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Losing it...and getting it.

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I actually enjoy sharing my real life experiences being disciplined as submissive servant wife to my husband. I do not know exactly why.  lol...there is much strangeness about me I do not understand. But, my husband says it is fine for me to do this. I find it personally somewhat arousing for me to kind of relive some of my less routine, more intense spankings/discipline scenes with others. I guess it makes me feel like you are witnessing it.

This really took place last Wednesday afternoon, as I describe it. My husband previewed this and said he felt I captured most of it very well.  So...here it is....

I struggle to handle my husband's occasional business trips.  I do not know why, but his most recent two day and two night trip seemed to set me on edge more than the same trip had a couple of months prior. As usual, he had given me a very detailed list of items to pack in his luggage bag...making it as simple as possible for me. I had packed everything as listed the night before, except those,personal items he would need to use in the morning before heading out the door.  


For some reason the morning of his departure, I was more irritable than usual, and nothing seemed to be going well as I prepared breakfast for my husband and daughter. As the bacon grease popped onto my hand, I let out a screech accompanied by a vulgarity.  As time seemed to be running out, I let the pressure get to me too much, and I became short and snappy with both my husband and our daughter!  I did not realize how bad I was at the time, but later in the day I realized how I had acted.  And...to make matters worse, as I was going about my chores that morning after my assigned my workout, I discovered my husband's smaller toiletry bag....with things like toothpaste and razor and deodorant....laying on bathroom counter. It was always my responsibility to place that in his luggage bag after he had finished...always. But, obviously this time I had forgotten because I had allowed myself to become so disrupted by my "bad morning" panic and mouthy outbursts.  


I immediately called my husband when I realized my shortcoming.  He was not aware, as he had not yet unpacked his bag in the hotel room...he was still working with his clients and seemed disappointed I did not choose to call him later in the evening, rather when I should have known he was busy with clients.  So, later that evening he called me back. It was then he informed me his prescription medication was in that smaller bag. My heart nearly stopped when I looked and confirmed such was true. This made my omission more urgent and detrimental for my dear husband. 


Being the calm man that he is, he did not further chastise me, but assured me he would take care of it and not to worry. He knew I was already beating myself up over this.  So, he just told me he would call a local pharmacy to see if he could just get a couple days dosage...and we would deal,with this more when he got home.


I knew what that meant, and I also knew I fully deserved whatever the punishment he decided to give me for this.


I found out I had caused him considerable inconvenience and did take him away from some of his work with the clients he was working with...a no no for me and totally unacceptable.


He had left for his trip early Monday morning. He returned home early Wednesday afternoon.  He had texted me my clothing assignment that morning... which was one of his current favorite dresses on me and sexy under things. So, I was thinking he would take me first thing upon arriving. Maybe he would have me do a little strip dance for him and then be inside me. I guess I was hoping. We had not made love since that past Saturday. So, that was 4 days...a long time without sexual satisfaction for us. I was hungry...and knew my insatiable husband was too.  


I was kneeling on the floor in the entry foyer as he walked in the door....to greet him.I was so glad to see my man. He had me stand and immediately embraced me in his arms as we kissed deep,and long...and he just held me. It felt so,good.


He spoke gently to me...about missing me...about how he would have me..but then said..."but first"....and went on to say he must first "deal with our problem". 

He went on to explain how much trouble I had caused him,  how I had disrupted his work...how he was so disappointed with my behavior and loss of self control...and how disappointed he was in the example I was setting for our daughter.  I had no argument...guilty as charged....and felt absolutely deserving what I had coming. He then informed me we would deal with "this" in the basement. 


He walked me down to the basement...a simple environment of cinder block walls....a laundry area...a simple shower area...and a place where I had been given many spanking, paddlings, and whippins. 


He had me lose the dress...no dancing...just leaving me standing before him in just undergarments....full cut white silky panties....snug white silky wireless bra....white garter belt holding up,white hose....me wearing platformed sandal like shoes.  


No words. He would do his talking on my hide. He lowered chains hidden in the ceiling joists....attached the leather hand and wrist cuffs tight on me and then the chains...and cranked them up slowly until I was on my tip toes. Then came the tight restraints securing my ankles together...and my legs together tightly just above my knees. He then ran some short bungy cords,from my ankle cuffs to pop up eyelets in the floor...so I would not move my legs up...or any other way for that matter. I was taut, my calves tight as I was on tip,toes in my shoes...to avoid dangling by my wrists.


