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A Weekend at Smith Family BNB PART 4


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Sunday Morning

Kim laid on her bed, sniffling and rubbing her sore bare ass. It’d been an hour since she got back to her room from her duck umbrella spanking and she still felt the lingering sting of it, especially since it was her 3rd spanking that day. She rubbed for a few minutes longer, trying to dull the pain the best she could. 

After she got all the relief she felt she could get, she stood up and put back on her new pink panties and basketball shorts, trying her best to slip them over her ass without making it sting more. 
Fully dressed again, she laid on her stomach on the bed and began googling nearby hotels. She’d take the loss on the room; she just had to get out of there. There were 4 hotels in the immediate area, all booked up or asking for an exorbitant amount of money. 
“God dammit,” she muttered to herself. On instinct, she looked to the door to her bedroom to make sure no one was coming in to punish her for taking the Lord’s name in vain. Her plan to escape defeated, she plugged her phone on to the charger and, after a very trying day, fell asleep around 11pm. 
“Kimberly, rise and shine! It’s breakfast time!”
A confused and tired Kim barely opened her eyes and covered them from the flood of light coming from her lit lamps. She managed to uncover them to see Gregory and Melissa in her room, up, dressed, and ready to roll. 
“Huh? Wha?” she mumbled. 
“It’s time for breakfast!” Melissa said cheerfully. To the side, Gregory held a wooden tray that had a plate of grits and a glass of water on it. 
“What time is it?” Kim managed to squeak out. 
“5 am! Now up and at em to get breakfast! The early bird hears the Good Word, after all,” Gregory cheered. The drowsy Kim closed her eyes and put her head back down on the pillow. 
“C’mon now, eat up!” Melissa said, yanking the covers off Kim and showing her laying on her stomach. 
“No…” mumbled Kim. 
“C’mon, before they get cold!” Gregory recommended, his tone sounding less cheerful. 
“Hang on a second first,” Melissa said. She bent over the bed and pulled up on the back of Kim’s basketball shorts and looked in. “Okay good, she’s wearing appropriate panties…let’s see how her bottom’s healed,” she commented, now pulling up and back on her panties and exposing her ass. Just a light shade of pink. “Good. Almost healed.”
“Can you get the hell off of me?” Kim said, eyes still closed, reaching back to grab her pants. Melissa let go of the panties and shorts, letting them snap back. Kim reached back and pulled them back on, still mostly asleep with her eyes closed. “I don’t want your fucking breakfast at 5am you fucking psychos…” she muttered. 
Melissa stood up, covering her mouth with her hands. She and her husband looked at each other, scowling, and they both left, shutting the door behind them. Kim pulled the covers up over her and within seconds was sleeping soundly again.  
At around 9:30am, Kim woke up, feeling refreshed. As she looked at her phone for a few moments, she briefly had a vague recollection about seeing Gregory and Melissa in her room. She looked around - nothing seemed amiss, and surely she would’ve remembered if they were in her room, so she shrugged. “Must’ve dreamt it,” she thought to herself. 
She headed into the bathroom, closed the door, and lowered her shorts and panties and checked out her butt in the bathroom mirror. All white and no more stinging. Finally, she could sit comfortably again and could start her day. Kim peed and brushed and her teeth and looked at the shower.  Noticing there was a full bathtub and not just a walk in shower, Kim decided to treat herself to a nice relaxing bath. 
She turned on the tub and let it fill with warm water; once it was filled, she turned it off, took off her clothes and tossed them into a crumpled pile on the floor, and got in. Gregory and Melissa were kind enough to leave soap and shampoo on the side of the bath, but right now all she wanted to do was soak. She laid in the water, head leaned back on the edge, and closed her eyes and relaxed for a few moments. It’s everything she wanted after yesterday. For the first time in over a day, she felt peaceful and safe. Kim laid enjoying her soak for about 5 minutes, practically on the verge of falling asleep again, so much so that she didn’t even hear her bedroom door open and close. 
“Kimberly!” she heard, abruptly destroying any peace she had. Kim’s eyes shot open to see Melissa and Gregory standing over the tub, glaring at her. 
“Whoa hey!” she screamed as she freaked, covering her chest with her arms. “What in god’s name are you doing in here?!?” 
“We have the right to come into any room of this building whenever we please, day or night, as agreed by you in the contract you signed,” Gregory said matter-of-factly. 
“Yeah but I’m in the bath! Can’t you wait for me to get out first?!” She used her right arm to cover her chest and her left to put her hand in front of her groin, all below the water. 
“After the way you spoke to us this morning? I don’t think so,” Melissa answered sternly. 
“What’re you talking about?”
“We came in this morning with freshly made breakfast for you. This IS a bed and breakfast after all, and you cursed at us and told us to get out.”
