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Ladies, interested in a caring friend?

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Hi. Might you be interested in having a caring friend to exchange emails, messaging, maybe some photos or furries, for support?

I know that sometimes we can feel down. Esp if we do not have a partner yet. This can be a vicious spiral, where we can start to feel alienated. 

A caring friend is very good for keeping our spirits up. How to find one?

Reach out. Post a message that you are looking for caring, understanding friends. Yes, they exist. And you deserve to have them.

Some people just seem to have a knack for making good online friends. But for others, it can take work. Esp if you are feeling kinda bad. You can get in a vicious spiral where you feel pouty. In kind of a bad mood about things. You dont want this. This can lead to depression.

Yes  I am a disciplinarian. But not a player. I'm caring and understanding. I am a good communicator. Loving and affectionate, too. Romantic, too.

If you are feeling kind of neglected, you can be good friends with me. You need not be shy. I am dominant, but I am not  Master. I do not expect you to call me Sir. My name is Kev.

Big hug, you can PM me, or reach me at kevlast500@gmail. kevinbr4 on Trillion.

Don't be shy. Confidential


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