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Was just reminiscing the other day and tried to think back on the first spanking content I ever found that introduced me to this world. Being the early 2000s when I first really started exploring, I know that i started with things such as dictionary.com (ask Jeeves anyone?) just looking up the word, but the first actual websites that I remember being obsessed with I think were called myspankings.com and reikoreiko.com. I don’t think either still exist, I have tried to find them for old time sake, but I remember how excited I was finding them and learning that this existed. And that was just the free content from the site haha, i certainly wasn’t subscribing to anything at that time. I also remember a sorority site of some type that I can’t remember the name of at the moment.
Anyone remember any of these or other  old sites?

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I remember Wulframs, and Bernie's. And yes, I'm the same guy who ran DaChief's Silly Spanking site from '97 - '02. 

ReikiReiko was a good site. Not sure what happened to her though. She and I talked a few times back in the day but she went "poof." Sorority Spanking I believe is now part of RSN. I only vaguely recall myspankings.com.

So many sites came and went back then. It can be a blur. 

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