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How many people change their role preference?


How many people change their role preference?   

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  1. 1. How many people change their role preference?

    • I was primarily a sub/dom/switch and I changed to a sub/dom/switch
    • I have always been a sub/dom/switch

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Just now, BansheeGal said:

I can function as an ER mainly because I can give what I would want, but I've never cared for it, just spend the whole spanking imagining that it's me getting it instead of giving. 

By which I mean, yes, always been an EE. Probably always will be even if I were to get really good at ERing. 

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I am from that generation that grew up being spanked both at home and at school since that was the norm in those days where I lived and attended school.

But as I got older, and started college, I found out that I liked to spank others when a girl in one of my classes asked if I could spank her over bad grades and provide motivation for her to do better.  After that I realized it was a really good thing for me to be a spanker, which has continued till the present time, but I never gave up wanting to be spanked either.  

It's amazing to be able to spank a woman, then after her spanking is completed, she spanks me.  

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