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I took a quick walk through a Goodwill store today, I came upon a couple of of items that I was not sure what they were.

It finally dawned on me that they were wooden shoe horns, one with an ankle pad, one without.

kinda cool I thought, now I need a bottom to test them out.. 

Hmmmm 😏.

Behave 😁

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Haha! There is a sign for a new thrift store on the way to my moms house, called "Brand Spanking Used"... Totally going there to peep for impliments one of these days!

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16 hours ago, Overrmykneemiss said:

....kinda cool I thought, now I need a bottom to test them out....

You know, Rick, if you get desperate enough, bring those shoe horns with you up to Montana and I'll show you how they feel. I'm always willing to give a feller his first trip over a female lap. :D

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40 minutes ago, Overrmykneemiss said:

Good luck with that, lol, I am a reasonable Dominant but not that reasonable 😁

Laughing.... :lol: I figured you'd say something along that line. ;) 

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I can empathize with an ee wanting to detach for a while and enjoy the endorphins running wild for a time, then the euphoric dreamy episode that follows if she has a lot of stress going on.

Ahhh well, a naughty girl spanking will be different…… 

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