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RE: Older Status Profile Updates Deleted or Hidden When the Site Upgrade Was Performed

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Is there anyway to move the older Status Updates back on my profile that were deleted or hidden from my profile when the site upgrade was performed? If I go to "My Attachments " and then click on the text to the far right then I will get this "Status Updates posted by goodboy_will" with 1 2 Next and Page 1 of 2, but I don't see any method to move any of these older status updates back on to profile. Is that possible or are they just hidden now? Thank you for your response and info.

About 30 minutes after I posted this thread, two of those  older hidden status updates appeared on my profile after I had clicked on the text to the right as indicated above.  Now I'm really confused. lol

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I'm unsure what you're requesting. I see the 2 pages of status updates when clicking on your page under the "see their activity" bar. If you had more than those 2 pages of statuses I am unsure where they would have gone. 

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Posted (edited)

That's weird COL because I don't see the 2 pages you indicated  until I click on "My Attachments" and then click the text to the right and then I see the 2 pages. No worries and it's not really an issue. Just strange that you see it and I don't.

I did some more experimenting and if I click on "All Activity" the two pages don't show but if I click on "Status Updates" under Profile on the left then the two pages show.

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