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Mine are: hand, paddle, hairbrush, strap…. and it’s quite intimidating watching a daddy, uncle, male friend remove their belt while you are bent over with your bare bottom sticking up/out waiting for that 1st crack to land on your unprotected bottom….😳😐

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My partner and I both like a wooden paddle. It makes a very satisfying sound when it lands on my bottom and it stings effectively without the risk of any serious harm being done.

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My wife claims I prefer the hairbrush to her big paddle, because the big paddle hurts more. A single spank from the big paddle does hurt more than a single spank from the hairbrush, but she spanks faster and longer with the hairbrush, so a complete spanking with either hurts just as much and leaves me equally sore! So I have always said I have no preference, but thinking about it now, hairbrush spankings are harder to take… The paddle is always used at home, usually in our bedroom. The hairbrush fits in her purse, and can be used in tight spaces, so nearly all my hairbrush spankings have been away from home: hotels, other people's houses, in the backseat of our car. These spankings are always more stressful/exciting! 

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I was introduced to the strap when I was 8 years old.  For 60 years, it's been providing me the guidance I've needed.  The cane was added several years ago as an alternate / additional implement of discipline.  

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I have a light wooden spatula that looks harmless, but the smooth/rounded back packs an incredible sting, without risking so much as a bruise. Highly effective if delivered with a gradually increasing pace and intensity. Very satisfying to wield - it's the only implement I own any more.

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