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5 hours ago, rubyredd said:

No, mainly because I enjoy all manner of anal play... so temp-taking would be a fun little addition to the scene.

Doesn't mean you can't put up a fuss.tjough to give them extra.motovation to spank you 😏😉

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On 9/2/2021 at 9:24 AM, Marcus7272 said:

Did you ever get a spanking because you didn't want to get your temperature taken Rectally 

No, because it is understood in our marriage that my wife essentially owns my butt and can take my temperature anytime she chooses. When I’m still over her knee after a spanking, she enjoys adding to my humiliation by spreading my cheeks anyway so why not go the distance with a thermometer and a dab of lube? I wish she would do it more often. 

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