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Implements (spankees)

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1 hour ago, OhRedhead said:

I don't refuse anything my partner wants to use, but there are a few implements I dread much more than others, one being a flogger made of screen spline, and of course, the bath brush. Both are likely to result in tears if used for any length of time.

A flogger made of screen spline? Ouch!

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1 hour ago, rubyredd said:

I love the cane! There are no implements that I refuse, but I do prefer traditional implements and certain materials. I am not a fan of lexan - not because it hurts more (I don't think it does), but because it doesn't have the warmth of wood or leather.

I agree. I am a purist when it comes to canes and rattan is king because of weight, flexibility, durability, and of course, the tradition behind it.

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When I had a regular spanker, even though she tried to encourage me to try the cane, it took a while before I did. Her technique was good, so it didn't lead to the brutal looking results I'd seen in spanking videos. Once I'd taken the cane once, sometimes she'd choose to give me a caning before my hand spanking. That said, there are some of her paddles that were worse than others, and I never did try the prison strap she had.

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