“I don’t remember this at all. When did you come in??”
“At exactly 5am,” said Gregory. 
“I don’t even remember this, I must’ve still been asleep.”
“That’s no excuse for your nasty behavior. Cursing at us, making us waste our time making you breakfast, being such a little brat.”
“And the language she used just now, taking the Lord’s name in vain again,” Melissa said. 
“I, I’m sorry! Okay?! I was tired and sore, and-“ Kim began to protest. 
“I don’t want to hear it,” Melissa interrupted. “You obviously weren’t sore enough.” Kim’s eyes went wide. 
“No,” she faintly let out, shaking her head. 
“Yes,” Gregory answered. “You need to be punished. Now stand up, out of the tub.”
“But I’m naked..”
“It’s nothing we haven’t seen before, Kimberly,” Melissa said. “And your bottom was going to be bare for this regardless. Now do as you’re told and get out of the bath, now.” 
Knowing there’d be worse consequences for delaying or protesting further, Kim managed to sit up in the bath while keeping her breasts and groin covered. She managed to start to lift herself up while keeping it all covered, only to have her efforts done in vain once Melissa told her “hands on your head.” 
“But, I’m naked,” she argued. 
“Kimberly, we’ve both seen and spanked your bare butt. Everything else is just part of the punishment. Now put your hands on your head and keep them there.” Fighting every instinct to keep herself covered, Kim slowly placed both hands on her head, fully exposing her entire naked self to the older couple. 
“Now out of the tub, and go to your bed,” Gregory instructed. Kim carefully climbed out of the tub one leg at a time, keeping her hands on her head, and walked out of the bathroom and back to her bed, with Melissa and Gregory following her trail of water behind. 
Once she was at her bed, Kimberly stopped, facing her bed and keeping her back to the couple. 
“Can I at least have a towel to dry myself off?” she asked, not facing them. 
“Face us when you talk to us, please,” Melissa answered. “It’s rude not to.” Kim scrunched her face and turned around and faced them.
“A little unkept down there, aren’t you?” Melissa said, noticing Kim had a bit of a bush of pubic hair growing.
“That’s none of your business. Can I please have a towel?” Kim asked again. 
“It is when you’re staying here. And no, you cannot.” Gregory answered. “I think a spanking on a wet behind will definitely help send the message home better than on a dry behind.”
“You think so?” Melissa asked her husband. 
“Yes, I think wet skin will make it hurt more.”
“Hmm. Kimberly, turn around and bend over and place your hands on the bed,” Melissa commanded. Kim lowered her hands and turned around and put her hands on the bed, bending over. “Bend over further, stick your butt out.” Kim did as she was told. 
Melissa gave 2 slaps to Kim’s right ass cheek, making her yelp and pull forward a bit. 
“Kim, does that hurt more than it did dry?”
“Yes what?” SLAP!
“Ow! Yes m’am.”
“I see, you’re right honey. But I think she’s past the point of starting with our hands. She needs something harder,” Melissa said as she wiped her wet hand on her pants. 
“The strap?” Gregory asked. 
“Yes, I think the strap will be fine,” Melissa answered. Kim whimpered out loud. “You know the punishment for breaking the rules, so this is your own fault, Kimberly. Honey, can you go get the strap?”
“Of course,” Gregory said, and he exited the room. Melissa stood next to Kim who still was wet and naked and bent over the bed with her ass sticking out. 
“Another spanking. You’ve been here less than 24 hours and this is, what, your 4th spanking?” Melissa asked. “Had I known you’d be such a trouble maker I wouldn’t have let you stay.”
“I haven’t tried to make any trouble.”
“You haven’t?”
“No?! You don’t like the way I live my life and you’re punishing me for it.”
“Is that so?”
“Yes?? You’ve spanked me for having a tattoo, for saying phrases you don’t like, you threw out my underwear!”
“YOU agreed to follow the laws of the Lord when you got here.”
“I didn’t know the ‘laws of the Lord’ were so strict! Or that you’d be literally spanking me!”
“You knew what you were signing up for. Our god is a loving but strict god. He wants the sinners to be punished for penance, and that’s what my husband and I will do. YOU want to be a sinner in this house? Then YOU will feel the wrath upon your bottom,” Melissa said, giving Kim’s butt another smack. “And the more you sin, the worse your sins get, the harder the wrath will be. Wait until you get the strap. That first hand spanking I gave you yesterday is going to feel like a patty cake. Unless you don’t want it on your bottom?”
“I don’t want it on my bottom!” 
“Hmm. I see.”
The door opened and Gregory stepped in with a brown leather strap about 2 feet long, closing the door behind him. 
