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A Weekend at Smith Family BNB PART 2

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Part II - Saturday Evening

2 hours later...

Kim stood in the bathroom, still naked from the waist down, looking at her ass in the mirror. It’s shiny red glow had finally dulled down to a light pink, but it still stung. She had also managed to get herself to calm down and stop crying from the experience she’d just been through. 

“Fucking nonsense. Spanking me, making me cry...” she muttered to herself as she rubbed her butt for what seemed to be the zillionth time, trying to ease away the lingering soreness. She’d never been spanked before that afternoon, and she certainly never wanted it to happen again. 

Kim looked at the clock - 7:15pm. She was starving. She needed food in her stomach and her ass away from this place. Picking up her thong from the spot on the floor where it was earlier, she gingerly slipped it back on. She looked down at her jeans, then felt her ass - still sore, definitely NOT in the right mood for jeans. She flipped her suitcase on to her bed and opened it, rooting around she found a pair of basketball shorts. Very carefully, she stepped into them and pulled them up from the sides, making sure they went carefully up around her behind. 

Once she had them on, she decided to take the sit test - she slowly sat down on the bed. She winced a bet - the sting of the paddle still lasted. Not as bad as she thought, at least. Kim stood up and just finished putting her shoes on when there was a knock at the door. She walked over and opened it and found Melissa, holding a supermarket bag. Kim was uneasy about her presence. 

“Hello!” Melissa said cheerfully. 

“Uh, hi?”

“Might I come in for a moment?”

“Uh. Sure, it’s your house.”

“True, but it’s your room for the weekend. Wouldn’t want to invade your privacy.” 

“My butt was pretty private until you and your husband invaded THAT,” Kim thought to herself, instead saying out loud, “no. Come in.”

Melissa walked in and closed the door behind her. She walked over to the bed and sat down where she sat before, right next to the still-opened suitcase. She placed her supermarket bag of mystery beside her. Kim felt nervous. Not again. 

“How are you feeling?”

“Uh, hungry I guess.”

“No no, I mean your bottom. I heard you got 25 with the paddle.”

“Oh yeah, I did. It still hurts.”

“I see I see. Of course, you understand WHY we had to do that, right?”

“I...guess. I don’t agree, but I guess I see why you felt you had to.”

“Good. And we forgive the sinner, hate the sin. So it’s all good now.”

“Good. I’m glad.”

“Me too. Just, do me a favor please? I want to make sure he didn’t do too much with that paddle. My husband can be a bit feisty. Come here?”

“You, you what?”

“Come here, please, Kimberly.” Kim winced at the possibility of wherever this was going and walked up and stood before Melissa. “Put your hands on your head, please.”


“Please. Just do what I ask.”

Fearing what the consequence would be, Kim raised her arms and put her hands on her head. 

“Turn around, turn your back to me please.” Kimberly did what she was told, and as she stopped, she felt Melissa’s fingers in the sides of the waistband of her shorts, pulling them down. Melissa pulled them down so they fell down around Kimberly’s feet, then reached and grabbed the black thong again, pulling it towards her.

“Didn’t we discuss this? Wearing appropriate underwear?”

“Come on, now.”

“We did. We agreed you’d follow the Biblical command for wearing underwear that covers up. This thing covers nothing,” she said, letting it snap back. “And now it really won’t cover anything,” she said, gripping the sides and pulling the thong down, letting it fall down inside Kimberly’s shorts. Kim went red faced - she JUST covered herself up down there, and now everything was pulled down. Again. “Bend over, please,” was the next command. Kim squeezed her eyes shut and bent forward. 

Melissa rubbed the back of her hand against Kim’s cheeks. “Alright...nicely healing. No bruises. No welts. Very good. Does it still hurt?”

“It’s sore...” Kim moaned, feeling the older woman rub her hands across her butt cheeks. 

“Yeah; it’ll probably stay that way for a bit but the redness is fading. A spanking is meant to hurt but it’s not meant to torment or permanently mark. Just to teach you a lesson, which it seems we mostly did...” Melissa took her hands off Kim’s ass.


“Yes, there’s still the matter of your underwear...” 

Kim stood there before Melissa. Still facing forward, still with her hands on her head, still with her shorts and thong around her ankles. After a few moments of silence, broken only by the sound of a zipper being

unzipped and Melissa quietly humming to herself, she asked, “can I pull my shorts back up now?”

