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Blood Thinners

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The main issue would be one of bruising, which someone on blood thinners is far more susceptible to.

For that reason, one would want to choose implements which are less likely to cause bruising, and limit the intensity of the spanking as well.

I think it should still be possible to enjoy being spanked, if the appropriate caution is used. 

I would absolutely insist upon it being bare bottom so that the spanker can immediately see if they are causing issues and change up their actions accordingly. 

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1 hour ago, Oldjohn said:

What form of spanking would be suitable for a spankee using blood thinners.

RN here. What type of blood thinners? They answer depends on how strong the thinners are ie baby aspirin vs Coumadin.  The danger with blood thinners are they increase clotting time and therefore can lead to bleeding/ bruising issues. 

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Blood thinner user here.

Agreed with michgalk.

I'd been on Coumadin for years do to a defective blood clotting gene (Leiden factor 5).  That happened when I had TIAs and they found out what caused that.

At the time (2002) Coumadin was treatment of choice.  As the newer blood thinners came out I inquired about that and was sent to a specialist (mind you, the doctor who referred me to the specialist is a hematologist who does bone marrow transplants at Sloan Kettering where I'd had a transplant).  That surprised me but she said I'd love this doctor and that she was extremely qualified in the field of coagulation.  I was surprised they had someone who did nothing but coagulation treatment only to find out they had a whole department for it.

Long story short, I indeed loved the coagulation doctor.  Very personable and probably wrote more published work on it than I've written about anything in my life.

She said Coumadin was the standard treatment at the time but that the clinical research showed it was unnecessary.  She said she'd run two blood tests and if they came back as expected baby aspirin was all I needed.  That was several years ago.  All is well.

Of course, as a top the only bruising I'd have had would be my hand, but still...

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