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Dance your a$$ off

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What if a rebellious city teenager moved to a small town Americas heartland in 2022 which rock music, dancing and Spanking was prohibited? Only the rebellious teen is female and hardcore Spanko. The young man defends his right to think for himself and start an FLR.

Stevie Nicks replaced Kenny Loggins as artist in FootLoose due to “Danger Zone”. Who would be the stars? How would the Townhall meeting go? Would Rotten Tomatoes pan it. Would most Spankos go see it in theatre or wait for Netflix? 

Dance your a$$ off tshirt worn Lori Singer still for sale. 


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Hmmm.... what would the religious justification be? In the original Footloose, the dancing prohibition is religious in nature. Prohibition on dancing makes sense in that context, but spanking? The same religious elements would be all over that... as long as it's done to unconsenting children. 

Methinks we've got an alternative history story going here.

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