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Spoils of War


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This is "Chapter 1" of a story that I haven't written any more chapters for yet (and right now my RL writing load is so heavy, it will be awhile before I can write any new spanking fiction). However, I also think this story stands alone. 

Spoils of War

Chapter 1

King Tybalt, the young leader of Riven, scanned the room where the scribes were busily recording the details of the peace talks. His country had suffered much during the course of these wars and the clamor was loud to punish Wredia for its aggressions and the atrocities its soldiers committed throughout the course of the war.

So far, the treaties did just that. Wredia would pay Riven an annual tribute, heavy financial reparations for the damage they had done. Large swathes of land had been signed over to Riven, land rich in agricultural potential as well as several miles worth of forest.

But there was something else the young king wanted, something he knew would help prevent future aggression. He needed hostages. He had already determined that five would be enough, five who would be taken to Riven and treated well so long as the treaties were honored. They would all be children of nobles of the land and he would foster them out to good homes in his land with people he could trust. All that is, except one. He would take one adult hostage.

"Lord Jaeden," he said. "Before we finish these off, I want you to carry a message to King Melton. The final hostage. It will be his second daughter and she will be under my personal care."

Lord Jaeden looked startled, "Your majesty, do you think he will agree to that? His eldest daughter is already married off and he surely has plans for his second."

"If I demand it, he doesn't have much choice, does he?" Tybalt responded. "I don't think he will return to the battlefield to keep her when he has two older sons and three more daughters."

Jaeden started to argue further, but Tybalt stared hard at him, making it clear he would brook no argument. "Yes, your majesty. I'll go inform him."

Perhaps, Tybalt thought, he was pushing things a bit far, but she had captured his eye and he'd been unable to get her off his mind these past several weeks as they'd worked out the details of the peace, occupying the enemy castle and working to ensure the safety of his land.

The princess probably should have been married off years ago. She looked to be in her early 20s and had a voluptuous figure that she showed off with fine gowns. She wore her golden brown hair braided and it wrapped down around her waist. The first time Tybalt had seen her, he'd looked into her eyes and been startled by the gleam of her emerald orbs. He'd started to greet her, but she'd tossed her head to the side and stalked away.

He'd next seen her at a banquet held to celebrate the end of the hostilities, one in which the conquered royal family had to make a command appearance and swear their fealty to Tybalt. It was then he discovered who she was and he was not slow to notice that when the rest of the family was making their pledge, she pursed her lips and said nothing.

Later yet, he would learn her name was Alais and according to the gossip from his mother's chief handmaid, she was the pampered, spoiled favorite of King Melton, the last child born to his first wife and said to be the spitting image of her favored mother who died of a fever when the princess was only 8.

He briefly toyed with the idea of courting her, but knew the nobles in his kingdom would be unhappy if he took for a wife a princess of the country that had done them so much wrong. No, that would be extending too much favor to their enemies.

Perhaps if she came home with him and his nobles learned to love her...but no, he must not think along those lines. It would be enough to get to know her, to have her as his prize. No one would object to that status. At least, no one in his kingdom. It remained to be seen what her father would say.

It wouldn't take long for him to find out. A page arrived announcing that King Melton wished a private audience with him. He retired to his chambers and sent a message that he would see his host.

Tybalt poured two glasses of wine and waited. Only a few minutes passed when the knock came at his door. He answered it and let in his conquered rival. King Melton's graying hair was only one of the hints of his age and the stress that had worn down this royal leader. Despite decades of caring for his realm, he'd let himself be bullied into an unwise war with his neighbors, a war he could not win. And when it was obvious he would lose, he ordered his troops to burn every enemy village and town as they retreated, looting, pillaging and kidnapping the helpless. It was an order he was paying dearly for now.

Tybalt motioned to a chair and handed the king a glass of wine. He sat in a chair opposite him and said, "You wished to speak with me."

"Your majesty," he began. "We have worked hard on these treaties and it is my desire to be as accommodating as possible."

"That was, in fact, one of the conditions of our accepting your surrender," Tybalt said flatly.

"Yes, of course," Melton hesitated, nervously taking a sip of wine. "I am hoping there is some room for negotiation."

"We have negotiated many factors," Tybalt said. "What is it you wish to see changed now?"

"Your latest request--you wanting Alais as a hostage. I...I understand you want assurances of my continued good will. But...Alais...Might I suggest my daughter Hailee instead. She is only two years younger, equally if not more beautiful and I'm sure she'll find her far more compliant."

"She is the daughter of one of your handmaids, is she not? Not the daughter of your queen?"

"Well, yes, but I assure you, your majesty, I have made her legitimate through all the laws of the realm."

"That may be, but it is Alais that I wish to return with me."

"Your majesty, have you spoken with her?"

Tybalt raised an eyebrow, "I'm not suggesting I take her as my wife, King Melton. I'm not sure conversation with her is necessary for my purposes in keeping her as an assurance."

"She...she is willful," said Melton after a long pause. "Perhaps it is my fault, for I have always given her whatever she wants and indulged her more than perhaps was good for her. But...I would like to keep her by my side."