“No...not with those things...I see...another...and another...” 

Confused, Kim turned her head around and saw Melissa holding up a green frilly thong, looking in disgust. The clothes in her suitcase looked disturbed, and the zipped up compartment where Kim had packed her underwear was wide open with some pairs sticking out. 

“What are you doing?!” Kim dropped her hands and turned around, covering her groin. 

“I’m taking a look to see if you have ANY appropriate underwear. Doesn’t seem like it.” Melissa put the thong down and turned to the suitcase, pulling another pair out and examining it. 

“Put those down!” Kim yelled. 

“Hey! Hands back on your head, young lady!” Melissa’s cheerfulness and empathy was long gone.


“Now! Respect your elders and do as you’re told. Unless you want another dose of the paddle?”


“Then do as you’re told!” Kim scrunched her face and put her hands back on her head. “Now stand there until I’m done.” Kim went to turn around again to hide her groin, but Melissa said “I didn’t say turn around. Stand where you are. Don’t move.” Kim stood, wishing her shirt was a few inches longer to cover her groin. She watched, hands on her head, in helpless frustration as Melissa pulled out each pair of her underwear, one by one. She held each pair up, unfolded them, and looked at them all with disgust before dropping each pair on to the bed next to her and moving on to the next. All different designs, all different colors, all thongs.

“Another thong...another thong...another thong...do you wear any appropriate underpants? What’s the appeal of this?”

“What does it matter? It’s MY underwear.”

“It matters under this roof. You won’t be wearing these while you stay here.” She went through the remaining 4 pairs, all thongs, casting them all useless and leaving them in a crumpled pile on the bed. “Do you have anymore stuffed in your suitcase?”

“No, that’s all of them.”

“I see. 12 pairs of underwear, and not a decent pair in the bunch. Luckily we can remedy that...” Melissa stood up, picking up the bunch of Kimberly’s underwear and stuffing it back into the zipped up compartment of her suitcase. She turned to Kim, “Alright. Take off your shoes.” Kim scowled as she bent down and took off each shoe. “You can just put them over by the wall, for now.” Kim picked up her shoes and waddled, shorts and undies around her socks, carrying her shoes over to the wall and walking back to the bed. “Alright. Take your shorts off, put them on the bed.” The younger woman kicked off the shorts and laid them on the bed. “That thong. Take it off. Give it to me.” Kim held back a sigh as she kicked off of the thong and picked it up and held it to Melissa. Melissa took the thong and turned back to Kim. “Hands back on your head, please.” Kim rolled her eyes and did it as Melissa turned her thong inside out, getting a good look at the inside, front and back. “Alright...all clear.”

“All clear for what?”

“Meaning they’re clean. You know, cleanliness is next to godliness. Heaven knows you wear this disgusting thing and it’s up your bottom. Just needed to make sure you’re clean.” She then crumpled up the thong and shoved it into the zippered part of Kim’s suitcase with the other pairs and zipped it up. 

“Of course I’m clean! I’m always clean.”

“I hope so.”

“So what? Am I supposed to go commando now since you don’t like my underwear?”

“Not at all. It’s why I brought you these. Just in case you didn’t have any appropriate pairs.” Melissa turned to the shopping bag she’d brought in with her, unscrunching it and opening it. She reached in and pulled out a pair of pink granny panties. “Here we go, perfect.” Kim went wide eyed. 

“Are you kidding?”

“Nope. As long as you stay here, you’ll wear appropriate underwear. These should be about your size...” 

“Did you really go out and buy me panties?”

“Not at all. These are panties that former occupants have worn if they didn’t have any appropriate ones of their own.”


“Yes. Appropriate panties. I think they’re a size large...” Melissa checked the tag - “Yes, large. That’s been good enough for the other dozens of girls who’ve stayed here and worn them.”

“Okay, ew NO. I’m NOT wearing used panties.”

“You most certainly will. Unless you have regular panties in your suitcase, these are what you’re wearing. And look, I’ve got a few choices you can choose from!” Melissa dumped the bag open on the bed - multiple granny panties,  all the same size as the pink pair, came out. They were all different colors and designs - red, blue, polka dot, stripes, etc but they were all large, and all previously used. They looked a bit worn. Melissa took the pink pair and held them out to Kim. “Here. Try these on.”

“Absolutely NOT. I’m NOT putting on underwear other women have worn.”

