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Can spanking in a relationship be multi purpose?

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Ok as a male who craves spankings which are a turn on for me, is it possible that my female partner can use spankings as foreplay, which I love and crave, but also use spankings as serious discipline?  I guess the difference, for me, is that for discipline it is a lot longer and harder, and followed by naked cornertime, as well as no sex for 48 hours.  In an  extreme case, in addition to what was just mentioned, I am made to cum immediately before the spanking.  Does anyone else see the irony in the fact that a spanking before sex can be such a turn on and so wonderful, but that a serious punishment spanking can be so awful and to be dreaded and avoided at all costs?

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I have an interest in both erotic and disciplinary spankings as well. I’m currently long distance with my future HOH, but he knows of my interest and plans on using both. 

I don’t see it as an issue. During punishments, I’ll be nude and my HOH will be fully clothed. During erotic, we’ll both be nude. Erotic will have other sexual components happening, punishments won’t. Romantic/naughty talk during erotic spankings will be replaced with scolding (which is he is so good at) during a punishment spanking. 

While I have not yet had my first adult spanking, I am really looking forward it. 

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I've said it before,probably all the members are tired of my saying it, but, in truth, there is no way to escape the erotic implications of spanking, even if the spankings are meant entirely for disciplinary purposes.  Summer's right: It isn't an issue --unless ER or ee makes it one, and that's a possibility.

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I don't think I really believe that anyone who frequents into a spanking does it with out at least some kind of a sexual turn on.  I've heard those say they just enjoy it without some sexual energy and I just not sure I buy that.  But, how ever they want to think about it, it doesn't really matter,

We have both fun and discipline spanking.  Some kind of sexual  climax almost always happens at the end, even on discipline one.  To us it's the ultimate make up sex and reminder how much we love each other.  The spanking certainly turns us both on more, and serves all the other stuff about relieving stress just like sex can.  To us I guess spanking is an extension into our sex/intimate life. 

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We do all sorts of Spanking.  Erotic, funishment, maintenance, and discipline.  The mindset of both parties is what REALLY makes the difference.  I get turned in my by the thoughts and ideas of spanking, but I am not turned on during spankings that actually hurt if they aren't for erotic reasons, and sometimes even when they are lol.   I love all tyoes of them though.  We also don't have an issue With sex after a discipline spanking.  For is it goes discipline, forgiveness and aftercare, theb sex usually follows the snuggling portion.  After all, I am forgiven at that point and we are both ready.

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Yes, spanking can be all things within a single relationship. I have a former partner who I am very similarly aligned to in all aspects of spanking. If we were married or dating, we would likely have a DD arrangement that included erotic, fun & funishment, roleplaying, bondage, etc. 

I am married to a Top and we have all those components except for DD / real discipline. 

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