Ok, well, doing good now but don’t stop now!
Snap, Snap, Snap
So let’s get to it, spank away, I got 22 more right.
Yup 22 more. Would you like them all at once or would like them nice and slow and count out each one? It’s your birthday spanking, you can get them however you want.
She really felt they were connecting now. It was a perfect time feel him out weather or not he was a spanko but she had a feeling he was.
Why don’t you decide. We do have to get going pretty soon. But I don’t have to count if you don’t pause between swats, deal?
That’s fair enough. Maybe I can
Snap, Snap, Snap
Her fingers fired off 3 more times. She enjoying it so much.
Ok, than lets get spanking, don’t be afraid and don’t hold back. She said enthusiastically.
I’m not afraid to spank you hard Lisa. And if I didn’t know any better I’d say your really enjoying this spanking.
Well, heck yeah I’m enjoying this. It’s not everyday you get a good birthday spanking from your boyfriend you know.
Oh she sure was just enjoying this and just wanted encourage him.
Snap, Snap. Snap went her fingers.
So come on, are about the spanking or are you about talking. Spank away and make them good ones too, you hear!
Yes mam, ok your going to count the last two so you better brace yourself for the next 20.
He was swirling his hand around her bottom. Gave it a little squeeze. Her bottom was small enough that his hand almost covered a lot of surface but still smack both checks alternatively and every third one in the center.
Make’em good ones, Jeff! Make’em really good ones.
Oh yes mam!
He lifted his hand raised it above his shoulder and brought down as hard as he could.
Ohhh, ohhhh, she wiggled a little, yeah those were pretty hard she didn’t expect him to be able to spank so hard with his hand. It’s also been a while since she had a spanking too.
Hang on, 4 for more, as she stiffen up a little and clenched up.
After he was done she relaxed again and plopped herself back over his leg as she exhaled a few times. She was really playing the dramatics up about it. She could actually take a lot more but just wanted make sure he wasn’t discouraged.
Wow, heck yeah, ok 2 more.
He was rubbing he bottom and not wanting this to end. He was really turned on by the whole experience, especially her snapping enthusiasm.
Right out of nowhere
Ohhh 41!
You ok Lisa?
Heck yeah, I got 1 more.
Yes mam you do, here we go.
She kick her right leg out a little trying to ham it up some more.
Dam, 42, wow.
He was rubbing her bottom for another half minute or so just enjoying the view.
Than he gently wrapped his thick arm around her, lifted her up a little helping her off his leg. Her feet hit the ground and she threw her hands over bottom and began rubbing and trying to make a display of it all so he feels he did a good job.
He looked a little nervous and said, I hope that wasn’t to hard, I mean you did say to go harder and I ah. . .
He began stumbling over is words. She let out a big chuckled. He look kind of cute acting all concerned like that. She gently took his arm and led him back the chair and gently pushed him to sit down. With a little hop her she straddled his lap like a horse and grabbed head with both hands and gave him a very long passionate kiss. She pulled away ever so gently look directly into his eyes. She starred right into his eyes for a moment or two.
Now that was a birthday spanking from my boyfriend.
She felt him get really hard.
So I guess you are okay than?
Oh she all kinds of turned on inside and she knew he couldn’t tell. She ever gently placed her finger on tip of his noise and slid it down ever so slowly to his lips, off his face to his chest and all the way until she got to his pants.
Okay! Okay! You want to ask me if I’m okay, seriously?
She blow in his face ever so softly a few times as if she was panting for breath with wide eyed anticipation. Than she began picking at his cowboy belt buckle like a guitar a few times with her finger.
Maybe next time you can use your belt on me, cowboy!
Now he was getting a clue that time. She was spanko too but he was still too embarrassed to talk to about it and share his desire and fantasies at this point. He was just too afraid she might think he was sadistic or something. He didn’t know what do and just started at her for a moment.
Lisa when cowboy take his belt off to use it, it isn’t for birthday spankings. You don’t know what you would be really asking for. But thank you for letting me spank you Your birthday, it was fun.
She shook her head and said.
Well thank you for stepping up and giving it to me.
We need to going here Lisa. I promised your mom we wouldn’t be late and it’s a 10 minutes drive to town and we still need to get gas and ice for the party.
She leaned into him and kissed him again. She didn’t let him know but she was a little disappointed he didn’t do it on the bare.
Ok, well thank you, I just wanted a birthday spanking from my boyfriend, that’s all and you did a great job.
Thank you, come we need to get going.
She got up off him they jumped in his truck and drove off.
To be continued. . . .
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