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Attitude Adjustment

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Today was just not a good day. I started the day by over sleeping which caused me to not have
time to grab breakfast or coffee before going to work. Without my coffee I am moody and cranky
which never ends on a good note. You join me for lunch which has become a usual weekly thing
as of late which I have come to enjoy. Sitting down while eating lunch you can tell I am cranky
and try to blow it off to the best of your ability but there is only so much you can take before
having to put your foot down.
“What would you like to do for dinner?” you ask, trying to keep the conversation light.
“I don’t really care, whatever you want.” I can hear the snappiness in my own tone and I see the
annoyance on your face as you try to ignore it hoping it will pass.
“Well how about you pick: chicken, beef, or pork.” You give me these options to give me another
chance to change my answer and tone, knowing though, deep down, this is only headed one way.
“Look, I told you I don’t care, just make whatever you want!” I regretted it the moment it was
out of my mouth but it was too late to take back, the look on your face instantly shuts me up as I
wait for you to collect your thoughts before speaking.
“Understand this, young lady, I know you are not in the best of mood today, and I am sorry for
that, but you have no one to blame but yourself. You oversleeping is the reason you had a rough
start and was not able to get your coffee. Do not take it out on me or anyone else. We will finish
this discussion tonight at home, and if you know what is good for you, you better be on your best
behavior for the rest of the day. Is that understood?”
“Yes sir.” The only reply I am allowed to give in this situation unless I want to add to the
consequences. I saw the warning look in your eye as you stood up, bent to kiss me on the
forehead, then proceeded to walk away, cutting our lunch date short.
I felt horrible for the way I acted knowing you did not deserve it. The rest of the day I spent
thinking about what tonight would bring with a hole in the pit of my stomach. I saw the warning
signs and proceeded to ignore them rather than watching my tone. Ever so slowly I watched the
clock tick slowly until it was finally the end of my shift and I could head home. At this point I
just wanted to hurry up and get home to get this over with so we can move on and forget about it
happening, but with life treating me so “well” today, I ended up getting stuck at every stop light
on the way home adding ten minutes to my normal commute from work to home.
Pulling in the driveway, I see you are already home, and I can just imagine you waiting inside
sitting in that chair, waiting for me. However, I see you working in the kitchen getting things
ready to start dinner. Part of me wonders if you forgot about the whole thing, and can’t tell if I am disappointed or relieved. I head into the bedroom to change and freeze as I see what is laying
out on the bed: hairbrush, wooden spoon, and bath brush. That hole in the pit of my stomach
grew and got heavier, and I jumped as I felt your hand on the small of my back urging me
“I need to take a shower and get cleaned up and you need some time to think about your
behavior today. You will pick up all three of these implements and hold them behind your back
while you stand in the corner and think about how you acted. As you think about each time you
snapped at someone or were rude, think about one of these making contact with your butt
because I intend to use all three of them on you by the time the night is over. You are to stand in
this corner until I tell you otherwise. If you move or drop one of the implements, your time will
start over and you will still be holding these behind your back while also holding a coin to the
wall with your nose. Is that understood?”
“Yes sir” I answer. I then strip out of my clothes and pick up the implements and find a way to
hold them behind my back comfortably as my nose finds the corner. This quickly becomes
uncomfortable as I am trying to hold these brushes and spoon behind my back but I don’t dare
move more than absolutely necessary until you have me leave. Going through my head I relive
all the different situations today where I was rude to others who did not deserve it and agree that
I fully deserve what is to come. As I start to feel more and more guilty from my behavior, tears
start to build in my eyes as I stand there waiting for the inevitable. Not even realizing you got out
of the shower, I finally hear your voice from behind me:
“Alright young lady, come here.” I turn and see you sitting in the chair in the middle of our
bedroom and instantly regret all of my behavior throughout the day. I slowly make my way over
to you still holding all three of the implements realizing how they all of a sudden feel very heavy
in my hands. You proceed to have my stand next to you, still holding the implements as you start
your lecture.
“Your behavior today was uncalled for. You have been moody and bratty all day to others who
did nothing to deserve it. What do you have to say for yourself?”
“I am sorry sir, I have been in a bad mood all day because I did not get breakfast or my morning
“That is no excuse to act the way you did. You can be in a bad mood and still treat others with
respect. And you not getting breakfast and coffee is your own fault for not waking up to your
alarm when you were supposed to. You kept snoozing it until you were running late and ran out
