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Has anyone ever had someone know about their kink?

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And it was a total shock that they knew? 

I had a professor offer to write me recommendation letters right after I graduated. I met with her a few times but it was clear she had other things in mind. 

At our 3rd meeting she told me she was horrified by all the horrible things men do. How prisons are full of men and it’s ridiculous that men make up 95% of prisoners and women just 5%. What males need is more discipline starting early in life! If the women who cared for them spanked then more often men would grow up with more respect for other people. 

it turned out she had found out a bunch of info from a prior girlfriend of mine….and she was working on spanking with me. 

Has anyone else had a similar situation to this? Especially where an old girlfriend talked and it let to a new relationship? 

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I have a close friend that knows some of my lifestyle choices. What your ex-girlfriend and former professor did was highly inappropriate in my opinion. I would not take kindly to a former romantic partner 'outting' me to my professional life or someone that has a professional power dynamic over me trying to pressure that sort of thing. The feeling of shock would not be there but appalled. It would be a feeling of betrayed, violated, and concerns of a professor stalking me. 

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A lot of people are aware of my interests and pursuits but I have to agree with @Child of Light on this one. It just seems hugely akword to be outted in that manner. If there’s a mutual interest that’s one thing which it sounds like there is but imagine if it wasn’t. ? 

I have never outted anyone and go to great lengths to avoid it happening at all. Around here the gestapo is everywhere so have to be very vigilant in protecting EE’s identities.

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The ones who know about my kinks are the ones I've directly told. I've never had someone just suspect my kinks, at least not someone I knew. One, when I was taking Argentine Tango classes, I did hear a spectator mention that I was wearing a diaper . . . which I was.

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JamesJames, I have to ask, what happened with your professor, did she spank you or what?  If she did can you go into detail how she did it and how it went?  I agree it was wrong for your gf to out you, butt on the other hand it does sound pretty hot to be spanked by your professor.  Just curious how old was your professor to?  

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13 hours ago, Spanknutt said:

I'm out to a number of vanilla friends by choice, including one sister. Once you start talking about it, you find out that other people aren't as "vanilla" as you thought they were.

Isn't that the truth!   I've found people you would never expect to be into spanking just through clues they give in ordinary conversations.  

There are a few people who know of my interests, but are not involved in spanking interactions with me.  I've confided in doctors and nurses that I have ongoing relationships with as a patient as well as other staff in their offices who know me. 

One technician who does therapeutic and diagnostic procedures told me within the past year that she seriously ought to introduce her younger sister to me, because that one has told her she loves to be spanked.  I told her that would be fine, and expect that someday it will happen. 

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