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Judging a book by it's cover

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Have you ever known someone in life and found out later they were a spanko ? And you would not have believed it.

This happened to me more than a dozen years ago.

I'm in the service business, I go to people's businesses and home everyday. I own a pest control business.

One day I got an emergency call from a woman who was a regular customer. She said she had a bat flying around in her bedroom and was scared. Rearranging my schedule I was able to get to her home within an hour. This customer was a widow and 10 years my senior. Always had a pleasant personality and smile. When I arrived she was huddled in the kitchen with all the doors shut. I told her not to worry and went up to look for the bat. 

Now bats only fly around at night or when disturbed, they usually hide. I started looking in the standard places , curtains, window shades etc. No bat. So I started searching farther. She had a tall bed with a ruffle around the bottom. I shined my flashlight and pulled some small baskets out from underneath. My light shined upon the bats eyes on the opposite side of her bed. I was able to net the bat and release it out a window. When I came back around the bed I noticed one of the baskets had Spanking Magazines in them.

Ma'am, Leda/ NuWest and the sort. I couldn't help looking though some of them. They were all F/ M Spanking...  I was startled.

I put everything the way it was and went to tell her the problem was solved. She was very thankful and asked for a bill and I told her no worries..

I thought about this nice customer for the next few days constantly thinking about her spanking me.

I made up my mind to come clean with her the next time I saw her. The next service came and I chickened out, the next month too! Finally on the third month I finished up and again I couldn't do it. As I was driving away I was so frustrated with myself. I wasn't going to wait another month and turned around.

When I knocked on her door she asked if I forgot something. I stuttered something and she told me to come in. We chatted for a few minutes and she asked what was on my mind. Well I got my courage up and told her what I found when I was looking for the bat. She got suddenly quiet and looked embarrassed. Then she told me yes they were hers and what about them. I really didn't know what to say. So I told her I was thinking about her spanking me. She ask me when I was last spanked. I told her about six years ago by a woman I met thru a publication. We talked a little bit more. Then she told me.

I want you to really think about this.

I said I would and nervously left mortified. I knew her next service wasn't for a month so that calm my mind. The next afternoon my phone rang. It was her. " Did you think about what you are asking for?"

 Yes Ma'am.

" And you are sure that what you want?"

Yes Ma'am.

"What time are you working till this Saturday?"

 I have one job in the morning.

" Can you be here by one"

 Yes Ma'am I can.

Do be late!

 It was Thursday afternoon and I had less then forty eight hours to think about nothing else.

Saturday came and I got there on time.( five minutes early to be exact)

 When I went to the front door there was a note to come in. I went into the vestibule and there was another note for me stating to go to the first floor bath. As I walked though the living room all was quiet. In the bathroom was a third note taped to the mirror over the sink. I was instructed to remove all my clothes (All was underlined ) and my watch.

Wash up etc. Than go to the first landing on the staircase and wait in the facing the corner. Also it said at no time I was to cover myself front or back with my hands and only speak if spoken to. My heart was jumping out of my chest and I stopped breathing for a moment lowering my underpants. I got my self calm and left for the staircase.

When I turn out of the hall into the living room she was sitting on the sofa. I desperately wanted to cover myself but did not. I did turn bright red. Quickly I went up the two steps and stood in the corner with my bare bottom exposed. The Grandfather's clock in the dining room rang its little music letting me know it was one fifteen. I stood there in the quiet embarrassed and nervous. One it rang one thirty I heard her get up and move towards the dining room after a couple of minutes( seemed like hours) she called me over. As as obeyed I. noticed that chair had brought a sturdy chair from the dining room and it had a quilted bag hanging from the one top. She sat upon the chair. I think I was more embarrassed then ever, standing before my customer wishing for a fig leaf.

So Bob you were snooping through my things while you were in my bedroom. Well we're you? I was not snooping Ma'am, I was looking for the bat.

You release the bat then you saw the magazine's, that's what you told me the other day, right? Yes Ma'am.

Well I call that snooping! And I was very embarrassed myself. That is the reason you have nothing on right now. You invaded my privacy so now you lose yours. Then you waited three months to confess, and during that time you thought about me giving you a spanking right?

 Yes Ma'am. " Well you are getting you wish Bob.

