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Spanked in the backseat of a car.

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Not in the back seat, but in the passenger seat, with the door open and my legs sticking out. It was a bright Yukon summer night and we had just left our friends' house, where we had dinner, and Madame was quite tipsy. I was sober and driving. Near the end of the their long dirt road driveway, about a hundred feet fromt he highway, she told me to pull over, and come around to her side. I had to take my belt out and give it to her and then down came my pants. It wasn't a severe spanking, but it was  memorable for the circumstances.

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lol...nice...  one great F/M spanking scenario I read about (am sure it wasn't true) was of a husband or bf getting pulled over for speeding by a female police officer... his wife/gf was furious that he had been speeding and told the officer she was telling him to slow down, but he wouldn't listen.. she pleaded though for the officer not to ticket him, and said she'd deal with it at home by giving him a sound spanking on his bare bottom...  the intrigued female officer chuckled and said 'why wait til you get home, and not just do it here and now?'...  next thing he knows, he's standing by the passenger backseat door, getting his pants pulled down by the angry wife/gf as the police officer looks on with a smile...  then over her knee for a sound spanking..  LOL    as I said, I doubt it happened for real, but while at it, why not have him come out and stand with his hands on the car roof while the police officer uses her belt on his rear end to sear the lesson home as well  :)      my guess is there are some counties in the US where such a thing may still fly   LOL

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My b f when we were teens kept a board like a paddle in his truck  he would spank me with-it if i sassed him or did something he didn't like  it was usually right in his truck since i am a small girl but a few times he went tothe woods took me out of truck for a even harder paddling  

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14 hours ago, LeighOTK said:

Ahhh the tummy flip @ the notion of “Don’t make me pull this car over.” This is a fun topic. 😁

Famos word to kids actin up while dad is driving

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Yes I had bought my gf a nice wooden engraved spanking hairbrush & she warned me she’d pull the car over and I didn’t believe her. Wrong! She pulled over in a Target parking lot, took me into the back seat, pulled down my pants & underwear, put me across her lap and tanned my bare bottom. I was so scared someone would walk by and see through the windows. 

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