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I travel KY, OH and IN, primarily SW OH, northern KY, and eastern IN, but do travel further.  Have friends and relatives in Akron/Canton/Cleveland area that I visit now that pandemic is over.  I am retired at 79 yrs. old and am a disciplinarian of mature ladies who are acting in ways that are possibly harmful to their health/welfare/social well being.  Just as I am not too old to be giving a lady the spanking she needs, you, Young Lady, are not too old to be taken over my knees while I give you the long overdue, much needed spanking that you need or want.  As long as you are in good health, this will be the case.  Contact me for more information if you need to be spanked or if you know of a lady that needs to be spanked.  And, yes, the finalization of the spanking may result in tears and will always be on your bare bottom.  Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

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