First, This is punishment for your behavior and waiting to long to confess. You can beg and you WILL cry but it will not save your heiny from getting a severe spanking.

If you kick or squirm to much I'll slap your inner thighs raw. Understood?

 Yes Maam!

 She pulled the bottom of her dress up exposing her nylon upper thighs. Then she pulled me across her ample lap until she had me position the way she wanted me. " You have been very bad and now I have to teach you a lesson Bob, one that you won't soon forget!" Then came..

CRACK!! Her palm delivering what I dreamt about. It didn't hurt that much in my dreams..CRACK ...CRACK.CRACK ..her palm rained down across my naked cheeks. She would alternate cheeks and sometimes I would get spanked on the same spot for three times in a row. Then she would change the angle and punish my lower bottom. I was whimpering as it continued. When she delivered three hard spanked to the same sit spot in a row my hand came back to protect and sooth it. My had was pushed away. "What did I tell you would happen?" With this she reached down grabbed my knee and pulled them apart. I received three hard slaps upon my upper inner thighs. Then she continued spanking my fanny with great intensity. By this time my bottom was on fire. I was sobbing ,but the spanking continued. As she spanked me she scolded me and asked" Did you go through me underthings while you were snooping?" No Ma'am , never would I do such a thing. After a fee more dozen spanks she ceased.

"Now tell me the truth Bob. All those times you were fantasizing about me spanking you , did you masturbate?"

 I was quiet for a moment then said " Yes Ma'am, I had"

" Well am glad you are truthful, but you need to be punished for that also." With that she reached into the quilted bag and removed a hairbrush and proceeded to fry my behind with it. It must have been three dozen spanks and I was bawling between apologies and begging.

Then she asked " Did you learn you lesson Bob?" Oh yes Ma'am!

 Then you can get up and go back in the corner until I tell you to come out, and no rubbing! I did as I was told , still tears fell and my bottom felt like I sat on a hot stove, but I composed myself best that I could.

When she called me from the corner she was no longer sit in the chair that she spanked me on but on the sofa. As I stood in front of her I realized the I wasn't as embarrassed as I was before standing naked before her. My burning buns probably had something to do with it , plus her palm being very intimate with them also. 

I'm glad you learned a lesson today Bob, but remember if you act up again I won't hesitate to turn you over me knee again and blister your bottom. Now go get dressed.

When I went in the bath there was a bottle of lotion set out with a no to for me to apply some on my bottom before getting dressed. When I applied it I got a good look at my bottom in the mirror and it was Very red and I was uncomfortable sitting for the next few days.

We had a nice chat afterwards with a cup of coffee and pillow for my chair. She hugged me when I left pushing the lotion in my hand telling me I would need it and she was right.

And yes I went over her knee many more times to be taught a lesson or two.

So has anyone else been surprised by someone who you thought would never be into it?





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Thanks for sharing all the background - it sounds like a delightful memory. 

I recently found out that my first boyfriend is a real spanko and not just a willing vanilla. So, that was nice. I had a roommate that was a kinkster, but not really a spanko. Still gave us a lot to talk about. LOL

Otherwise, I haven't had any real surprises. I will keep my fingers crossed, though. 

