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Hi my name is Brian I am 20 I was spanked as a kid bare bottom of course! I am in college now and work part time cause parents want me to focus on college! But any way I have been thinking on how spanking affected me as a kid. When I got in trouble for breaking rules, curfew etc I got spanked. I feel like I need it again to keep me in line and focused!! I still live with parents I told them how I felt and they are willing to spank me dad more so then mom!  So anyway as a kid I would get either cornertime before and after the spanking or sometimes if I was getting spanked I would have to be totally bare before the spanking and then cornertime! Well tonight I will be getting my first spanking since asking dad. So since I am getting spanked tonight dad agreed that I bare my bottom all day so it’s ready.  I am so nervous because I have not been spanked since 12 




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