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Growing Up Spanko Chapter 5 - The End!!

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After more than 2 yrs...finally...chapter 5 and the conclusion of my graphic novel!! This chapter is a bit more about the growing up part...though it still has alot to do with spanking of course  :) It's also kind of my love letter to traditional art...even though that's always been a rocky relationship... I also made a back cover...with a very kind blurb from the Prince of Spankos himself  :D


Thanks to everybody who's come along on this long strange trip...it's really been quite a journey for me...

What's next? Well...first thing I'm gonna take some time to breathe and rest...I'm elated to finally finish...after 2 yrs of working on this every night!! But also kind of sad that it's over...it's been such a part of me for so long... Once I've had time to process it all and recover...I'll see what comes next...


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