“They’ve BEEN washed and disinfected, Kim.”

“But still!”

“No buts - except yours in these panties. Now put them on.” Melissa held them out with a look of sternness in her face. Enraged, Kim took the panties from her and turned around, back to Melissa as she put them on. She got them to about below her ass when she stopped.

“They’re a little tight...”

“Nonsense!” Melissa took the sides of them and yanked them right up so they fit snuggly around Kim’s sore bubble butt. “There we go.”

“Ugh. This is DISGUSTING,” Kim whined. “Too tight, and I’m still sore,” she said, pulling at the back right leg hole of the panties to pull them off her butt a bit. 

“They’re fine, they’re just your size.” She pat Kim’s pantied behind, pulling them up a bit so they fit snug. “All the pairs are this size. You’ll just have to wear these while you stay here, and wash them before you go and return them.”

“Okay, again I am NOT wearing used underwear. The Bible doesn’t say anything about having to wear someone else’s panties!”

“The Bible very clearly states underwear must cover up. Yours don’t, and these do. So if you want to go to the store and buy your own appropriate panties, that’s fine. But if not, these are what you’re wearing. Is that understood?”

“Fuck no. This is so gross!” Melissa shook her head. 

“Disrespecting an elder AND swearing. Oh dear...” Melissa walked over to Kim’s dresser, taking her brush off of it, and returning to her original spot on the bed and sat down, placing the brush next to her. “Kimberly, put your hands on your head and come here.” Kim shook her head no in fear, knowing what was coming. 

“No please, not again.”

“Yes. Again. You didn’t learn a good enough lesson the first time, it seems. Do as you’re told.” Kim whined and put her hands back on her head and stood in front of Melissa. “Last time we started on your pants,” she said, sticking her pointer fingers into the sides of Kim’s “new” panties. “But now I think we need to get right to business,” she said, unrolling them so they came down below Kim’s ass. She lowered them a bit more and let them fall down around Kim’s ankles. Instinctively, Kim quickly put both hands down in front to cover her groin. 

“Hands back on your head, Kimberly.” Kim groaned and put her hands back on her head. “Just as an FYI - when you’re being punished, you keep your hands on your head if you’re not over a lap or getting spanked.”

“You don’t need to see everything,” Kim argued. 

“I’m not looking to see anything besides your butt. That I’ll always see if you’re getting a spanking. If you’re getting spanked, it’ll be on your bare butt. No excuses. But embarrassment is part of a spanking punishment. Can’t imagine how embarrassed you must be, getting a spanking at your age. On your bare bottom, no less.”


“Right. Now, again. If you’re not told to take down your pants or underwear yourself, or you’re not bent over a lap, or bent over anything, you keep your hands on your head during punishment. Unless you’re told otherwise, as long as you’re standing. Hands on head. No covering anything up. Do you understand?” Kim nodded. “Good. I saw the way you tried to cover up your bottom when Gregory walked in, as if he wasn’t going to spank you as well. I don’t care if he walks in, if my father walks in. Heck, I don’t care if a complete stranger walks in. When you’re being punished, keep your hands on your head, and if you’re over a lap or something, keep your hands where they are. You are NOT to cover up until your punishment is over.”


”Yes? This is a bed and breakfast and we have other customers some times. Not to mention we do Sunday afternoon mass here and we usually get a good flock of folk who come. But if you’re getting a spanking in here and someone even drops in here looking for the bathroom, you don’t cover up. Respect your elders and take your punishment. You ain’t got nothing we haven’t seen before. Am I clear?”

”Ugh. Yes.”

”Good. Now, speaking of uncovering, step out of your new panties, please.” Kim stepped back out of the panties, and Melissa picked them up, folded them and placed them on the bed behind her. “Bend over my knees, dear. NOW you can take your hands off your head.”

Kim took her hands off her head and reluctantly resumed her position over Melissa’s lap, bending over so her top half was on the bed, her ass in Melissa’s lap and her legs off the bed with her feet on the floor. Melissa began rubbing her butt cheeks. 

“Already getting punished again. Almost back to white and I have to make it red again. And last time I warmed you up with my hand first. Now we’re starting right with the brush,” she warned, picking up the brush and patting it against Kim’s ass. Kim hung her head down. 

“No, please...”

“Too late for that. You’re going to get 100 swats with the brush.”


“Yes. 100 smacks on each cheek.”


