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"Ass whoopin" on Jeopardy

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I got a kick and out of hearing Mayim Bialik say the phrase "ass whoopin" when she read the following answer last night:

"Mankind is on the wrong side of an ass-whoopin' in 2051 & Chris Pratt has to go back to the future to help in this 2021 flick"

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2 hours ago, juliegrace said:

And she enjoyed it! she said....

Reminds me of something from when Ally McBeal was still on the air. I'll admit up front that some of the facts may be muddled in my mind due to the passing of time, but the story was that Lucy Liu had a bet (Super Bowl?) with a member of the filming crew. If she lost the bet, he'd get to spank her in front of any cast/crew members who wanted to watch. She lost the bet. The story was the guy gave her 10 or 15 playful, but not exactly lighthearted swats over her clothing. When she was asked about it in a magazine (Rolling Stone?) interview, Lucy said, "Spanking can be a lot of fun if it's done right." 

Anyway, if anyone remembers the details of that more clearly, I'll certainly defer. It was a lot of years ago. 

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hmmmm...  sounds like a huge lost opportunity...  he should have offered to spare her modesty by spanking her in private...and then coerced her into taking it on the bare bottom   .. which after all is the true definition of a real spanking

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