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Female seeking Female Disciplinarian in North Georgia

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Are there any female disciplinarians around the Atlanta area?  I am seeking discipline mostly for therapeutic purposes, to trick my brain into less negative patterns.  I go to traditional therapy, but sometimes as getting a spanking and being told to do better. I am not looking for anything sexual, just the hurt and the comfort. I've met people for nonsexual discipline therapy/mentoring in the past, so if that's something you like to do, let me know. I'd also be really appreciative of someone who's willing to just talk to me, even if we don't meet, that understands this type of thinking.

I have suffered trauma in my life, and I was emotionally and sexually abused by the last man I was dating. Since then, I do not meet with men and generally have very little interaction with them. I will only meet with other females (or MAYBE a m/f couple). I've made progress in the recovery process and am doing much better, but I am needing to bring some accountability and discipline back into my life.  I respond well to discipline and it helps to be redirected to more positive thinking patterns. I'm a pretty anxious person, but there's nothing quite like the feeling of being cared for through discipline to help ease those symptoms.

I crave emotional connection. I am shy, but when comfortable I can talk a lot and enjoy getting into heavy topics or just sharing random facts or bantering about Star Wars among other things. I can be sassy and playful, but I am not one to be bratty during spanking. I take it very seriously and always try to be as respectful as I can. I am looking to connect with someone who is understanding and ideally enjoys providing discipline not just because they like to spank, but because they enjoy seeing the fruits of that discipline and actually correcting and making someone better. Talking, scolding, and comforting are all important elements. I live in Milton/Alpharetta area, and I am able to host, but we would need to meet in public first.

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Hi, I know you said you wanted a woman but please read what I have to say. First, I'm 76, old enough to be your grandfather. Also, I'm more a submissive than dominant. I believe at some time in your life you are going to want a man in your life again. Given my age and gentle disposition, I believe, with enough time and trust, I could help mend the wounds left by other men.
To make sure we start on an air of trust, I need to tell you that I'm married. I've been married for over 20 years. She's a vanilla and understands my need to satisfy my spanking fetish. Also, to be honest, I've never done anything like this before. I've had spanking playmates but never taken the responsibility for someone else's well being and mental health. Well, that's not completely true. I raised a wonderful son but, of course, I never spanked him. He's 53 and happily married.
Though I believe I can be the disciplinarian you believe you need, I'm a spanking bottom. Being a bottom, I know the power of a good spanking. My wife will, on occasion, spank me when I'm feeling down. With a sting on my bottom and post spanking hugs, I always feel better. 
If I've give you pause for though, I hope you'll contact me. We need to exchange a lot of emails and eventually phone calls before you consider meeting me. I retired in 1999 and live in north Georgia near Helen. It's less than a 2 hour drive to Alpharetta. 

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