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A Corner


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This is a very short apres spanking story.


A Corner

I lift my hands and wait. I rest them on my head, not knowing how long I will be here.

This is part of my punishment, and like my spankings, I shouldn't enjoy it. I'm not supposed to like it.

It's certainly not comfortable, standing here, trying to be still, my vision limited to the intersection of the two walls in front of me. Even when I can hear things, I'm not allowed to respond nor to look over my shoulder to see what is happening.

No, this is more than just a time out. It is more than just a method of calming me down and preparing me for the discipline and correction that is to come. It's even more than just a time to think about the error of my ways and the intensity of the punishment that is to come. It is those things, but it is more.

Unlike the spanking where I am often restrained and held into place by strong arms and legs, this is voluntary. Yes, I am punished if I misbehave while in the corner, but obedience is something I offer up here. I am vulnerable and on display. I stay still and quiet out of obedience, an act of submission.

There is something about the corner that affects the way I feel. It is intense. I tingle. I anticipate. I worry.

I would never get these feelings from putting myself in a corner. That would merely be dull and feel foolish. No, I feel this way because I have been put here. Ordered here. It is a buildup.

Even when I am put here after being spanked, it is still part of the build-up. Will there be more? What comes next? Then I stand here with bottom burning, knowing that the evidence of my discipline is on display. It is a time for me to recover.

Yet there is a secret pleasure in standing here. It's the same sort of pleasure I get from being spanked. It's the pleasure of knowing I belong to the one I love. It is the pleasure of demonstrating that I will obey. It is the pleasure of being cared for.

I wait. And then every pore on my skin comes alive, electricity passing through my body as I hear the words, "Come here."

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