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Sore today...


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I hope it is OK to share my spankings here. That is what the description of this forum seems to mean.  I do not mean to offend.  I share because it helps me feel better....kind of like me being publicly punished like whores used to be. I am not a whore any longer...far in my past...I am my husband's wife and now only his whore, so to speak...but I feel the "whore" inside me still needs punished from time to time. I had once again been inappropriate in my conversation with someone here...and confessed such to my husband yesterday during our time together in his office.  It is very private, and he had summoned me for his pleasure...which is my pleasure.  Afterwards, I dropped to my knees and proactively confessed my inconsiderate act...asking him to please punish me.  He calmed me...reminding me he determined when and for what to punish me...sending me back to finish my slate of massage clients.  

I left about 6 and was going home to fix dinner for us...got a call instructing me he had decided to issue punishment for my inconsiderate mouth, causing another hurt. He would make a special trip home to deal with me as our daughter would still be working at the fitness center and we would be alone. I got home...followed his instructions...to the letter.  Went to the basement....stripped to my under things. That morning he had put me in red silky panties, a red garter belt, white hose, and a red silky camisole top to match my panties.  My shoes were nice red flat, comfortable to work in as for my job as a licensed massage therapist at his fitness center.  As instructed, I fetched the belt....got on my knees immediately, draped the belt about my neck....and folded my arms behind my back...and knelt at attention awaiting his arrival.  It was not long after I was settled, I heard his truck pull up and listened as he made his way thru the house.... went to the bathroom I think...then apparently had a snack in the kitchen...and finally heard him open the door to the basement and walk down the steps to find me.

He asked me to explain again what I had done...and why I wanted to be punished.  I found myself in tears as I explained it again...I was having one of my emotional days I guess.  He was silent...and after awhile just said ...OK. He told me to lay the belt on the ground and bare my breasts, so I did  as told and took off my camisole top.    He then launched into a very harsh rough lecture....used rough language and terms...but...I needed to hear those hard things.  He then had me get up and walk to post...."as a whore should".  He  had me face it and fastened my wrists high above my head as he has many times before...and my ankles at the bottom, snugly fastened together and pulled tight to the post...same with my legs above my knees. It is a wood square post.  He has the restraints positioned so I must stand on my tip toes. 

After he had me in full restraint, he came around to stand in front of me. He had taken his shirt off.  He is a lean and strong man. He had the belt in hand....and was explaining to me why he was going to whip me, whispering almost and stroking my face gently with his hand, pulling my hair from my shoulders and back to fall in front of me. I lost it again...found myself sobbing and begging to be whipped very hard.  I felt I needed that so bad.

He went behind me...yanked down my panties to my knees...and the belt came down on my bared skin bottom...over and over..stinging...hard swats leaving a swath of hot sting...on my bottom from top cheek swell to where it joins my legs. Swat after swat on my upper legs...down to just above my panties bunched above my legs.  I bawled like a baby...released all the self loathing and disgust I had with myself.  Then...the single blade of his leather belt slashed across my back...across my shoulder blades.  Again and again across my backs bare skin. The new pain bringing shreaks and yelps of pain. I had actually hoped he would whip my back this time...in a weird way I had craved it. I had hoped he would use his lash, but I knew better than to tell him how he should punish me. He knew best.  I do not how many "lashes" I had received on my back and how many times he had taken that doubled belt to my butt and legs....butt by the time the flurry of his strokes had ended and the sound of leather smacking bare skin had ceased to echo off the concrete walls of the basement...I felt totally undone...and renewed...reset....fulfilled.  I had managed to stop bawling like such a big baby and instead of bawling had resorted to yelps and yells of pain instead...but a few seconds after I caught my breath and husband had caught his...I just found myself sobbing...quietly...as I remained attached to the post.  My skin was on fire, but my heart was so much lighter.  

He gently hugged me from behind as I cried it out....stroking my hair...whispering his love for me.  He gave me all the time I needed. He is such a wonderful man for me. I love him....he does not think I am a nut case.  He then drove all the way back to the fitness center to pickup our daughter.  He had gone way out of his way in extra driving and giving me his precious time...just to take care of me. He is a special blessing to me.

Of course, he released me to take a shower...while he put together a nice little meal from left over things we had.  After we ate, he examined me to make sure I had no injuries or cuts. Yes...I have some marks on my bottom, legs, and my back, but nothing that I have not had many times before. Not the worst by far. I felt I deserved far more severe, but my husband knows best. These marks will disappear in a few days like always...but today I am a bit sore and as I write this...I am sitting on a pillow...lol. I am still a bit sore...probably will be most of this day.  And...I am assigned to do 2 workouts at the fitness center this week. I may ask Husband ifbI can do those in our home gym. Otherwise, I will need to undress and dress in one of the bathroom stalls..and wear my longer leotards that go almost to my knees under my workout skirt...and of course wear a fully sleeved top...no spaghetti straps or anything showing my shoulders. Lol...my husband determines my clothing everyday...and I sometimes have to humbly remind him that marks will show if certain items are worn after he has tanned my hide....lol.






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On 9/22/2021 at 8:29 AM, CaliSpanker53 said:

Those embarrassing looks from other gym rats can be interesting...lol

Ahh...lol...thanks for understanding.  It really is a problem when showering or changing clothes at the fitness center. I was lucky this time....Husband changed my workout location for a few days to our gym at home in the outbuilding.

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2 minutes ago, nicoleS39 said:

Ahh...lol...thanks for understanding.  It really is a problem when showering or changing clothes at the fitness center. I was lucky this time....Husband changed my workout location for a few days to our gym at home in the outbuilding.

Very considerate and loving of him


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Thanks for your concern, but my husband has taken his belt to my upper thighs and occasionally my back with a single layer....but above my kidneys...for 16 years now. It is part of our agreed on dynamic...appropriate as he deems best when applied. He focuses on "sting" and my "marks" are not long lasting....nor deep cutting...The worst usually fade with 7 days or less....most much less..but yes....it is justifiably "painful" and "unpleasant" at the time. To quote "somebody" concerning genuine disciplinary punishment..."Its supposed to hurt."

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