of time. I gave you a couple warnings throughout the day, either verbally, or body language, and
you chose to ignore them. Now you get to deal with your choices. Hand me the implements.” With that I handed the implements to you and you then take my wrist and pulled me over your
knee. I put both of my hands on the ground to support myself and you tipped me up to have full
access to my cheeks and sit spot, using your other leg to lock mine in place knowing I have never
been one able to keep them still. You then proceed to work over my bottom with your hand
making sure to cover every inch of it as you slowly start to increase your intensity. You pause
every once in a while to rub the skin and make sure everything looks good, and every inch has
been evenly addressed. I start squirming as the intensity increases and the stings start to linger
and last longer. Just as I am about to beg you to please stop, you cease from smacking and slowly
start rubbing my butt again. You then pick up the hairbrush getting ready to start the punishment.
“Your behavior today was uncalled for” SMACK! “You were rude to people who did nothing to
deserve it.” SMACK! “You chose to ignore my warning signs.” SMACK! “You caused our lunch
date to be cut short.” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! After this you continue alternating between
my cheeks with the hairbrush. I am non stop squirming at this point trying to avoid every smack
even though you have me firmly secure. You finally stop with the hairbrush and start rubbing my
backside again. It has turned to a bright red color and you can feel the heat to the touch. Your
next words make me freeze, holding my breath.
“I think I need to give your little bottom a bit of a break. This will be a good time for me to focus
on that sit spot of yours.” you go to reach for the wooden spoon.
“Please sir no more, I promise I learned my lesson. I will not be rude anymore, and I will make
sure to wake up on time from now on.”
“Oh, I know you will. You may think you learned your lesson but I am not quite convinced of
that yet.” and with that came searing pain to my sit spot.
“OWWWWW!!!” I reach back to block with my hands. You then grab both of my hands with
your free hand and hold them to my lower back. You then proceed to enunciate each of your
works with a spoon on my sit spot.
“What. Have. I. Told. You. About. Blocking. With. Your. Hands. That. Is. A. Sure. Way. To. Get.
An. Injury.” and with that you proceed to rapidly alternate between my sit spots and upper thighs
with the wooden spoon until they are a nice red color. I have come to incoherent sobbing and
continue, not even realizing that you had stopped with the wooden spoon.
You slowly start to rub my backside again this time slowly slipping your hand closer to my core
with each pass. You finally slip your fingers in and feel how wet I am and start to move them in
and out and will also find that little magic bud to explore as well. You can feel me tense as I start to get close to release. Just as I am on the edge you withdraw your hand leaving me on the edge
needing just the slightest touch to send me over.
“Oh baby, you are so ready, do you want to cum?” you tease already knowing the answer.
“Oh please, sir, yes. I am right there. Please, anything for me to cum!” You try moving just to get
some kind of friction on that area to go over the edge.
You hold me tight as your next words send chills down my back, bringing me back to reality.
“Oh not yet love, you do not deserve to cum yet. We still need to finish this lesson of yours. We
will see how well you take this bath brush to see whether or not you get to deserve to cum
tonight.” And with that you pick up the bath brush to start the next round of assault to my bottom
and sit spots.
“Ow, please no more! I won’t be like that again. I’m sorry!”
“I am not so sure you are sorry yet, but you will be when I am done with these sit spots. You may
know now to keep your attitude in check, but this will act as a reminder everytime you go to sit
down over the next week.” And with that you start a rapid succession of smack alternating
between the sit-spots with the bath brush until I am laying limp, sobbing uncontrollably, no
longer struggling or fighting you. You drop the brush and turn me over in your arms, careful to
keep my butt from making contact with your legs as you hold me waiting for me to calm down.
“Shhhh, there, there, pretty girl. All is done now. You took your punishment like a champ and I
am so proud of you. All is forgiven. Shh shh shh.” you continue to rock and shh me until i have
stopped crying and leveled out my breathing. You then start to slip your fingers between my legs
rubbing that magical spot again until I am on the brink, and then pull your hand away before I
can cum. I wine and look at you with pleading eyes.
“Shh, don’t worry, your punishment is over, but there is still a lot more I want to do to you before
I allow you to cum.” And with that you proceed to carry me to bed, laying me down, careful of
my backside, sending me to the edge over and over, until you have had your fulfillment of fun
and finally let me have the most amazing orgasm ever. Everytime, after a punishment, I say the
same thing, but then again, everytime, it does feel like the best ever.
The End……….Until next time anyways.

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well written I enjoyed it, you might want to put it in the blog section though, it is easier for someone to find in the future and doesn't get lost with all the general posts. It would be such a shame if it did. 

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