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Hey all, 

I'm working on my accountability. So I spanked myself this morning for putting off a bill. I am working on making sure I am getting my to do list. Atm I'm only 5 smacks for each missed item. I only got 5 this morning. I will update this thread every time I miss step 

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Yes, it is step for me. I'm going to make sure I pay that bill so don't give me self ten next time. It was warning swats. Told myself before I went to bed I was getting them. 

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I self spank quite often to help me with my bad behavior like procrastination, my wife is not into spanking because of her pentocostal u bringing.  I self spank when she is not around or find a secluded place in the woods. I use paddles hairbrushes belts ECT if you would be interested in virtual spanking in box me or email ray Miles at rmiles2057@gmail.com. If you know anyone in the tampa bay area interested in becoming my spanking partner, message, in box me or email me at rmiles2057@gmail.com

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I am working on procrastination, I spanked myself yesterday with a hairbrush, and it real burned my butt, and made it sore.  I still am looking for a reliable spanking partner in the tampa area.  Until that happens I will continue self spanking.  What are the best implements for self spanking that will make my bottom burning on fire and cherry red very quickly!!

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