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I usually get an erection before a spanking, because thinking about spankings in any context gets me aroused, although I often start to soften even as my pants are being pulled down, as I get so anxious about how hard and long the spanking is going to be, and how much it's going to hurt! I do lose the erection entirely during my spanking according to my wife. I'm too focused on what's happening to my bottom once she gets started to notice what's happening in front.

My wife mostly ignores my erection, being focused on getting me over her knee and paddling my bottom until it's as sore as I deserve! Occasionally she seems to pause to inspect it, and I suspect she's thinking about how much pleasure it's going to give her after my spanking. I always get very horney and erect as I begin to calm down after a spanking, which usually leads to great sex. I sometimes say that nature rewards her for spanking me!


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On 9/5/2022 at 9:44 AM, Otkmedicine said:

I’m curious, do any male ee’s cum while being disciplined? 

I don't climax, because my erection goes away when I'm getting spanked, but there is some cum that seeps out as the erection subsides. My wife usually wears an apron or puts a towel on her lap when spanking me, so her clothes don't get stained.

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I get quite aroused during sessions. Especially when my Disciplinarian is scolding me something fierce. And oh my goodness...when She begins smacking the Jokari against her palm....that's extremely arousing. I remember during one of my earliest sessions going on 20 years ago now, my spanker was letting me have it verbally. I mean, that, in its own way, was a severe spanking. Just the way she'd loudly tell me "Ohh....I've had it ...I'm going to....WHIP.... YOUR....BUTT!!" Talk about a serious erection ☺️

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When younger, I would get an erection before the spanking especially if I was naked and waiting for the spanking to begin.  However, after the first smacks it always went away quickly.  Always dreaded being caught with an erection, but luckily for me, it was just ignored.  As a teen, just being naked triggered an erection.  Lol

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