“Honey, Kimberly doesn’t want the strap on her bottom.”
“I imagine she doesn’t,” Gregory responded. 
“No, she doesn’t. Kimberly, stand up and turn around please.” Kimberly hesitantly stood up and turned around and faced her punishers. “Hold out your hands, please.”
“Hold out your hands together with your palms out flat, please.” Kimberly did as she was told, confused and scared. Gregory took the strap and laid the business end on to Kim’s hands before raising it and slapping it back down on to her palms. 
“OW!” Kim screamed, pulling her hands back and shaking them. 
“Put your hands back up,” Melissa said. Kim, teary eyed, put her hands back out to where they were, and got another slap of the strap on them again. Again, she screamed and pulled her hands back to her, shaking them wildly to get the sting off. 
“Hands back up.” Kim shook her head no.
“You said you didn’t want it on your bottom, so you’re gonna get it on your hands instead.”
“It’s too late now, dear.”
“I’ll take it on my butt! I’ll take it on my butt!”
“I dunno…”
“Please! Not my hands! I’ll even take double! Just on my butt, not my hands, please!”
“Mhm. You heard her, Gregory. She’ll take it on her butt.”
“And she’ll take double, I heard. A good idea.”
“I was going to suggest 15, but 30 works better.”
“We’ll give her 15 each, then.”
“Perfect. Kimberly, bend back over the bed please, put your hands on the bed and stick your butt out,” Melissa instructed. Kimberly wiped a tear away and resumed her original position. 
Gregory placed the strap up to her butt cheeks, then lowered it.
“She’s dried off a bit. Kimberly, go dip your bottom in the bath please. I want it to be wet for this, so you feel each hit of the strap.” 
Kimberly whined and stood up, covering herself, turning around and headed for the bathroom. 
“Where are your hands supposed to be?” Melissa asked. Kim sighed and put her hands on her head as she walked. “Hold your entire butt in the water for 5 seconds,” she also instructed. 
A hopeless Kim reentered the bathroom and went up to the still-filled bath tub. Very carefully, she slowly dipped her butt back in the water, holding it for a few moments before lifting herself back out and returning to the bed. 
“Now bend back over.” She did as she was told, sticking her freshly-soaked butt back out. Gregory lifted the strap back to her cheeks, pulled his arm back, and STRAPPED! the center of Kim’s butt cheeks. She let out a scream as she grabbed her butt and jumped up and down. 
“Back over,” he demanded. Kim whined as she resumed her position. “We won’t count that one because you moved. Stay in position.” STRAP!
“OW!” Kim screamed again, jumping up once more and grabbing her ass. 
“Kimberly!” Melissa yelled. 
“It’s supposed to hurt,” Gregory said unsympathetically. “Back over. We won’t count that one either. We’ll be here all day if we need to be.” Kim stood, clutching her butt, which now had two light red splotches going across both cheeks. 
“This won’t do,” Melissa said. “Kim, turn around and lay on the bed on your back.” Letting out another whine, Kim turned her back to the bed and laid down backwards atop the bed. “Now lift up your legs,” came her next instruction. Kim lifted her legs up, keeping her knees bent. “All the way up,” Melissa said. Kim lifted her legs all the way up, putting herself in the diaper position. Melissa then took hold of Kim’s legs by her ankles, holding them together. “That should be better,” she said. 
Kim’s entire ass stuck out now, as well as her vagina, as Melissa held her legs sturdy. “Put your heads under your head and press your head down,” Melissa instructed. Kim did as she was told. “Don’t move your hands out from there and don’t try to move your legs while I’m holding them. There, honey. Her bottom is all prepared for the strap. Should be no more interruptions.”
“As there shouldn’t be, or we’ll triple it, won’t we?” Gregory asked. 
“Yes sir,” meekly replied Kim. 
“Good,” Gregory said, laying the strap down across the lower half of Kim’s butt. “Now this will get your sit spots all nice and sore. And that will hopefully be your last spanking for your stay here.” With that Gregory lifted up and strapped down hard on Kim’s ass. Kim let out a little scream, kicking her legs a bit but Melissa held them tight. 
“That’s 1. Remember you’re getting 30.”
Gregory kept the hits coming. Kim let out “OUCH!”es and screams and by the 5th hit was crying. She kept her head down hard on her hands to keep herself from reaching forward and making her situation worse. 
“This is your own fault, dear,” Melissa chastised as Gregory began another 5 straps. The lower half of Kim’s ass was beginning to glow red. 
“I’ll be good, I promise,” cried the naked girl as she felt the strap lay on her burning butt again. 
“I know you will,” Gregory said. 
Kim was full on crying now as the 15th blow hit her burning behind. She wanted nothing more than just to rub it. 
