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My past mentor used to spank my thighs when I tried to cover my bottom or was kicking my legs well OTK it usually was used to stop me from doing whatever I was not supposed to do it’s extremely painful and always got my attention really quick. 

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In my junior high school, the paddle was used on someone almost every day.  The students were bent over with their butt out and the paddle was placed just where the butt meets the upper thigh, part on the butt and part on the thigh.  If a kid got paddled during gym and he bent over to pick something up, you could see the bottom of the paddle mark.  (I was already a spanko back then.)

I only got one pop in school and it was during a science class.  I had jeans on and the teacher popped me in the same place.  

Now, I know how much more it hurts on the thigh than the center of the butt.  I'll take the upper thigh any time that I deserve it.

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I'm not a fan of striking the thighs. I keep spankings limited to the buttocks, where the deep muscle layers, and the fat covering them, protect the tendons and sciatic nerves. The only time I would ever swat the thighs (and then lightening fast but only lightly) is for spankee insubordination when told to take position over my lap. But you know, I give fair warning about this-- and so far, I've never had to follow through with that threat. 😉

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I get it on my thighs sometimes and it definitely hurts more. For me the worst is the sit spots though. And when I have been really bad sometimes I will get it on the insides of the cheeks. That is the absolute worst because it hurts more AND it is embarrassing. But I do agree with everyone’s comments on consent. It is up to both people to decide what is or is not appropriate for their spanking relationship. And if thighs are a no for someone, punishment that is just as effective can still be given. It will just look a little different. 

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I hate thigh spankings too. Probably for me has to be partly because if my thighs are getting spanked I’m receiving a pretty harsh punishment. Probably for a repeated offense. My butts going to be thoroughly bruised and so my thighs are going to take some of the smacks to make sure that the spanking last long enough and that I’ve learned the lesson. 

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