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1 minute ago, DaChief said:

You look great, Erica, but trust me, nobody wants to see me in my underwear. 😆

That includes me. 🤣🤣

Oh for heaven's sake. So I have to sit here all by myself in my underwear? C'mon, y'all! It's National Underwear Day! We're spankos! We're big on underwear!

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Erica, you look very appealing in your matching bra and underpants!   It seems as if they create a day to celebrate just about everything. 

In order to acknowledge diversity in underwear we also need to appreciate plain white cotton underwear,  women who choose to wear men's underwear and men who wear women's underwear, as well as those who wear diapers instead of underwear either for medical necessity (more common than you may think) or because they are into that.  

But I'll bet that most people would greatly prefer to see beautiful women posting photos of themselves in underwear like Erica did!  

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3 hours ago, rubyredd said:

I double-dog dare you!

And thank you - GO DAWGS!

I triple dog dare you to show up here with no underwear on? Last woman I did that with give me the deer in the headlights look when I told her to stand up and take her pants down.

But I don’t have any underwear on!

oh well, should’ve thought about that when you were puttin your pants on, so take them off. 🤷‍♂️

Dawgs, that’s funny when I was in the army our company was known as the “Nasty Dawgs.”

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This thread raises a question for me. My experience is females only and out of 40 years TTWD only been ER last 15 years. Less experience still learning how to be ER the EE seeks.

Most EE have been  20-40 somethings. Would it be true that the majority of females do not want body comments even if the comments are positive? 

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