"If what you say is true, then it may be best for her to have a change of scenery--to be in a place where she will be expected to behave well and to bend her will to the needs of those around her--as we all must learn to some degree."

"I'm not sure she will be amendable to such lessons," said Melton. "I find that giving her what she wants is the best way to keep the peace."

"King Melton, I will offer you my assurances that Alais will be cared for and safe in my kingdom. She will be treated as befitting a princess and as appropriate to her behavior. I will be firm with her and she will be able to earn what favors she desires. However, I do insist that it is Alais that returns with me when I leave next week."

"You have not informed her of this, King Tybalt?" asked the older man.

"No, of course not. It is with you the negotiations are being held."

"Might I suggest we call her here and inform her of your decision?"

"I do not see why that is necessary. I am not seeking her permission or input."

"No, no of course not, but...it might be best for your future peace of mind and allow you to be certain that this is the choice you wish to make. Perhaps I might call Hallie in as well and you can meet both girls."

Tybalt slowly drank his wine, considering the offer. He had no intention of switching girls. For all that Hallie was beautiful in her own right, she did not attract his attention the way her older sister had. And yet...he would welcome the chance to meet Alais, to speak to her in semi-private, to inform her of his decision.

"All right, send for your daughters. I will meet them both and then inform them of my decision."

Melton rose and went to the door, sticking his head out and calling for his page. He dispatched him to fetch his daughters. He returned, sitting heavily.

Tybalt directed the conversation to the older man's hounds, knowing it was a favorite subject of his and hoping to distract him for a brief period from the more uncomfortable topics of war and peace.

Within a few minutes, there was a knock at the door and Tybalt opened it to the page and Princess Hallie. The young woman curtsied deeply to him and the page bowed.

"Come in, my lady, and find a seat," Tybalt said gesturing to the royally outfitted room. He turned back to the page. "And where is her sister Alais?"

The page shifted nervously, "I gave her the message, your majesty, and she said she was busy."

"I see," Tybalt said evenly. "Tell her that she has misunderstood. The invitation is a command performance and she can either come here of her own free will or I will send my guard to drag her here."

"Yes, your majesty," the page said, bowing and turning to deliver the message.


Tybalt then turned and smile at Princess Hallie who had gone to take a seat next to her father. "My lady, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance." He reached for her hand and when she gave it, kissed it. "Might I offer you some wine?"

"No, thank you, your majesty," she said, softly. "Might I know how I may please you?"

"Your presence is very pleasing, my lady," Tybalt said. "Your father suggested we may wish to become better acquainted. Perhaps you might tell me a bit about yourself. What do you enjoy doing when the court does not demand your duties and presence?"

Princess Hailee nodded her head, "I find my needlepoint takes up much of my time, your majesty. And one of my father's scribes will often come and read me the most wonderful poetry."

"I see. Do you ever write any yourself, my lady?"

"Oh, no, your majesty," she said, somewhat flustered. "I was never very good at my studies and have not the knack for composing poetry or indeed, writing at all."

"How would you stay in touch with your loved ones if you were to travel from home?"

"I'm not one for traveling, your majesty. I suppose some day I shall have to travel to my husband's home to live with him, but I hope he shall be generous and allow me to travel back home for visits."

Tybalt poured himself a second glass of wine and politely engaged Princess Haillie and her father in conversation. He had to admit, she was pliable, polite, charming and on the whole, unremarkable. He found himself growing restless.

He'd just finished the glass of wine when there was a commotion at the door. He crossed quickly and opened the door just as a fiery young woman slapped his page across the face.

"What is the meaning of this?" he demanded, stepping between his page and the woman.

"This frothy, ill-breeding pignut thinks he can command me in my own palace," the woman fumed.

"If you are referring to my page," Tybalt said stiffly. "He carries my commands--commands you are expected to obey. He is not subject to your abuse or insults."

"I am perfectly capable of announcing myself and will not wait upon a servant's mewling."

"Reid follows the protocols I have established for him. He is a trusted aide and you would do well to follow his lead. You are, I assume, Princess Alais?"

The princess tossed her head and strode into the room. Her father and sister stood and she addressed her father angrily, "Father, what is the meaning of this usurper sending orders through a lackey? Did you allow this?"

"Alais, please," King Melton pleaded. "We have pledged our fealty to King Tybalt and must obey him. I have told you the peace talks are sensitive. I beg you to try to please him, to bend your will to his and treat him with some dignity and respect."

"You beg her?" Tybalt said frowning, following the princess into the room. "Princess Alais, I am no usurper. Your father surrendered and I have generously allowed him to keep his throne on several conditions that we are now working out. However, you and your family as well as all those in your kingdom are now subject to my rule."

"I made no such vow!" Alais snarled.

"And yet, your family is required to under the terms of surrender. I expect your obedience in all things, my lady. I am your monarch and your sovereign."

"Daughter, please," King Melton spoke up. "His majesty was merely asking for your presence. Surely you can speak kindly to him and observe civilities."

"Just because you have gone mealy mouthed and are kowtowing to him, doesn't mean I'm going to dance to his fiddle," she snapped.

"My lady," Tybalt said, warning heavy in his voice. "Are you refusing to acknowledge my authority?"