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I am an LMT...Licensed Massage Therapist. Last year, I had a new client who scheduled 5 sessions with me. She was new to the area. I would say maybe 30. I got to know her a bit in the first session. She worked in IT and had moved to the area with her husband and 4 year old son. Her husband worked in HVAC.  She was in fair shape, but was trying to get "fit" and toned again...and every week after one of her workouts in the fitness center, she would have a 60 minute massage. Well, she seemed pretty "normal" so to speak....and I found her likable. In her third session, I was working her with some deep tissue massage, and had reached her gluteus maximus  muscle region...aka her butt and upper thighs area. I had a towel laying over her bottom, and she had given me consent to reach under the towel to work that area in the previous two sessions. However, this time when I did so, I noticed her clearly tighten up and wince as I massaged her buttock area. She said she had fell on her butt ice skating...and it was feasible to me because we did have an ice skating rink in the area. She said she was a little sore back there, so asked me not to continue in that area. I advised she might want to see her doctor if the pain continued. Well.. ever thought any more about it. In the 4th massage session, she was still "tender" in that area... as she put it, so I steered clear if that region, once again advising she might want to see her doctor. However...in the 5th session...I noticed about a dozen or so red stripes or welts on the backs of her thighs, and noticeable redness at the top of her thighs and looking like the red continued up into her butt area. I then realized, this woman had been whipped with some kind of rod or crop or perhaps lash of some kind, and had been spanked in some way on her butt. She seemed out of sorts, so I was very gentle with her, but she eventually just started talking as I noticed her marks. My heart went out to her, and I asked if she was ok...or if I could do anything for her. She just said...please don't tell anybody about this. She kept saying that...so...I asked her who whipped her. She told me it was her husband...but it was really ok...she did not mind. I just said... "well, if it is really ok with her, then I wouldn't.She assured me it was, that her husband had been spanking her for about 5 years. but lately much harder because of stress from the move and new jobs. He had caned her thighs and used a leather strap on her bottom. She said...she was kind of "kinky"....and embarassed, but her husband would really spank her more if she had cancelled the appointment with me. I had a policy that any cancellation forfeited half the cost of the massage session. He had spanked her about an hour before she came to the gym, so the spanking was fresh. I promised her I would not say a thing to anybody, and...I understood. But...I did not tell her how very "well" I actually understood. I probably should have, but keeping our lifestyle and dynamic confidential is one of my most important rules...and would carry a very heavy price if I broke that one. 

She continued working out at the gym for another year or so, but did not book any more massage sessions with me. I did notice she always wore long pants to workout in...even in summer...and I am pretty sure I know why. We had a couple of chance meet ups in the coffee shop when she was ordering a coffee to go, but we never had any in-depth conversations. I tried, but she was obviously not wanting that. After about a year, she quit coming to the gym. I would see her now and then around town, but she obviously was embarrassed to see me, and was not interested in developing a friendship. Once I saw her with her husband and son. I admit, I tried to visualize him strapping her bare butt...I assume.  I have not seen her since....I would say since all the COVID chaos started.

I wish we could have developed a friendship. I think we probably had a lot in common, and even if I coukd not share with her concerning my own spankings, we still could have helped one another.



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Thanks for sharing Nicole. I believe people in your field and the Medical field see all kinds of things. But they have to keep it to themselves.

I remember half a dozen years ago or so, more then half my female customers were reading " Fifty Shades of Grey " . Nothing ever came to it for me though.

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Can’t say that I have but have certainly wondered about a few folks I know, one in particular, a dressage teacher who runs an equine rescue center I’ve supported for some years now. Three startles that led me to wonder:

1. On first meeting her, together with her husband, I commented to him...not to her, what a wonderful job HE had done developing the equine center. He fairly panicked at my words and quickly averred it was SHE, not he, who had brought the center into being.. SHE who was the creative force, SHE who made the designs for the noble structures that housed the school, the horses and the rescue. I glanced to her only to see her impaling both the husband and myself with a disciplinarians stare. The husbands reaction was so telling. My mind began to wonder.

2. Some time later I enrolled in a class she was teaching on caring for horses. .. an intro thing to familiarize novices with the basics of coat and hoof care, basic tac and how to lead and interact with the animal. At one point she was working with a smallish horse that was being uncooperative. Her voice was commanding, but not enough to quell the animal, which I’ll note here was tethered by its halter in the space outside it’s stall...it couldn’t run off. After having enough of the horse’s mischief, she hauled off and delivered a powerful smack to the critters rump, whereupon it reared, Whinnied, and immediately became more compliant. A practiced hand, I thought. Don’t get on her bad side!

3. On a later occasion, wandering through the facility, I came upon a lesson she was teaching to a few young ladies...instruction rather advanced, it seemed to me, in the competitive are of dressage riding. One student apparently lapsed for the second time in a particular movement. “One more time, young lady, and I’m going to SPANK YOU! “ she shouted...wow, confirmation, to me, of all the imaginations that had fired up in my perverse little brain. I wanted to sign up as the class dunce that very moment.. desperate to be taught the kind of lesson I was sure she taught regularly. 

Ive had some marvelous imaginations over the years, about this secret spanko crawling with clues as to her real nature...yet the picture of decorum to the larger world. If only I had the kind of guts the story subject of this post showed. I applaud him and his courage. 

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