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Yesterday I got into work nearly 90 minutes before we were due to open to the public. We’re running an annual event which involves co-ordinating volunteers and obviously this year the added stress of dealing with the pandemic. I regularly only take half my lunch and don’t eat well. I have to force myself not to keep checking work emails our of hours ( there’s no expectation for me to do that ) and mistakes I make prey on my mind. I don’t get paid a huge amount but I like my colleagues 99.99 percent of the time and feel terrible if things go wrong. The thing is I don’t know if I’m just passionate about my job or am showing signs of workaholism. The other day I had a day off and even then attended an online meeting. I appreciate loads of people are going through similar but just don’t know how hard I should keep going. 

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Maybe give yourself a list of other things to do when you’re off work and then pay attention to your mood. If you’re feeling anxiety doing something else instead of working, you may have some workaholic tendencies. I’m not in any way an expert on that as I tend to run toward doing only what’s necessary. 😁

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I have always struggled with this, but moreso in my current job. For some reason, it has been even more difficult since my disciplinary friendship ended. There are certain times of the year when I have to put in long hours, but the stress really gets me and I get such a bad attitude. 

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I’ve had real issues with my temper of late. I nearly got into a fight in public the other day when someone on one those electric scooters nearly knocked me over. I chased him on foot and had to stop myself retaliating. Stupid I know. I just have so much pent up anger inside. I’m normally a very shy quiet person but once I get mad at something I’m dreadful. It makes me feel sick inside as I’ve had first hand experience of what random street violence is like.

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