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Spanking and Mindfulness

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One of the things that many people (especially myself) have difficulty with, is staying in the present moment. My mind flits between past and future, rarely resting fully in the now. I pride myself on my capacity to "multi-task"...which basically means I give multiple tasks just enough attention to do the minimum without fucking up.

But in the moment when I am spanking,  I am supremely focused. There is nothing else on my mind by the bottom squirming on my lap, the feel of roundness to it, the pleas and promises of the spankee to be a good, oh so good, girl. And I am focused on her needs; checking in regularly so that the balance is struck between need and desire, limits and abandon.

After, as I hold her on my lap, comforting...sometimes wiping tears, always providing a shoulder and a presence....it is one of the most right and peaceful feelings I have ever know.

For just those few minutes, I am mindful,  I am present. 

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