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Switching up the implements helps.  If you know when about you go numb in a spanking, switch before then so you really get the feeling, it kind of just jump starts everything again. It's  about knowing your bottom well. Keep the implements next to you for frequent changes. 

Also, some caspacian cream can really make your bottom feel like it's on fire. I usually only use it for the worst spanking, and I put it on and keep spanking. Hurts like hell! (Another good use for it is after a quick spanking to keep spanking, or if you spank in the morning before work, a reminder on your bottom at lunch. Go to the bathroom and put it on, no one knows, and your bottom is a hot tamale all afternoon!)

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On 7/4/2021 at 9:01 AM, babygirlneedsdaddy said:

I know a good spanking is needed but my body goes numb pretty quickly during self spanking. The only way I have found is to take a break long enough to get feeling back and spank on a sore bum. Is there an alternative? Any suggestion or advice? 

Have you tried using baby oil? Start out with a spanking, then apply baby oil, wait about 2 minutes ( with  your nose in the corner) then resume the spanking



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