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The cane & causing serious nerve injury.

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I've heard that a cane can cause sciatic nerve injury if not 'applied' correctly.  Is this true?  If so, what is the correct way to use it?  Thanks.

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The only nerve injuries I have hard of with the cane come about (1) when the cane is not applied to the plump of the bottom downward and (2) when, of course, the cane is used too much in one place.  The second case is a matter of reasonableness, and I hope that the practitioners on this site have no problem using discretion.  The first case is one where the cane was applied too high, toward the bone.  On the other hand, I've never heard of nerve injuries where the woman's thighs were the low object of a caning.  Now that's just my information, but it makes sense: Aim toward the part that is supposed to be disciplined.

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I have never heard of nerve injury if applied to the buttocks. However, it can be dangerous like any other implement if not used correctly. If you hit high with a paddle, for example, you can break a tailbone. I suppose if you want to get crazy with a cane and beat someone to a bloody pulp you could cause nerve damage. But I have caned people reasonably hard before with no ill effects other than a sore bottom. 

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