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Loving Gentleman Christian disciplinarian

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Greetings. I am single, straight, safe, caring, and spiritual.

I only discipline females. (Sorry guys).

I am available for counseling, mentoring, and even a Christian relationship/marriage.

As a mentor, no sex required. So I will mentor a married woman, or a college student, for example.

I am in Arizona, but I am near California.

I am safe, caring, and very supportive. I am very confidential.

If you are not local, I can offer advice, counseling and guidance online, should you have any questions or issues.

I am a very experienced disciplinarian. I have had many CDD Christian friends. I attended a Christian college in WV, Alderson Broaddus College.

No pressure, friendly and safe. A limits respected.

PM me, or write please. kevlast500@gmail.

Praise the Lord. Ask and you shall receive.

Blessings, Kevin


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