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Brand spanking new fetish dating site.

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I am a longtime spanko, fetishist, and bdsm practitioner and after many years of being frustrated with the dating sites available to kinky people decided to go start my own site. 


Unlike the vast majority of fetish personals and dating sites its run by someone in the lifestyle and who isn't a big adult conglomerate company trying only to get as much money as they can from kinky people. 


Its built on a world class platform that offers a lot of the extra dating features that are usually only available on vanilla sites like algorithmic matching based on your interests and kinks, audio & video chat, livestreaming 3d rooms and more. 


I invite anyone who is looking to make a connection, a new friend or lover and meet others who share their kinky interests whether it being spanking only or other fetishes or kinky interests to try fetpersonals.com.


I only opened it up this week so only a few members there so far but hopefully more will join from around the world and can make it a true gathering place for kinky people like fetlife but more built to help people match with each other. 


Its free to use and only will cost a small monthly fee for those who want some premium features like video chat and having their profile boosted will ever have to pay.

In addition anyone who joins now will have access to all those premium features for free for the next 90 days.


Look forward to seeing some spankos there!

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Good luck, I'm not really a fan of dating sites in general. I've also had very little luck in fetish related dating sites as well.

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thanks, I just joined up and seems kinda neat so far but not too many people yet. I am a bisexual submissive spankee if any one is interested in connecting.  Femspankee26 on there. 


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Ok amy, you got my attention. What the heck, I will give it a shot.  I prefer women but will spank men on occasion if they wow me.  Ideally looking for something a bit more permanent though. 

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On 3/1/2022 at 7:37 PM, Spankophile said:


Any new site aimed at the community of spankers and spankees is worth a look (or three). I’ll take a look 👀 

And I’ve looked - but while the site interface is very nice, it’s also very empty and needs more members.

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