He took off his shirt....which I love...but which also kind of signaled I would be getting it hard...and hugged me as he so gently but firmly spoke to me. He explained he was going to whip me like a woman...and I had better take it like a woman...and learn how to control my panic like a real woman should. Then...again...a long detailed lecture on how badly I had behaved and performed that bad Monday morning of his departure. His voice and his eyes....intense and serious...I could not escape them...nor my accepted responsibility and rightful punishment for my actions.


He pulled down my garter belt and hose...all the way to  bunch and dangle  above the restraints above my knees...baring my skin on my upper legs completely. Next, he pulled my panties down to join them, baring my bottom completely. He walked away, and grabbed his nasty leather belt from its,hook on the post...and positioned himself beside me. My fear at that moment won...as I saw him with that belt doubled in his strong hand....and remembered how it had felt many times before.


No more talking. He laid the belt hard on my bottom....lash after lash...the sound echoing off the cinder block walls and concrete floors.  After just a few slashes my resolve to not cry out..to not yelp..to not screech or cry out...was totally dissolved. He continued to relentlessy whip my bare bottom skin and legs with flurries of slashes...only briefly interrupted by shouting my misdeeds or admonishing me how I gotta learn...gotta do better....how disappointed he was in me.  I could not escape that belt...only twist ever so slightly. Each stroke brought swaths of fire across my legs and butt cheeks...sometimes licks of burning fire in my bottom crack...and the underswell  of my cheeks. He was covering every inch with red stinging pain.


I had turned into a blubbering bawling mess....and he changed his position. Now he was standing on my other side...and my memory kicked in. Nooo...I blubbered as the first hard flurry of strokes came. across the fronts of my bare skin upper legs...until they too were aflame with firey stinging swaths....from above my restrained knees to just below my pubic bush. Then...he walked to my other side...this time cupping my left breast in his hand...and slapped the a single layer of the belt across my bare upper back 5 or 6 times.  The new sting was so unexpected.. I screamed in agony...and then came 4 or 5 more streaks of fire.  He kept saying...ya gotta learn nicole. ..  you know better....ya gotta learn....


I was crying...blubbering...pleading.....gasping...a total mess...and he finally stopped...allowing the belt to dangle down from his hand.  He was breathing hard from his exertion in whippin me.


Then...his hand...hard and fast. The belt had dropped from his hand to,the floor. He cupped my pubic bush with his left hand...and spanked me hard and fast on my poor raw bottom cheeks with his other hand....hard smack after hard smack of more fire as my mouth emitted a constant stream of screeching yelps and sobs between sucking air in with gasps...and trying to plead stop.  He took me beyond...and I found myself...strangely exploding in arousal and...came. Totally unexpected...a confusing but an amazing blend of painful...pleasure.  


He held me long in his arms, letting me cry it out in his bare chest...still in my bonds, although he lowered me to be fully planted on my feet. He had pulled my bra down to bare my breasts for his pleasure and mine. It took me quite some time to calm...for my sobs and crying to finally cease...but he was patient and gentle.  


He did not take me then. I so wanted him to. But, my punishment had taken time and he needed to go pickup our daughter at school. He released me to fully re-clothe myself and prepare dinner for us. I was exhausted...my legs felt like rubber , but I felt such release and forgiveness from my guilt....and felt so very loved. That night...before bed...he finally took me deep....as I rode his strong erection to ectasy....cowgirl style.




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wow Nicole..  that was intense..   have you ever been spanked in front of someone?  thank you for sharing and allowing us a 'glimpse' into 'seeing' you spanked...  I once witnessed a very pretty girl being spanked and it absolutely got me hooked 

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7 hours ago, luvs2spin78 said:

wow Nicole..  that was intense..   have you ever been spanked in front of someone?  thank you for sharing and allowing us a 'glimpse' into 'seeing' you spanked...  I once witnessed a very pretty girl being spanked and it absolutely got me hooked 

Hi...thank you for your kind comments. Growing up...Indid on a number of occasions get paddled in front of other students at school. I was raised Amish and we had on our own school system.  Then...I was also paddled now and then at home in front of other siblings. As an adult, I have been paddled and belt whipped a few times in front of my motherbin law and father in law, but not on a regular basis. 

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