“Mhm. I’ll count for you. And Gregory told me how you stopped mid-paddle, so let me be clear. If you curse at me, if you jump up, if you get off, I will start the spanking over right back from 1. Whether you’re at 10, 50, or 99, if you curse or get up, it goes right back to 1. If we have to restart more than once, I’m adding an extra 100. Do you understand?”


“Okay. Let’s begin.”

With that, Melissa gave a hard swat to Kim’s left ass cheek, then a hard one to her right. 

“Ahh! Ooofff!” Kim moaned. 

“Yeah, it hurts when you’re getting it on an already sore bottom, huh?”

“Yes!” SMACK SMACK! “Ouch!”

“That’s 2...” 

SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK came then next 6 hard ones in rapid succession. Kim began kicking her legs up and down and moaning in pain. 

“Keep your legs down.”

“It hurts!”

“It’s supposed to. Now shush and take your punishment.”

And so Melissa returned to using Kim’s own hairbrush against her, giving her hard smacks back and forth, doing one cheek at a time so she could keep count. Kim managed to avoid cursing, but she couldn’t help herself letting out “OW!”s and “AHH!”s as Melissa did her thing. 2-3 minutes passed with Melissa taking a break after every few spanks, and she put the brush down. 

“Are we done?” Kim asked hopefully. 

“Not yet. That was only 50. Halfway there,” she said, rubbing Kim’s red cheeks. “Getting red again quicker...”

“It hurts...”

“I know it hurts. Hopefully this way you’ll stop being disrespectful and you’ll wear these panties until you get a proper set of your own...although...”


“Tomorrow’s Sunday...stores will be closed...so I imagine you won’t be able to until Monday at least...you might be wearing these all day tomorrow...” 

“I’m gonna go to the store tonight after this spanking I promise.”

“Well curfew IS 9pm...”


“Yes, Kimberly. Curfew. You need to be in the building and in your room by 9pm, as per the contract you signed. This isn’t a come and go free for all, you know.”

“What time is it now? I still haven’t eaten.” Melissa looked at her watch.

“It’s 7:37. Cutting it close now, especially since you don’t have a car.”

“Please just finish my spanking. Please. So I can go out.”

“Alright, dear.” Melissa picked up the brush and returned to Kim’s ass. “Do you want these final 50 fast?”


“The faster they are the more they hurt.” Kim thought about it - she didn’t want it to hurt any more than it already did, BUT she was hungry and she didn’t want to wear used panties for a full day. 

“Okay okay fine, go fast please so I can go.”

“Alright, you asked for it.”

Melissa began an attack of hard, fast smacks across Kim’s butt cheeks. She kept aiming for the lower half of her cheeks as she went. Kim gripped the comforter of the bed as hard as she could and scrunched her face, trying to take the pain as best as she could.

After a few moments she started kicking her legs again, causing Melissa to stop. 

“What did I say about kicking your legs?”

“I can’t help it, it hurts!”

“You asked me to go fast and that’s what I’m doing.”

“I’m sorry, it’s involuntary!”

“Keep your legs still. You’ve got 22 more to go.”

“Yes m’am.”

Melissa restarted her spanking, this time harder, and Kim bit her tongue trying not to scream as she went. A few moments of nonstop spanks came before Melissa stopped. 

“Are we done?”

“Nope. 10 more.”

“C’mon, please do them!”

“You’re going to count them.”


“And ask for forgiveness.”


“And say that you’ll wear these panties.”

“Ugh okay!”



SMACK! SMACK! one to each cheek. 

“Ow! One! I’m sorry, please forgive me. I’ll wear those panties.”

“Good girl.”

SMACK! to the left, SMACK! to the right. 

“Ow! Two! I’m sorry, please forgive me. I’ll wear those panties.”


This went on for 3 more sets of spanks until they got to 6.


“Oww fuck!”

“What did you say?!”

“I’m sorry, please forgive me, I’ll wear those panties!”

“You swore at me!” Kim started to cry. 

“I’m sorry it was an accident!”

“Oh well, back to 1.”

“No please! I have to go out and get something to eat!”

“Uh-huh...” Melissa thought for a second. “Stand up.” Kim stood up and began rubbing her butt. “Hands on your head.” Kim scrunched her tear-stained face and put her hands on her head. Melissa walked over to the bathroom. “Come on.”

