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A 17 year old memory


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Under the category of non-fiction. Wanted to write this for a while but wasn't sure where to post it. Anyway, here it is:

By age 17, my friends and I were dating. Dating often involved kissing, sometimes sexual activity (although love-making with intercourse was a year or so down the road). And even though this was great fun, what I really wanted, my basest animal lust, was to take any of these sad-eyed, milk-fed, sweet young girls from my high school whom I dated (and all the others girls who were not interested in me) down into the mud with me (well not actually into the mud - more like drag them across my lap) and spank them into the Stone Age. I think about this enough as it is, but at 17 when the hormones were raging it was all-consuming.

Her name was Ilene and she liked me. So not wanting to let a good opportunity slip through my fingers, we spent some time together and after a while, eventually, we were kissing and petting. After a few of these meetings, we were in the furnished basement of my house and I decided to risk it all, and just go for it. I pulled her over my lap, yanked down her panties, and "play" spanked her, afraid that if I really spanked her, she might report me to the pervert authorities. To my great relief, she just giggled. I was still too nervous to really spank her - after all, I figured I must be awfully odd to enjoy this so much, but still loved to finally deliver a spanking, even one without much force. 

While all this fun stuff was occurring, I heard noises outside, but paid no attention. After all, I was (sort of) spanking a bare-bottomed girl, and focussing  all of my attention on her ample bottom. As it turns out, the noises I head were four of my closest "friends", watching through the basement window, and having a great time. When they told me later what they were watching the goings-on (without specifically mentioning spanking), I was furious, and embarrassed, figuring my secret was out. I never knew who, if anyone they ever told, but we never spoke of it again. Awkward, but exciting times to be sure.

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A post script to the above memory:

Needless to say, as I got older and discovered the spanko community, I realized that this was much more main stream than I ever imagined. That one play spanking was replaced with real spankings. I think I finally reached the point where my left hand/arm is normal, and the right (my spanking hand/arm) can crush a Volkswagen.

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So here is the rest of the story; and the end of the story. Ilene and I continued to see each other for a few more months. Although she was not a spanko, she never complained about the rest of the spankings I delivered, although, like the first, they were all on the soft side. I was still afraid of getting into some nebulous kind of trouble if I spanked harder and hurt her, or even if any person of authority discovered our secret. But a fabulous bonus to this short-lived relationship was the love letters she wrote to me. Not the love part, but most of the letters contained a line or two stating: "I hope you don't spnak me for (or because)" and then mention some minor transgressions. So long after we lost interest in each other, I kept the letters which continued to be an exciting read (although I did eventually toss them out). 

We went our separate ways. And it was not for years until after a failed vanilla marriage that I found other spankos; and did my best to make up for all the spank-less years. Wonder if Ilene has fond memories of that time together? I hope she does. 

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