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Seeking domestic discipline relationship

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43 year old male in Montana seeking a younger woman for a domestic discipline marriage. I've been fascinated by spanking for as long as I can remember. I knew at a young age that I wanted a domestic discipline relationship. I am seeking a woman who wants the same. Most ideal if you are someone who was spanked by your father and who wants that to continue into marriage. I believe in spanking not just for punishment/discipline but also maintenance, therapy and erotic play and I want a relationship that encapsulates all of the above.

I am a Christian and that's very important to me. I was raised Mormon but am now in the process of joining the Orthodox Church and I feel more at home now than ever. You don't have to be Orthodox but at least be Christian and be willing to investigate this church.

Remarkably in this day and age I am still a virgin because I am waiting for the one person who is my heart, my soul and my everything and who still needs a knee to be taken over. I hope you're out there somewhere.

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I am 31 f  Arizona  single  was spanked a lot  growing up esp early teens at times i wanted to be spanked hard and cry?  I want to marry a guy who will spank me when i am bad or just because i or he wants it?  Im not making any promises we need to talk and  i dont want to lead you on like we will get married     go slow    I am surprise you are a virgin    i have been spanked by ex b  fs  2 knew what the were doing and gave me what i wanted Latter

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