Kim followed Melissa to the bathroom, confused. Melissa turned on the light inside the bathroom and stood at the sink, and Kim walked in and stood next to her. Melissa turned on the sink, then took the bar of soap sitting there and ran it under the water so it got wet. Kim went wide-eyed. She knew where this was going. 

“Open your mouth and stick out your tongue,” came Melissa’s command. Kim shook her head no. “It’s this or back to 1. Your choice.” Kim thought about it for a second and consented, opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue. 

Melissa began rubbing the soap all over Kim’s tongue. Kim made a look of disgust and scrunched her face at the taste as Melissa rubbed the soap back and forth into her mouth, covering every inch of red with white soapiness. 

“Hopefully this cleans out your dirty mouth. Doesn’t taste so good, huh?” Kim shook her head no. “Alright, bite down on the soap.” Kim did as she was told, and Melissa turned to the toilet, closed the lid, and sat down. “Over my lap.” Kim crawled over her lap, leaving her hands on the tub and her feet under the sink. Melissa brought the brush up to her red behind. “Alright. I’m gonna give you your last 10. You don’t have to count, you just have to keep that soap in your mouth. If you drop it, we restart the 100 from 1, no excuses. Ready?” Kim nodded. 


Melissa began her attack harder than ever. Kim moaned and groaned, biting on to the soap for dear life. 


Halfway there. The tears flowed from Kim’s eyes fully now as the suds from the soap flowed from her mouth.


Kim sobbed as Melissa worked. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

Finally, it was done. Melissa put the brush on the sink counter and began rubbing Kim’s butt, all red now. 

“Alright, stand up.” Kim stood up, still openly sobbing. “Open your mouth.” She did as she was told and Melissa took the soap out, rinsed it under the water, and placed it back on the sink. “Alright, your punishment is over. Hopefully that’s the last of your dirty mouth and the last of your underwear discrepancy. Now, you’ve got an hour til curfew. Go get dinner and if you can, appropriate panties  - I hope your dinner tastes good.”

Kim scowled through the tears as Melissa walked out of the bathroom and left the bedroom, closing the door behind her. Still crying, Kim rubbed her burning butt over and over before going to the sink and rinsing her mouth out 2-3 times. She looked at her phone - 8:02pm. Shit. She pulled up Uber on her phone, saw McDonalds was 12 minutes away and booked the ride. 

Kim rushed out of the bathroom and looked at the panties on the bed. Used panties, worn by who knows how many people? She thought about how much it was gonna hurt to wear those, pressed tight against her burning ass before reaching into her suitcase, unzipping the section with her underwear and pulling out the thong she’d worn earlier in the day. Kim put the thong back on and slipped back into her basketball shorts, this time feeling them sting as they brushed against her butt. 

With the taste of soap still in her mouth and and her butt on fire, Kim wiped her eyes dry and headed out to meet her Uber. She checked her phone again - 8:06pm. Kim had to get food, get “appropriate” panties and get back in just under an hour. She could make it before curfew, right?

A few minutes passed when the door to the bedroom opened and Melissa returned with her shopping bag. 

“Kimberly are you still here?” She looked around and shrugged before heading over to Kim’s suitcase. “Just to make sure...” She noticed the section with Kim’s underwear was opened. She reached in and pulled out each thong one by one, noticing the black one Kim had been wearing was gone. She then turned to the panties she’d given Kim, including the pink ones she’d told her to wear, all still on the bed. 

Realizing that Kim was wearing that thong again, Melissa scowled and opened the plastic bag and began placing all of Kim’s thongs in it. 

“Disobey me? I punished her and gave her a chance to do the right thing...” she muttered to herself. Finally, once all of Kim’s underwear were in the bag, she tied it up. “Trash underwear belongs in the trash...” she muttered again. Leaving behind only the used “appropriate” panties she’d given Kim, Melissa took the tied up bag of thongs with her as she left the bedroom, slamming the door behind her.  

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Great writing again.   I love that she got her mouth soaped like that and got the last 10 biting the bar of soap.  

I can't wait to see what happens in part 3.  How many more parts (guess more than 3 (two more days  for her))

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On 7/18/2021 at 9:54 PM, jelena53 said:


I can't wait to see what happens in part 3.  How many more parts (guess more than 3 (two more days  for her))

Of course if a young man her own age should appear on the scene who receives the same discipline and they bond and eventually travel on together, there could be a number of additional episodes.


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