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Didn't ask to be this way

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That's great I see you do that also. Change the words to a song and make a spanking parody out of them. They're some songs you only need to change a few words. 

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Spanknutt....thank you for the song!   lol...it was so cute.  I too plat guitar and sing, but never with "original" content and...lol...neverva song about spanking....lol...very nice Sir.

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15 hours ago, nicoleS39 said:

Very interesting....so your mother sounds so amazing and understanding of your needs. Did she give you the strap often after you had that conversation. I think 50 is pretty heavy....I know it is for me!  And...I admit I am curious who "still spanks" your sister. I am just wondering if the so-called "spanko gene" I have heard some people here and there...is in fact in your family lineage. I believe such "might" be the case in my husband's family.  Thank you for sharing this...by the way. 

Thank you Nicole.  My mom was an amazing woman.  I never felt abused by her because we always sat down prior to a potential discipline with the strap.  She would calmly explain where she believed I did wrong.  I was always allowed to provide my side of what happened.  There were some times when I didn't get the strap.  Even at a young age, I always understood why it was happening.


As I grew older, while the intensity always remained the same, the quantity increased based on the severity of the offense.  As you can imagine, when I was 15, the offenses I received the strap for were more serious than when I was 8.  While I never counted, there were times which I know I received more than 50.  I wanted to set the number of non-offense strokes to something which I knew would still provide me guidance.  Today when I get the strap, it's normally north of 100 with various straps.  I was introduced to the cane several years ago and the number of cane strokes is considerable less.  I have some videos and photos taken of me on SpankingTube and my username is the same as here "spnkswtch".


My sister is spanked by her husband.  I believe the theory of the "spanking gene" may be real.

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On 8/5/2022 at 5:11 AM, Spanknutt said:

Thanks Spanknutt, enjoyed the song, very cool.  I'm also a long-time (amateur) musician, (and a rather decent one if I may say so) AND a spanko. Studied and have played jazz guitar many years and know every diminished and augmented chord ever imagined; but this took years of study and practice. But I was BORN a spanko.

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Thanks Spanknutt (see above post), enjoyed the song, very cool. I'm also a long-time (amateur) musician (and a rather decent one if I may say so) AND a spanko. The difference is that I studied and have played jazz guitar for many years; I know every diminished and augmented chord ever imagined; but this took years of study and practice. However,  I was BORN a spanko.

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52 minutes ago, spike said:

Apologies for the two similar posts above - I thought the first did not register.

I can hide the second one if you would like

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I was never spanked growing up. Yet the desire has been stirring inside me as far back as I can remember. Most definitely pre-puberty.  Then many years later I finally started researching and understanding the true depth of my need to be spanked.  I was quite happy to realize what truly could be...


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