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Hello SN from Hampton VA! 😁

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And again, hello!

Wow, so much to tell, and yet I'll try not to post a book. Let's see, I've been a hardcore spanko since as far back as I can remember - something like 10 yrs of aage.I was definitely was spanked growing up, and so that's likely the source, but I've had other confirmations that have driven my spanko interests over the years, and so the source is a bit muddled. Nonetheless, I love spanking and everything to do with it.

This year I was blessed to give my first few spankings to a woman who I THOUGHT was an excellent play partner, but instead taught me the importance of taking my time and making sure there are no ulterior motives...its a long story. All that being said, she ended up with a well deserved red bum, and I learned a lot. Win for both of us I guess lmao.

If my profile doesn't give it away already, I am 34 yrs old. I am very happily married to my wife of 10 years; we are also polyamorous and loving life! My wife and I have played around with spanking in the bedroom (really to appease me), but she's not the spanko I am, so it doesn't have close to the same impact as I'd prefer (pun intended).

As for my locality, things are still a bit dry out here in VA post covid lock downs regarding munches, meet-ups, etc., but I am still getting out there virtually, trying to make lots of connections and friends. As an aside, I truly wish there were more spanking niche specific interaction opportunities locally, but maybe that's something I need to be ambitious about and make it happen 😌

Overall, I'm very very excited to have found this forum. I think I've been to this site when I was a teen, but was much too closeted and ashamed to really let my interest grow and flourish. Now that I'm better positioned to do so, I plan on being extremely active! So feel free to contact me and let's chit chat, especially if you are local 😊

I look forward to the great iinteractions!

Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

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