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Roommate Punishment

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So here it comes. You know you've earned it. He warned you and you didn't listen. You're gonna get a spanking from him. "Will that be so bad", you wonder. You quickly shake off that thought... "of course it will be! It's gonna hurt like crazy!" He's never spanked you before and he's never even seen you remotely undressed. You just share an apartment out of convenience and the thought of anything else has never even crossed your mind... but you wonder... has it ever crossed his? No matter. This is a spanking and will be the closest either of you have ever been to one another. 
When he calls you into the lving room, you notice he is sitting in an armless dining room chair, turned around and pulled away from the table. You also notice that the window blinds are all open. Whatever happens next will be on display for anyone that cares to notice. At least you are on the second floor, though...
You approach ever so slowly, without making it look like you're being slow. You're wearing your favorite jeans and t-shirt and then you realize that it was never stated how the spanking would take place... nothing was ever said about what would be worn, or not worn for that matter. You just knew that certain things warranted a spanking and that was it. You never dreamed it would seriously happen.
When you get to him, he takes your hand and gently has you stand in front of him. At first he speaks gently about what you did, and then gradually it becomes a scolding. You haven't been scolded since you were a little girl and it almost makes you cry. You think "Surely this is just a game!" You give him a little smile; one you save for special occasions, hoping that it will break the mood and you two can have a good laugh about it all. He stops scolding and says in a voice you didn't even know he had "wipe the smile off your face. Now." Ok, that makes a tear come to the corner of your eye. This is real after all... But wait. He then tells you to put your hands on his shoulders. As he begins to reach towards you again, you think "maybe he's gonna just hug me after all!" That question is answered in very short order though. Nope, he's now unfastening your pants. "Well", you think, "so maybe a spanking has to at least be with my jeans down. I can do this." Then the thought hits you... "what panties do I have on? Am i even wearing panties?" For the life of you, you dont remember... You hope that you're not wearing that sexy red thong or your Wonder Woman bikinis. That would certainly be embarassing! No matter what you have on, and you're not looking at this point. It doesn't matter what you have on, you realize as you feel his fingers enter the waistband and pull them down past your knees... you don't even remember him pulling your jeans down beacuase you were too worried about you panties when it was happening. 
You feel your face flush red with embarassment and begin to feel warm all over. It's then you feel the cool of the room on your bare bottom. The next thing you know, he's taken your hand again, gently, but firmly, and you are going across his lap. You see the floor and the legs of the chair and realize that there's no question about it. This spanking is about to happen and there's not a thing you can do about it. You grab the chair legs and hold on.
An eternal second goes by while you feel his hand on your bare butt and realize that there are now less boundaries between you. He's seen and touched your bare butt. You wonder if he will see more than that during your spanking, cause you know you're gonna kick and squirm and there is no way to hide it.
The tear that formed in the corner of your eye before now falls and you realize both of your eyes are watery and you're about to cry. The next thing you know, there is a loud smack sound, a sting on your right cheek and an echo in the room of a spanked bottom. This is followed slowly at first and then more rapidly and loudly as each cheek is attended to by his hand. You realize that this is gonna be a long, hard, thorough spanking and the tears start to flow.

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