“Okay, you’re halfway there,” Gregory said. “Stand up,” he instructed. Melissa let go of her legs and Kim slowly lowered them before standing up. She sniffled and cried as she stood up. On instinct, she went for her butt.
“Hands on your head,” Melissa instructed. Kim squinted her eyes as she put her hands back on her head. “This isn’t a break,” she continued. “Go to the bathroom, stick your entire butt in the water, hold it for 5 seconds and come back. I want your bottom to be soaking wet for my strapping.”
Kim wandered to the bathroom and redid the ritual, holding her burning ass in the water for a few seconds before returning. 
“Okay, lay back on your back,” came the instruction. Kim did as she was told, laying down and putting her hands under her head and lifting her legs so Gregory could take ahold of them. Melissa took her position standing alongside Kim, holding the strap to her soaking wet and sore butt cheeks. 
“Okay. Now comes my 15. Are you ready?” Kim nodded. STRAP!
Kim lifted her ass up in the air a bit in response as she screamed. 
“Stay still.” STRAP! STRAP! Kim was letting out huge sobs as Melissa rubbed her hand alongside the bottom of Kim’s ass, now a full shade of red. 
“I want the rest of this a bit higher so we cover your whole butt. Kim, stand up.” Gregory let go of her legs and Kim, still crying, stood up. “Okay, bend over and touch your toes and stick your butt all the way out.” Kim stood in front of the bed and did just that and Melissa held the strap up to the center of her ass. The entire lower half was red, but from the top to the middle was still white. 
“You’re going to get your final 10 in this position. If you move, grab your butt, or do anything you’re not supposed to, we start over from 1 and go for 50. Do you understand?”
“Yes m’am…” Kim sobbed. 
STRAP! STRAP! STRAP! STRAP! STRAP! came the first 5 in the middle off Kim’s ass. Kim let out screams with each one, but stayed in her position, trying her hardest not to move. Melissa rubbed her hand across the middle of Kim’s ass, feeling the area of impact, before raising the strap to a little higher above the middle. 
“Last 5. Are you ready?”
“Yes m’am.”
“Good girl.”
The final 5 came as hard as they could’ve. Kim screamed with each one, and now she just cried hard, her entire ass red and sore. 
Melissa placed the strap on the bed, and her and her husband and inspected the red butt they just worked on. They each rubbed a cheek.
“Good job, honey,” Gregory complimented. 
“Not bad yourself,” Melissa responded. “Kim, did you learn your lesson?” 
“Yes m’am.”
“You’re not going to speak to us like that again, are you?”
“No m’am.”
“Good. Now stand up and lay back down on your back on the bed, please.” Kim stood up and did as she was told, worried about what would come next. “Gregory, I can take it from here.” 
“Right. Behave yourself, Kim,” warned the husband as he took the strap and exited the room. 
“Okay, wait right here,” Melissa warned. She went into the bathroom and came back a few moments later with Kim’s razor and shaving cream. 
“What are you doing?” Kim asked. 
“Cleaning you up and making you a bit more presentable,” Melissa answered. She popped the top off the shaving cream before spraying it over Kim’s pubic hair. 
“Are you serious?”
“I am,” she responded as she took Kim’s razor to her bush. “When you stay here, you must be tidy and presentable,” she said as she dragged the razor down, taking off hair. 
“Presentable? Who’s going to see down there?” Kim asked, no longer crying but sniffling. 
“So far I have 4 times,” Melissa answered, still shaving. “And with your penchant for breaking rules and mouthing off I’ll probably see it another 4.”
“I can take care of this myself, I’m not a baby.”
“A grown woman who needed to buy proper panties and keeps getting spanked like a child? I don’t think so. Now hush.” Kim kept quiet as Melissa shaved her down to the point of almost no hair. “There, that’s better.” Melissa took the shaving cream and razor back to the bathroom and washed the razor. She came back to Kim. “Okay, now that we’ve taken care of all of that, you can go back to your bath now.”
“Gee, thanks.” Melissa noticed the sarcasm in Kim’s voice, but rather than act on it, said,
“You know, there’s an afternoon congregation here later. A little Sunday afternoon mass. We’d like you to attend it.”
“Do I have to?”
“I would say so. It’s at 4pm, so please don’t be late. Enjoy the rest of your bath, dear.” With that, Melissa left the room.
Kim stood up and went to the mirror, looking at her sore, red butt again. It hurt more than ever before and she rubbed it, hoping to alleviate the pain. After deciding it was pointless and the damage had already been done, she returned to the tub, and climbed in, wincing as her sore ass touched the water. 
Once she was in, she laid down and just sat there. Not relaxed, not refreshed. Just wet, sore, and worried about why she would have to attend 4pm mass. 
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