"What if I am?" she said tossing her head defiantly at him. "Are you going to throw me in our own dungeon?"

"That is one option," Tybalt said. "I can think of several others. Now, why don't we try to start again, my lady? May I pour you a glass of wine?"

"I can pour my own wine," Alais said, crossing over to the pitcher, pouring herself a glass and then tossing it down quickly. "Why have you summoned me here? I can think of a hundred things I'd rather be doing."

"Either you or your sister will be returning with me to my castle," Tybalt said, looking from one sister to the next. Hallie immediately dropped her eyes, wringing her hands nervously in her lap while Alais' eyes flared and she tossed the glass to the floor, shattering it.

"I will do no such thing!" she retorted. "Father, tell him!"

Tybalt stepped toward the angry princess, steel in his voice as he said, "You will do so if I wish it."

Alais stomped her foot in anger and raised her hand to slap Tybalt across the face, but his hand shot up and grabbed her by the wrist. He pulled her over to a nearby stool, where he sat and pulled her across one knee. He yanked up her voluminous skirts and pinned her legs in place with his other leg. Then, twisting her arm behind her back, he pulled her tightly to him and began to smack her bottom over her bloomers.

"What are you doing? Stop it this instant!" the princess shrieked as her father and sister looked on in shock. "I won't allow this. Stop it!"

Tybalt got a grim look on his face and continued to rain down hard smacks upon her butt. She kicked her feet frantically and tried to squirm away, but he held her firmly in place.

"Father, stop him! Don't let him do this to me!" she cried out, aiming her commands at her royal sire when the ones to the young king did no good.

The angry woman's father stood, reaching out a hand ineffectually, "Really, your majesty....she's...is she not much too old for this treatment? And, if not, at least let me call her whipping girl."

"No." King Tybalt said firmly. "If she's going to act the way she has, she will take the consequences. One way or another, she will learn civility and obedience. And, she will learn not to raise a hand to her sovereign."

He began spanking harder and faster, briefly considering pulling her bloomers out of the way and then deciding this was not the appropriate time or place for that. They were thin enough that he could already see her begin to glow red through them.

Alais continued to writhe over his lap, cursing at him and kicking her legs in an effort to escape his grip.

"If you continue with the language, Princess, your spanking will be followed with a dose of castor oil."

"You wouldn't dare! I won't take it," Alais responded, this time dropping the obscenities from her speech.

"I would and you will," said Tybalt. He then began concentrating each smack on the same spot, the lower part of her fleshy globes. He counted silently, stopping only when he'd reached 15 and then moved to the same spot on her other cheek. He repeated the attention.

Alais cried out, desperately trying to reach her hands around his torso to protect her bottom. Her angry protestations turned to pleas, "Stop, that hurts, please!"

Tybalt continued to spank, raining hard and fast blows all over her bottom. When he heard her first sob, he stopped, deciding now was not the time to break her. He rested his hand on her bottom, feeling the heat through her silky bloomers.

"Are you ready to apologize, Princess?" he said, giving her firm pats in warning. "Or shall I continue?"

"No, stop--please." Alais swallowed and with distaste thick in her voice, she said, "I'm sorry I tried to slap you."

"Is it going to happen again?"

"No," she said. "I won't ever try to hit you again. Let me up."

Tybalt gave her four more hard smacks, two to each cheek, "Soon, princess, you will learn that you are not the one who gives the orders."

He then lifted her up and put her back on her feet. She hastily pulled her gown down and arranged it around her legs. She started to rub her bottom and then pulled her hands back, not wanting to further humiliate herself before this foreign king, her father and her younger sister.

With a look toward the older man, King Tybalt strode over to his desk, turning his back on Alais. "Princess Alais, you are to leave now. You have two days to pack your things and say your goodbyes and then you will begin the journey to my castle in a luxurious coach appropriate to your station."

He turned and looked at her sternly, "And if you do not appear of your own free will, my guards will find you, bind you and you will make the trip in far less comfort."

She started to object but as soon as she opened her mouth, he said, "Now go."

She huffed and then turned and speedily left the room, slamming the door behind her.

Tybalt turned to the papers on his desk and wrote silently for a few moments. He then brought the parchment over to where King Melton and his younger daughter were still sitting quietly. Placing it before his vanquished enemy, he handed him a pen.

"I have written her name in as the final hostage. You will provide your signature and we will be done. I will ask nothing further of you."

Melton took the pen, nervously running his finger through the quill. He slowly read the document, even though he was already familiar with it. He placed the pen's tip at the signature line and then looked up at Tybalt, "Your majesty, you've seen how willful she is. That one spanking isn't going to change her ways. Are you sure you want to do this?"

Tybalt looked at the door through which Alais had stormed. He could feel the desire in his loins that had only grown by holding her over his legs. Her passionate behavior attracted, not repelled him.

"No, I don't suppose one spanking is going to be enough," Tybalt said. "You needn't worry on that account. And yes. I am determined. Sign."

As King Melton scratched his signature across the final addendum to the treaty, Tybalt felt a stir of excitement. He felt certain his life was about to change--and only time would tell how much this fiery, young maiden would liven his days.

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